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Cleaning out the closet… (AND ultrasound pics..)

I was a busy girl this weekend and really got a lot done. ALL of his clothes are cleaned but there are still some that need to be put away. I had to clean out his closet before I could get all the others put away.. so here is what I did…
I REALLY wish I had taken a “before” picture of his closet..It was completrly full of boxes and junk.. from top to bottom. At least my family will remember what it looked it. I reallllly like it now. Aaron was cursing these shelf things as he was putting them together.. but It will be really nice to store his stuff in since we are short on space. And in the future I think they’ll be great for toys. You can’t really tell how big they are .. but they are pretty big canvas bin things.. all his blankets and older clothes fit great!!!!
Here is his crib (almost completely cleaned out…) His dresser/changing table (complete with coming home outfit(S!) layed out and his swing..
He fits nicely crammed on one side of the dog’s room! :)

While I was in cleaning, organizing and emptying his closet and putting everything away.. I walked into the office to see what Aaron and the dog were up too… this is what I was greeted with……

Apparently they were working hard also….. (working hard at napping…)
I think Aaron took this picture.. (I don’t remember taking it..) Riddick is so funny when he has a bone (we call them chewies) He always has to be laying on a toy, or have his Chewie on a toy while he’s eating it.. As you can see.. he is sufficiently surrounded by toys, but it also laying on his newest toy.. Kanga.. (much to my disappointment… Aaron pointed out that this toy is actually a rabbit.. but it looks sooo much like a kangaroo that I still call him Kanga.)

And on to baby stuff….
We had another ultra sound today. The office wasn’t very busy so the lady spent quite a bit of time with us. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much since his head is down and low.. and his back to my stomach so all of his cute parts all all tucked away…
But she thought it was fun… she kept saying.. Oh, look at that!!… and Oh, isn’t that cute? but we weren’t seeing anything…….
This lady also really likes the straight on face pictures… (which I hate) I would much rather have the profile pics.
These are pictures of the pictures.. so sorry their crappy.. but better than nothing…
He had his legs curled up most of the time. He was holding in feet in his hands and had them up by his mouth. Like sucking on his toe’s or something!
Right at the end he stretch out his legs… Here is a pic of that…

okay.. Don’t feel bad if you don’t see anything in this picture.. I don’t really either.. well.. I see a squirrel.. but I’m pretty sure its not a squirrel!
My sister always requests a gender check.. so here you go!!!!!

This next one is crazy!!! at the very beginning of the ultrasound the lady was looking at his head.. and goes “Oh wow.” Not something you really want to hear, so I said “WHAT???” Then she said.. “Look at his hair…” Granted.. I couldn’t see anything.. but she showed us where it was whispy and flowing in the fluid…
This kid has some SERIOUS hair!! And he has 4 weeks to keep growing it…. I’m a little bit scared… What if it can already go in a pony tail…… Here is the best picture of his hair she could get.. this is the back of his head.. The whispy stuff is hair.. kind of looks like a horse’s mane…

Oh.. and get this…. I ask her how much she thinks he weighs right now, and what my level of fluid is. She tells me the machine figures it out at the very end. So at the end.. My fluid was at about 70% (which everyone said was fine..) and the weight they put him at.. RIGHT NOW.. as of TODAY was 8.5 pounds!!!! of course she said, give or take 1 pound and normally the machine over estimates so it’s always safe to take a pound off. Yea… that’s great and all.. but that still puts my 35 week old baby at 7.5 pounds!!!!! (It also moved his due date up to December 1st!!! But my doctor doesnt change due dates based on ultrasounds… still aiming for the 12th…)

The doctor thinks he’s more around 5-6 pounds just by feeling him..

I think I’ll pack a 12 month outfit for his coming home outfit.. just in case….

34 weeks 5 days.. Can we just call this 35 weeks?

Or maybe we could call it 40 weeks!! That would be nice…

Well.. sorta.. I have mixed emotions about it.. I mean, It’s just kind of a normal thing.. you’re just “supposed” to complain about being pregnant.. you’re “supposed” to want it to be over NOW!

And while I do my fair share of complaining about how nocturnal he is… and my fair share of complaining about how he really loves to scoot his bumm right up under my ribs and push out.. but I’m SOOOOOOOO not ready for this to be over. I love being pregnant… I would take a couple .. or a few more months of this.

I had a big emotional break down the other night because I feel so jipped by this pregnancy.. I wonder if I’ll even remember it.. I blinked.. and here I am 8 months pregnant. I’m just not ready for it to be over.. plus this kid is WAY easier to take care of inside my tummy than he’ll be outside!! :)

But at the same time.. I am SOO ready to meet him.. SOO ready to dress him up in all of his millions and millions of outfits.. And SOO ready to hear all the songs Aaron will sing to him.. (he’s already been practicing coming up with lyrics for both puppy and baby!)

So.. here they are… 34 weeks 5 days…

(p.s. I’m getting bored with all of my shirts.. and hate looking at a full closet of “regular” clothes.. so I’ve been experimenting and have worn “regular” shirts for the past 2 days!! How many people can say they can do that 8 months pregnant????)
For comparison.. this was 27 weeks 5 days.. so exactly 7 weeks ago… almost 2 months ago..

All of his clothes and washed and ready to go. Seriously…. 8 loads of laundry!! He is soooo spoiled.. The homecoming outfit(s) have been picked out and laid out.. (I have 2 right now.. one in case he’s small and one in case he’s bigger.. although I have been SERIOUSLY toying with the idea of a third.. but it just seems a little to neurotic to me!) We haven’t packed a hospital bag yet.. but the birth plan is pretty much written and we’ve had our first meeting with our Doula and finished our birthing class… We got the car seat in the mail this week.. and it’s soooo cool! And our new camera will be here today..so we don’t miss a single second!

Well that’s probably all that is new and exciting around our world……..

Tagged by Jen…

Jen tagged me to go to my pictures.. choose the 4th file.. then the 4th picture and write about it..
I have A LOT of picture files all over the place. But I decided to just go the The “My Pictures” file and open the 4th file which is called Camping ’06. This was the first.. (and well only) camping trip I have been on with the whole family. The 4th picture is this one….

This picture makes me laugh.. it was pretty early in the morning.. We had both just gotten up.. and headed down to the bathroom. The bathroom didn’t have paper towels so he was drying his hands by swinging them around.. the next two pictures go with it….

Want some more??? Okay… you probably don’t.. But I will tell you more about our camping trip…
We got to spend a day at Silver Lake paddling.. it was a lot of fun.. and ( I think) the first time I had been paddling with the family…
Aaron looks so young in all of these pictures…. To me… he already looks like a Dad. In these pictures he just looks like the little Aaron I met 3 years ago!
I don’t know why I like this next picture… It’s just kinda ghostly…

I tried to take pictures of us paddling.. me in the front.. him in the back.. none of them turned out very good.. but I still think they are funny…

I love Matt.. I got some really cute pictures of him this trip.. He looks so young to me here too…

And look at this little kid… Amazing how fast the morph into crazy teenagers!! :)

Us paddling in the blow up….

Another cute picture of little Matt…

So.. people that are left handed have this thing… (Okay I don’t know if it’s a left handed thing.. but both me and Aaron do it.. so I’m going to assume it is..)
Anytime we focus really hard on something.. for some reason.. our tongue just pops out… I love that I captured that here…. I was always teased about it.. and it’s nice to know my husband does it too… :)
Ever wanted to see up Aaron’s nose??? I got tired of paddling so I just laid back in the canoe.. and this is what I saw…..

Emmy took this picture for us.. it was on my desk for the longest time… I still really like it…

And.. CRAZY Matt! This is one of my favorite pictures ever of him! (Well… it’s a close tie with this one and the one of him in the dog’s kennel with both of the dogs!)
After a long day we all sat around the fire to roast marshmallows… I was sitting in Aaron’s lap and Annabella came to join us.. She actually took these pictures!! Even though we aren’t looking our best.. it still brings back funny memories… Like this looks on Aaron’s face!

And us being silly…. I think this was Bella’s idea…

That was a fun camping trip… it was fun to relive those memories.. Thanks Jen!!!
If only the instructions would have been to choose the 4th file and the 1st picture you would have been able to hear the story about this picture….
(p.s. take a close looks at the shoes…….)

I now tag … Deborah… Katie.. and ummm… How about Emily.

I’m famous!!!

A few months ago.. Okay maybe like 6 months ago. My sister introduced me to Swistle . She has a blog that she blogs about her life.. and things she enjoys but more importantly she has a BABY NAME blog where she helps people find the perfect baby names with the help of the world wide web!! :)

I wrote into her.. months and months and months ago.. And looks what happened…

Swistle Baby Names

I got my very own post and 182 people have voted so far on our baby’s name! Cool huh???

So far things are really swaying the way we wanted them too.

Miles has received 136 votes.

Next in line is:
Joey/Joesph with 8 votes
River with 6
Milo with 6
Oliver with 5
Luke with 3
Cooper with 3
Elijah (Eli) with 2
Joel with 2
Elliot with 2
Mason with 2
Dylan with 2
Carter with 2
and with one vote each
Kyle, Aaden, and Preston.

We are pretty confident his name will be Miles. We were torn on whether or not we wanted to spell it with a Y (Myles) It would be more like my name.. and more like my nickname of Ryles.
But I just felt like it was too girly.

Apparently.. everyone else did too! Most of the comments say something like “Please no Y.”

So that helped make my decision a little easier too…

My FAVORITE name still.. is Milo. I just really really like it. But I don’t want to name him that. I just can’t picture him going throughout his whole like being Milo. I have decided I can call him Milo.. Since Miles doesn’t really have a nickname besides Miley….
BUTTTTT… we have always said we won’t decide on “the” name (like get things personalized..and hang his name on the wall) until after he is born and we can make sure he really looks like his name..

Who knows.. we could come home from the hospital with a Bob or George!! Just kidding……

(oh.. I also did some SERIOUS organizing of the baby’s room this weekend… pictures will come.. sometime……)

December 21st….

December 21, 2007

I don’t know that I’ll ever forget December 21st last year.. I think it’s kind of funny that I actually remember the exact date. But I do..

About a month before that I had Riddick at the vet.. (I think for an ear infection.. or maybe just an update of his shots.. I don’t really remember all the details!) But the vet noted that one of his.. ummm.. well… “boy parts” had soft spots which she said can be signs of pre-cancerous cells. She told me she could could put him under and biopsy them, but she thought it would just be best if I had him neutered.

I really didn’t want to do that. I always wanted to breed him sometime so we could have another puppy.. But we hadn’t yet. She then said, “Well you can just take out one and then you still might be able to breed him.”

That was pretty silly to me, so after a little deliberating, we decided to have him neutered.

I chose Friday December 21st.. We would have the whole weekend to stay home with him then Monday was Christmas Eve and Tuesday was Christmas. He has 5 full days of us at home with him after his surgery. It was perfect… or we thought!!!!!

A few days before.. I got sick… Really sick.. Couldn’t breath, Couldn’t stop coughing, just gross sick. But I stuck it out.

That morning I woke up SUPER early to get Riddick to the vet by 7am. Much to my surprise, it had snowed.. A LOT! Over a foot that night. So me and Riddick headed out in the 4wd SUV. The vet was east of us, which meant there was more snow there then at our house, and there was a lovely hill that we had to make it up. When we got to the office, I couldn’t even tell where the driveway was. The snow was so deep. But I just powered over everything and parked. (probably on a flower bed.) Gave him kisses and handed him off.

We ended up only being 30 minutes late for work. But I was so sick that day I didn’t make it past 4… We both left early and went straight to pick up Riddick. He was pretty sad looking. But slept in my arms all the way home.

(we bought this diaper to keep on Riddick when we weren’t able to watch him during the day. It worked GREAT! I would highly recommend it. He could still get at his stitches if he tried really hard. But for the most part they stayed clean and dry..)
(p.s. he didn’t actually “use” the diaper, it was just to keep him from reaching the stitches.)

We got home, Aaron made us both a bed on a couch and I changed into my pajamas. The two of us curled up on the couch and just tried to sleep… It was at about 9pm that everything started spiralling downward.
(my bed and Riddick’s bed for the week. Actually I think I stayed here for weeks!! maybe 2 or 3. It took me a long time to get over that gunk.)
I couldn’t breathe.. at all. My face was red, I was gagging and chocking, I couldn’t talk to get Aaron’s attention to tell him I needed help. My eyes were filled with tears and I finally got his attention enough to tell him I had to get to the doctor NOW!
We couldn’t leave puppy alone, so Aaron walked me and Riddick down the stairs, basically carrying both of us. Loaded us in the car and off we headed at about 10pm.
We went to the closest urgent care that was open. Again, we couldn’t leave Riddick so Aaron stayed in the car with him. Feeling helpless.. he couldn’t be there for me.. and couldn’t do anything to make Riddick feel better.
My oxygen level was dangerously low and I was put immediately on oxygen. Then given 2 breathing treatments. The doctor decided I had a pretty bad case of Bronchitis and on top of that a case of viral asthma (which was super weird since I had never heard of viral asthma until the week before when my sisters little girl -2 states away- got it.)
(p.s. I actually have a cell phone picture of myself on oxygen and receiving a breathing treatment with a bright red oxygen deprived face, wearing stained pajamas.. and dirty smudged glasses. That I took when Aaron texted me to see how I was doing and I can’t find it anywhere.. so use your imagination….please….)
He sent me home with a prescription for some heavy duty drugs and an inhaler and some cough medicine with codine.
Over an hour later I was back in the car with Aaron and Riddick.
We headed to the store to fill the prescriptions.. again they waited in the car.. I felt so bad for Riddick. He has such a long day and was so sleepy from his surgery and here we were dragging him around with us…
When we got home it was LATE.. and sooo cold. The snow was still falling. Aaron carried both of us up the stairs only to find out the lock on our apartment was broken! There was no way in.
The key would go in the slot but wouldn’t turn (we had been having problems with it for awhile.)
Riddick and I sat on the stairs while he tried and tried and tried.. he finally sent us back to the car. While he continued to try to get it open.
About 20 minutes later, he came back. No luck… The 3 of us were stranded… sick.. tired.. and cold… I help puppy in my lap and just cried…
Aaron decided we needed to just go somewhere.. he drove us over to Target and went to see if he could find some sort of something to help him with the lock..
He didn’t……
So back we headed.. and again he tried.. and tried and tried…
Then again, he came back to the car to get warm. We said a million prayers.. and I finally broke down and called the complex so they could call a locksmith. They never called back.
With nothing to do.. we headed to his parents house to get some tools. What he was going to do with tools was any ones guess, but it made him feel better. His dad even gave us a new lock he had so we could change it once we got in…
Back home we headed…
The tools didn’t help..
I asked Aaron to let me try it just once.. I don’t know what I could do different and I knew it just wasn’t going to open. But I wanted to try…
I walked up to the door stuck the key in and it turned on the very first try…
Aaron gathered puppy up and inside we all went. We both took our medicine and headed to bed.
On what was one of the longest days EVER!!!!
When we woke up in the morning.. this is how I found puppy… (laying right next to me..)

(you may remember that from my “comfort items” post! It was puppy’s comfort item that day)
I told Aaron a few days later.. “You know this will probably be our last Christmas that it’s just the 2 of us.. and this isn’t the way I want to spend it.. I don’t want to be sick..”
SOOOOOOOOOOOO… if you are still with me you are probably wondering why in the middle of November I choose to bring up this day last year….
On my very first doctors appointment, she told me my due date was December 21st. “Great” I thought as I rolled my eyes.. “That’s all I need, Another December 21st like last years.”
As you know, we had A LOT of ultrasounds at the beginning of our pregnancy. Every ultrasound gave us a new due date.. but never one after December 21st. They were always earlier.
The earliest due date we got was December 13th. And we were told that due date twice!
So THAT is my due date. That is the day I locked in my head.
Come to find out.. The doctor still goes by the very first due date. I battle back and forth whether or not I want to change that due date in my mind.. I realllllllly realllllly don’t want to.
I can live with December 13th. December 21st is too far away! :)
But… I think I’ll officially change it.. since my doctor won’t! :)
So today I go from 34 weeks 6 day.. (soooo close to 35 weeks..) allllllllllllllllllllllllll the way back to 33 weeks 5 days.

I know.. I know.. it’s 8 days.. what’s the big deal???? But it is to me….

I usually just tell people “Anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas” Wishfully thinking it will be closer to Thanksgiving.
At the time of Thanksgiving I will “officially” be 37 weeks.
My goal is to have him the first.. or second week in December… Yea.. I think I’ll shoot for that! (Like I really have any say what so ever!)
So.. December 21st it officially is.. again….
33 weeks 5 days…. again…..
Can’t wait to meet you buddy..
But even more.. Daddy can’t wait.. so don’t make him… k?