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Cleaning out the closet… (AND ultrasound pics..)

I was a busy girl this weekend and really got a lot done. ALL of his clothes are cleaned but there are still some that need to be put away. I had to clean out his closet before I could get all the others put away.. so here is what I did…
I REALLY wish I had taken a “before” picture of his closet..It was completrly full of boxes and junk.. from top to bottom. At least my family will remember what it looked it. I reallllly like it now. Aaron was cursing these shelf things as he was putting them together.. but It will be really nice to store his stuff in since we are short on space. And in the future I think they’ll be great for toys. You can’t really tell how big they are .. but they are pretty big canvas bin things.. all his blankets and older clothes fit great!!!!
Here is his crib (almost completely cleaned out…) His dresser/changing table (complete with coming home outfit(S!) layed out and his swing..
He fits nicely crammed on one side of the dog’s room! :)

While I was in cleaning, organizing and emptying his closet and putting everything away.. I walked into the office to see what Aaron and the dog were up too… this is what I was greeted with……

Apparently they were working hard also….. (working hard at napping…)
I think Aaron took this picture.. (I don’t remember taking it..) Riddick is so funny when he has a bone (we call them chewies) He always has to be laying on a toy, or have his Chewie on a toy while he’s eating it.. As you can see.. he is sufficiently surrounded by toys, but it also laying on his newest toy.. Kanga.. (much to my disappointment… Aaron pointed out that this toy is actually a rabbit.. but it looks sooo much like a kangaroo that I still call him Kanga.)

And on to baby stuff….
We had another ultra sound today. The office wasn’t very busy so the lady spent quite a bit of time with us. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much since his head is down and low.. and his back to my stomach so all of his cute parts all all tucked away…
But she thought it was fun… she kept saying.. Oh, look at that!!… and Oh, isn’t that cute? but we weren’t seeing anything…….
This lady also really likes the straight on face pictures… (which I hate) I would much rather have the profile pics.
These are pictures of the pictures.. so sorry their crappy.. but better than nothing…
He had his legs curled up most of the time. He was holding in feet in his hands and had them up by his mouth. Like sucking on his toe’s or something!
Right at the end he stretch out his legs… Here is a pic of that…

okay.. Don’t feel bad if you don’t see anything in this picture.. I don’t really either.. well.. I see a squirrel.. but I’m pretty sure its not a squirrel!
My sister always requests a gender check.. so here you go!!!!!

This next one is crazy!!! at the very beginning of the ultrasound the lady was looking at his head.. and goes “Oh wow.” Not something you really want to hear, so I said “WHAT???” Then she said.. “Look at his hair…” Granted.. I couldn’t see anything.. but she showed us where it was whispy and flowing in the fluid…
This kid has some SERIOUS hair!! And he has 4 weeks to keep growing it…. I’m a little bit scared… What if it can already go in a pony tail…… Here is the best picture of his hair she could get.. this is the back of his head.. The whispy stuff is hair.. kind of looks like a horse’s mane…

Oh.. and get this…. I ask her how much she thinks he weighs right now, and what my level of fluid is. She tells me the machine figures it out at the very end. So at the end.. My fluid was at about 70% (which everyone said was fine..) and the weight they put him at.. RIGHT NOW.. as of TODAY was 8.5 pounds!!!! of course she said, give or take 1 pound and normally the machine over estimates so it’s always safe to take a pound off. Yea… that’s great and all.. but that still puts my 35 week old baby at 7.5 pounds!!!!! (It also moved his due date up to December 1st!!! But my doctor doesnt change due dates based on ultrasounds… still aiming for the 12th…)

The doctor thinks he’s more around 5-6 pounds just by feeling him..

I think I’ll pack a 12 month outfit for his coming home outfit.. just in case….


  1. Wo crazy ultrasound stuff! An 8 lb baby with tons of hair, eh?! I always get freaked out by ultrasound pics – I mean, they just don’t look like what the baby looks like when they come out. So don’t worry – he’s going to be super cute… and hopefully won’t be 10 lbs when he finally makes his first appearance. ;)

  2. The Baugh Family says

    I think you’re right about the squirrel thing, I don’t see a nose and a cheek. Hopefully she’s right about everything else (especially the gender part). I think the doctor is probally right about his weight though, they gain about a pound a week after 36 weeks. Just think….Donavan (my 3 year old) was 2 weeks early and he weighed 9lbs 10 oz. Talk about a chunk!

  3. I was watching a baby show on tv the other day, and a lady went into labor 4 weeks early and delivered a baby that was 8 pounds some odd ounces. They said if she would have gone to term, her baby would have been over 11 pounds!! I keep getting afraid that is going to happen to me since mine was weighing big at 28 weeks!

  4. Thanks for the idea of tin foil dinners – we had them sometimes when I was growing up, but I haven’t thought of them in forever!

    And that 12 month outfit might be a good idea… my first-born came in at 8lbs 4oz.. but he was big even for that weight: his feet were too big to fit into the socs that came with his newborn “going home” outfit!

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