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My comfort item….

At our last birthing class we were instructed to bring a few items that will bring us comfort during labor.
Surprisingly.. I wasn’t the first person to say “Can I bring my dog?”
Of course, I didn’t remember about my “comfort items” until the night before.. But I started thinking about it.. and immediately came to a conclusion.
The first thing that crossed my mind was…… “What do I NEED when I’m sick?? What makes me feel better???” (The first thing on that list is puppy.. but puppy can’t come to the hospital. On a side note.. one of the girls in our class is having a home birth.. and HONESTLY it sounds like she is just to have her dogs there!! funny huh???)
My first comfort item is my Hugger Pillow. I don’t remember exactly when I got my hugger pillow. But my whole life my mom has had this squishy lumpy pillow that we always loved. Sometime in my life, I got one too. Mine is actually real feathers that someone down the line in our family plucked from some chicken.. or something. (I’m all about history if you can’t tell!) :)
Since getting my hugger pillow I have NEVER slept one night without it. It NEVER gets checked on the airplane, it always gets carried on. Sometimes, it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world. The feathers are all balled up in big lumps now, and when those feathers poke through.. WOW that hurts! But I keep about 4 pillow cases on it at all time and that cuts down on the pokeage!
(p.s. I did sleep one night without it… the day my parents devil dog tried to eat it…. that was NOT a pretty moment..)
(sorry.. I don’t have any pictures of hugger… really nothing special anyway…it’s actually even more special right now because it has Aaron’s homemade Choo Choo train pillow case on it!)
My other comfort item is this little guy…

He’s a beaut’ right???

He is the very first toy I bought for Riddick. I love remembering how little he was compared to this dog. He used to cuddle up so cute to it. When I’m sick I love to have this puppy. It reminds me of those little puppy times…

And considering I have this pile to choose from.. I’m glad I only pick one!! :)

Aaron’s not to thrilled with the fact that I’m bringing this slobbery, crunchy leggless thing.. but it’s not about him.. right????

Now there is just one thing missing……….

(This picture makes my heart melt.. I could stare at it alllll day….)

This is what I woke up to for 3 years… we slept nose to nose for 3 years straight..

He is my ultimate comfort item…..

On the way home last night we started talking about how badly I wish puppy could be there…..and actually started crying!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it.. and Aaron just laughed so hard at me.. But even typing this, I can feel the tears welling…
I’ll just blame it on hormones! :)

Next time I’ll just have to find a pet friendly hospital…

As I was looking through my pictures for “comfort item” pictures.. there was no doubt in my mind what Riddick’s comfort item would be if he were asked to bring one…..

(and these are just the pictures that were in my “misc” folder. I didn’t even look through any other folders….)

He really loves that rat….

**UPDATE: At class, only one person brought things to share. And her’s were incense, an IPOD and change for the vending machine..
Needless to say, I did not volunteer to show my 20 year old pillow or half eaten slobbery pet toy!

..For the temple is a holy place where we are sealed together…

This is Rachel and Kevin. Rachel is Aaron’s sister. Kevin is our Brother in law.

Rachel used to work in the same office I work in, (and of course you remember Aaron and I also work together..) Rachel met Kevin.. wellll.. at work!! Where else would we meet our future husbands?????? He works here too.. Still does…

At the time.. Aaron’s older brother, younger brother, sister (^Rachel), cousin, and me and Kevin all worked at the same place!!! We’re all about family love here.. (did I mention his cousin also met her husband here??? Need a husband?? Come work with us!!!!!)

I actually owe my marriage and family to Rachel. She told me once that when I started working here she tried really hard to not like me! I always thought that was a funny story.. But we quickly became really good friends and did A LOT together.. She stood by me through the horrible (final) break up of my 6 year relationship… She was a friend who would listen to me complain.. and watch me make mistakes.. and pick me up when I fell. She was EXACTLY what I needed at that time. She helped me move out of his house and into my own apartment. She organized her friends and family (some that had never met me) to help. She untangled bags and bags of hangers and helped me organize my closet. I don’t think it’s ever been that clean and neat looking!! When my birthday rolled around she planned a surprise party for me.. (that was almost blown a couple time.. right, Katie????) Her family was amazing!!!!!!! I had never met a family like her’s. I wanted to be over there all of the time. There was just something about their house that sucked me in. I had never felt the feeling I felt in their house before and I slowly began to realize what it was.

When I became more interested in the church she came to EVERY missionary meeting with me. It was such a relief to know I had people that would stand by me during that time. Even when it didn’t sit well with me.. she gave me time and never pushed too hard. She answered the questions she could answer, and asked someone the ones she wasn’t sure of. She even introduced me to a missionary I began writing who I truly believe was the more instrumental in my conversion than anyone. For some reason it was so much easier to ask honest questions to someone I had never met and for him to send me back honest answers without all the padding!! It was great.. anyway….

Shortly after all of this.. I met Aaron. He came to lunch with us once or twice, but I never thought much of it or him. It took a couple months, but things changed. And I realized he was what I needed. Like a stupid teenager (who wasn’t a teenager at all) I abandoned everything for this new found love.. basically leaving Rachel who was my rock, in the dust. Without ever realizing what I was doing…

It took awhile but slowly our relationship was built up again and we learned to balance a little better.. for a little while…

Shortly after that she met Kevin!

Those days we’re so much fun.. I remember how happy she was around him. It was like a whole new Rachel. It was so much fun to watch this love struck girl just emerge! We talked and gushed about their first date and then all the fun things that happened after that…
I remember how happy she was when they decided they wanted to be with each other forever!!!!!

At this time, Aaron knew we would be together forever too.. We talked about styles of rings we wanted.. and wedding ideas. It was a really fun time.. I loved it!! There was nothing better than planning the rest of your life with the men you loved with your best friend who also was going to be your sister!!!!

One cold night Aaron and I were sitting on the couch watching tv when someone knocked at the door. I was already in my pajama’s. I looked out the window, saw Rachel standing there, looking down. She looked upset and my heart sank before I opened the door. (okay.. funny side track story.. before we were married I always slept in a tee shirt and pajama pants. But I have SUPER sensitive skin and the seam on my shirts ALWAYS bugged me. I had to wear seamless tank tops under all my clothes during the day, but at night I always wore my sleep shirts inside out.. I wondered after she left what they thought about me answering the door in a shirt inside out when we were sitting alone in a dark house!!! I wonder if she even noticed.. anyway..)

I swung open the door and she threw her left hand out and had the biggest smile on her face!!!

Kevin had just proposed!! She came right from where he proposed.. (at work! funny huh??) and right over to “our” apartment. (Aaron and I were still just dating.. but it felt like he lived there!) We sat and talked forever about everything. I could hardly sleep that night because I was so excited. We talked about our wedding dates and everyone joked we should have a joint reception held.. where else?? at work!!! (we didn’t by the way!!)

Aaron and I got engaged about a month after that.. (are you still with me? I promise I have a point coming very soooon..)

We both began planning our weddings. Somewhere in there.. we drifted…. Rachel and Kevin got married on August 8th of 2007. Aaron and I had to wait a little longer until our year was up..

We got married just over a month later on September 14th.
Unfortunately, Rachel and Kevin were not able to get married in the temple when they wanted to. Some things were just taking a little bit longer than expected… Their wedding was absolutely beautiful. Everything was perfect…

A few months later they announced they were expecting. Not shocking for any of us. Rachel and Kevin both adore kids and are soooo great with them.
On May 12th they welcomed their baby boy, Zackery. And holy cow.. he was sooo cute.. he IS sooo cute!!.. and sooo little. We were actually pregnant when Zack was born.. but no one knew yet. Seeing her in the hospital, and her new little guy just took my breath away. Knowing I had one of “those” swimming inside of me too, created more emotions than I knew how to even express. I asked her sooo many weird questions.. I’m surprised she didn’t get suspicious! Who knows… maybe she did. I left that hospital that night with just a whole new feeling.. a whole knew love.. knowing we had a lot of years of cousin bonding in our future. And how badly I wanted our kids to be best friends… I knew in my heart this baby was a boy already at that time.. I never doubted it. Just knowing that someone else would be there for me with her little boy was a huge relief…

Fast forward a couple months, last Saturday Rachel, Kevin and Zack were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple for time and all eternity.

Aaron and I know what that wait is like.. we know how hard you have to work to get there. And we are so proud of their dedication and hard work. They made amazing progress so quickly. It was so amazing to see Kevin bless Zack just minutes after being ordained. They’re family is so rock solid. They are perfect for each other, and perfect for Zack.
I was so happy to be invited and to know that they wanted all of their family to be with them. We wanted to be there with them so badly too. The room was so full of the spirit and of love. The sealer was wonderful. And everything was perfect… well almost everything!!
Poor baby Zack was sooo hungry that nothing could quiet him down. But it was so cute to see him crying and watch everyone smile at her trying to calm him down. You could see the love in every one’s eyes.
The sealers promised them that everything he says will count even if they can’t hear it! He was such a great man.

Hearing their family be sealed together was amazing. Not only will they always be together, but we never have to be without them either. Our family is finally complete.
(P.S. this isn’t our whole family.. Jon is missing… but Baby is there!!! Even though know one knew baby was there!)
Congratulations you guys!! We love you so much and are so thankful that you let us be apart of that special day with you. And really.. so thankful for everything you’ve done.. without you.. there wouldn’t be an us.. without you.. I wouldn’t be me! We owe you everything and we never forget that……

Nesting much????

Is it considered nesting if this is how I made my husband spend one of his nights so that I could just have somewhere to put my pot lids????

I hate our pot cupboard.. it’s one giant cupboard.. everything just get thrown in there.

So we got these nifty little lid holders.. from where else but IKEA.

He installed them for me one night after work when I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed..

They are VERY nice.. even though they don’t exactly fit our lids the best!!!

That HORRIBLE drawer above him got a makeover too, (thanks again to IKEA!)

None of the changes are anything anyone can see.. but I know they are there.. and they make me happy!! :)

The first playoff game…

Last night was definitely a long night!!!!
We went right from work to our Birthing class that lasted until 9:30pm. Aaron’s hockey game started at 10pm. I planned to just drop him off at his hockey game, go home and have someone else bring him home. On the way there, we found out the whole family was coming to watch. So I just decided to stay. We had dropped Riddick off at the “babysitters” (also know as “Bernie’s House) that morning since we knew it would be a late night. By the time we picked him up and got home it was almost 12:30.. (I think.. I just know it was 1am before I got to bed..)


The class:
Was interesting. We missed the first class so we were a little lost on some things. We talked mostly about relaxation techniques and different pain management techniques for different situations. A lot of it was very interesting. I’m not too into the “Go to your happy place” type stuff.. When I’m in pain.. I don’t want Aaron trying to take me on a metaphorical walk through a garden with bird chirping. I would be pretty likely to kick him in the stomach at that point!!!
even though it was REALLY nice in class and I almost fell asleep a couple time, I don’t think that’s going to help me much on the actually birthing front!
The couples there were soooo much more in tune with everything. And asked amazing questions. I really thought I was educated on everything and had done a lot of research. But man.. I was wrong!
I think we’ll really get a lot out of this class and I’m so glad we got in. The teacher is AMAZING! I knew she would be, so I’m glad I wasn’t disappointed! And knowing our Doula was trained by here makes me even more excited!!!!
After class we went to Aaron’s hockey game. The team is just entering playoffs. This was their first play off game.
The team consists of Aaron, His older brother, Our brother in law, our brother in laws brother, His younger brother and one of Aaron’s friends.
And honestly.. they have soo much fun. Aaron always loves going every week. But… well.. they haven’t exactly ever won. Not even come close.. but they have fun and it’s great exercise and it’s good for all the boys to just get some time to themselves.
I really wanted to make it just one game, and I’m glad I went last night.
The pictures are HORRIBLE!! not only because of the crapppy lighting but also the giant net that surrounds the rink..
Sorry.. Just pretend…

Um.. this is the boys.. playing.. I guess.. Aaron’s team wears the camo shirts. The other team was wearing red…

Aaron is the one in the green shirt right in front of the goalie in yellow. He was playing defense..

Aaron playing more defense….

Um.. Aaron standing there waiting to play defense!! (if you could see this picture big.. the score is 1-1!!! Then at one point it was 2-2.. I actually was thinking maybe the family being there was the boost they needed and they might actually pull this one off..)

Oh look. .there he is again.. waiting to play defense!! (Oh and there was PLENTY of defense to be played.. as you may see by the final picture of the score..)

Ummm… yea… or maybe not… the final score was “the other team” – 17 “Our team” – 2

Better luck next time boys!!!!!!!!!!

The first "learn how to have a baby class"…

Wish us luck..

We’re off to our first birthing class..

And I’m SOOOOOOOO nervous..and feel sooo stupid for being so nervous..
I mean.. really it’s like knowing the end of a movie before you watch it..

The baby comes out.. the end!

But off we go.. It’s going to be a longggg night… oh.. and I’m STARVING! (Imagine that..)

Updates will be coming…….
(I hope this class isn’t too “granola”y.. You know??)