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How badly I wish for a little normalcy.. (is that even a word???)

We are all moved in. (Not to say everything is put away, but it’s in.)

We are all moved out of the apartment. (And its even cleaned!!, just don’t look under the fridge!)

ALL the blinds are hung in the new house (even though I measured 4 of them wrong!)

and.. we have REAL cable!! Oh how I’ve missed Alton Brown and Duff! :)

I took the dog in to get a MUCH needed hair cut. (And toenail trim, those claws don’t work so well on wood floors!)

We are VERY excited for Easter. We are hosting Easter dinner at our new house this year, at first I was completely stressed out about it, but now I’m excited!

I’ll make sure to post pictures soon of the house, the naked dog.. and the food!!

We haven’t been home before 7 or 8 o’clock every night this week, we work until about 10 or 10:30 then drag ourselves to bed (only to have to get up a half and hour earlier for work!)

I so badly want to come home sit on the couch, watch tv, catch up on blogs and BAKE! I miss baking. So much that I’ve been wanting to make Carrot cake. And I don’t even like Carrot Cake. I just want to bake.. oh and Red Velvet.. Yumm.. that sounds so good..

I am making this really really yummy coconut cake for tomorrow. Maybe that will help…

Okay.. promise.. pictures to come soon. As soon as I have a second to breathe.. :)

Oh and.. the silence… our house is SOOO quiet.. we haven’t slept this well.. EVER! It’s amazing.. We love our house. Though it might not be everything we hoped for..and everything we wanted. We LOVE it!

I don’t know why I think this picture is funny… because really it’s not! But my mother-in law was just talking to me about when they used to raise Rabbits to eat and that few months that they only ate Rabbit and Deer. So I think it reminds me of that!
Plus.. it looks just like my parents dog..and he has they same doofy look that Jackson would have if he had bunny ears in his mouth!

Cover your ears so I can scream

Have I told you that we are moving in less than 24 hours????

Have I also mentioned that we just started packing last night??????

I am TOTALLY having a huge over stressed breakdown right now. So I just had to stop for a minute. I really don’t know why it’s getting to me so much. I know it will all work out. I know we will eventually get all of our stuff to the new house. So why worry, right?? Boy, Do I wish that tactic worked on me…
This is what our house looks like right now… And the dog.. He’s TOTALLY freaking out. When I pulled out the luggage he found the bag he rides on in the airplane and he got SOOOOO excited.
It’s like something clicked in his mind.. “Their packing..and she just got out my airplane bag. I must we going with them, and they must be going to on an airplane.”
He pranced around and whined the whole night with excitement.
I wish I could be that excited.. I would give anything to go to sleep tonight.. sleep through tomorrow and Saturday and wake up Sunday in my brand new house with everything put back in place, exactly where it goes…
I’ll let you know if dreams come true…..

Hair today… Gone Tomorrow..

That title couldn’t be more fitting!

Sunday started out kinda funky.. We accidentally slept in until 12:30.. I got up and made breakfast.
Katie and her family were coming over for dinner. I was in charge of Spaghetti sauce, garlic bread and chocolate cake.
Meanwhile, the house was a little bit messy. We had laundry everywhere. Aaron was more than willing to take care of all the hanging clothes and (Thankfully!) left all the folding for me.
After breakfast I started on the chocolate cake. Everything was going great until it had been in the over for about 10 minutes. Aaron smelled something burning. The cake a completely overflowed. I check on it and put a cookie sheet underneath it. Aaron suggested we clean the cake batter off the bottom of the oven and I said.. naw… it’ll be fine.
A few minutes later the ENTIRE apartment was filled with smoke! The batter was basically on fire. Aaron quickly cleaned it up and it was a nice sunny day so we opened every window and door to get it aired out.
The dog choose to hang out on the porch..away from the smoke.

We knew we really needed to cut Aaron’s hair. It was getting way too long..

This was Saturday night..

We usually buzz his whole head at about a 2. (For any of you that know what that means.)

Well.. we could only find the 3. I buzzed his whole head at a three then cleaned up his neck, ears and sideburns with the naked clippers.

He stood up and faced me and I notice a little tuft of hair above his left temple. I picked up the clippers turned them on and placed them against his temple and shaved about 3 inches back before I realized there was not guide on the clippers!!! I just basically bic’d a 3 inch section on the left side of his hair. I cried for a really really long time and just kept saying I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.. He couldn’t stop laughing. (Have I ever mentioned how much I love him?????)

I made a few suggestions.. I could hit him with something and we could go get stitched right there, so it looked like the doctors had to shave it..

Or we could just play the cancer card..

I worked on it for about an hour trying to blend in that section. And yea… it wasn’t happening. So I buzzed his whole head with the naked clippers.

This is my husband today..

To make things worse.. he didn’t shave today so he has more hair on his chin than he has on his head..

He was such a good sport today after work.. We just laid on the bed and took silly pictures.

Look how cute my little baldy is..

He calls the picture below his “Alien” face. He did this right after I shaved his head with tears streaming down my face. I said..”What is that?” He told me it was an Alien. I said, “Because alien’s don’t have ears?” (he folded them down and smashed them) And he said “No, aliens don’t have hair.”

He laughed.. but I cried more!

As if he didn’t look like a starving victim before, he looks even more like one now! But it feels soooo cool! He suggested we could glue the hair on the floor back on. But hopefully it will grow fast!

By the way.. Riddick just stood around trying to figure out what we were doing..

Oh and just in case you didn’t notice how short his hair was.. here’s one last shot..

The CAKE!!!

Here it is!!!!!!! Cute huh????
And here are the new Mr & Mrs Smith… Aren’t they cute????

The wedding was AMAZING! It was the first time we had ever been to a sealing (Well other than our own..) And seriously.. I don’t remember anything of that day.. it was such a blur. It was so neat to see it from a different perspective. We sat on the side where Michelle was facing us, I loved watching her and remembering the feelings going through my mind. Those two are so much in love. They are so perfect for each other and I couldn’t be more happy for them!

If you want to see more about the cake.. pop on over to http://www.thatsmycake.net/ I wrote a whole post about it.

We even snuck in a few pics at the temple..
And at the reception too.. But be warned.. this had been a VERY long day.. and this was at the very end..

Since we had to be at the Temple a little after 11am we were excited to sleep in (since I was up a little late finishing the cake)

Turns out we both had meeting we had to go to at work in the morning. His was at 9 and mine was at 10. So we got to sleep in about an hour then go to work all dressed up.

We both finished our meetings a little early and headed downtown. It was nice not to have to rush. Although Aaron may have been annoyed by me singing “I love to see the temple” all the way there! But I just learned all the words, so its still new to me!

We attended the sealing then took some pictures. Aaron played with the kids around the reflecting pond and then we went and had some lunch. We went to the Red Iguana downtown..and it was AMAZING! It’s been awhile since we’ve been out to eat. So it was really nice.

We headed home to finish the cake then went up to the reception site. We helped set up, went home to change and then went back when it started.

It was a great day.. I couldn’t have imagined anything better…

oh and p.s. I TOTALLY loved my photographer for my wedding. Check her out..


but Michelle’s photographer was SOOOO Awesome!!!!! I really liked her too, and I believe she is priced a lot better! And just as good.. so go check her out..

http://photographybydmc.blogspot.com/ & http://photographybydmc.com/

She was so great and so personable.

I wish we could go to a wedding every week! Maybe if I start making more cakes I can!

The Wedding Bloopers…

It’s funny.

I really haven’t thought about my wedding day much in the past few months. I already feel like we’ve been married FOREVER (but in the good way.) It just seems so natural. I don’t remember what things we like before we were married. My sister has always talked about doing a Wedding Blooper post, we have a lot of bloopers! She never did, so now I’m going too!

Lets start with the good…

Other than the header picture.. this is my other favorite..

But I really really like this one two.. I just feel like it really captures us! :)

I do this silly little dance thing all the time to embarrass Aaron, So in the middle of the temple grounds I started my little dance he was running over to stop me but it looks like he’s dancing too! If he’d let me, I’d put this picture in our house! I love it!!!!

On to the real bloopers…
I love this one.. he looks like he’s going to hurl.. And I love how lady like C.C. sits.

Here’s C.C’s older brother again with Ashley.. I wonder what they were talking about..

There are quite a few of these disgusted looks by C.C…

I’m assuming her feet hurt here.. because she would be “Totally fine” wearing heals for hours and hours…

She is not a big fan of hugs from boys.. but she is learning to accept hugs from her Uncle Aaron!

I really like this one! We had literally been married for less than a hour.. Every time the photographer had us sit down to take a picture she would have to tell Aaron to sit up straight. So the second we sat down, I quietly reminded him to sit up straight. He told me to stop telling him that.. so really loudly I yelled at him and told him if he would just sit up straight we wouldn’t have to keep saying it. I’m glad he’s smiling and didn’t change his mind right then!!! I think I was a little stressed! :)

This is us trying to get the little kids on our laps to take a cute picture.. Luckily it turned out really cute! But it was looking pretty scary!

Did I mention how WINDY it was that day???? People were on duty to catch my veil..

This is one of my photographers favorite pictures.. she wanted to do this so bad! If you can’t tell, I’m trying to make my veil as long as my sister’s hair..

I feel like I look 85 in this picture. I was sooooo dying of thirst. When we made it over to the area where the Lion House Pantry is a very nice lady came out and brought us cookies. My photographer (have I mentioned how much I love her???) Asked her to bring me some water.. It was the best water I’ve ever had!! :)

I wish I knew what was going on here.. I like to make a fish face.. again to annoy Aaron (Kinda like my dancing..) It looks like I might be pulling a fish face.. But I’m thinking I was just trying to get my veil off my face!

This is the only real blooper from the reception.. (Sorry Ry…but its not flattering of either of us, so I took one for the team too!) What were we laughing about anyway????

Well.. I hope you enjoyed the comical journey through our wedding!! The self portrait tour of our Honeymoon is next!!! I bet you just can’t wait!!!!!