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Archives for March 2009

The first laugh..

A guy at work with once told me about a tradition from his wife’s heritage. It’s called the First Laugh. The jist of it is that the first person to make a baby laugh throws it a huge party!
I thought that idea was really fun and cute.. And good thing we don’t do that or I’d be throwing a party!
Now.. I know this isn’t really the first time he has laughed.. but its the first time we got him to really laugh for a really long time over and over again..
It was just the three of us sitting on the bed playing and I was too busy enjoying the moment to bother with the camera. So when I finally did go get it he was basically done laughing at me.. (and I was out of breath!)
So here is the tail end of the laugh off…
(Hey Mom.. it’s a video.. push play!)
The first real laugh doesn’t come until about 18 seconds into it.. sorry!

p.s. He has never laughed at that noise again.. I guess he was just having a funny day…

Toy overload…

While my mom was here she was pretty busy finding new ways to entertain the baby since she was home with him for 12 hours a day alone..

One day she came up with this contraption….

If laying on the play mat was fun.. certainly sitting in your chair on your play mat was even more fun! He could reach everything and play with it easier.. ( I love the look on his face in both of these pictures.. he looks like he’s really studying it..)

And surprisingly.. He LOVED it! Evident by the following picture…

He had so much fun…

Especially when he got himself into his favorite position in the chair (almost falling out)

He loved it.. but it gave me slight anxiety attacks.. I mean.. HOLY TOYS! There were sooo many. it was so overwhelming.. everything his owned was hanging in front of his face…
He thought it was pretty cool once he found the other baby in the mirror..

He had a few milestones (or Miles-stones as we call them) while my mom was here.. One of them being putting EVERYTHING in his mouth. He couldn’t even hold a toy before my mom got here.. and just a few days in, he was not only holding them but getting them to his mouth.. this bird is his favorite..

But he likes these little teether rings too..

Heck.he likes anything he can get in his mouth… his chewies.. his jammies.. his hands.. the dogs nose(!).. his toes.. and every toy that will fit!

Boy Genius part 2….

You may remember that baby started holding his own bottle at 9 weeks.. Today he was alll about it!

He only got 2 bottles today, but his afternoon bottle he held all by himself while Aaron held him,It was actually a better video, but it was dark and I accidentally took it sideways (and still cant figure out how to change them..)

So you’ll have to settle for this one.. He was EXHAUSTED.. and ready for bed..

We make him hold this bottle because we knew he was too sleepy.. But it’s still really cute..

Baby loves his bath…

December 30th 2008

March 23rd 2009

In my mind Miles is still the same baby we brought home from the hospital. I constantly go back to my picture file to see what pictures I took 3 months ago at this time.. It is only then that I realize how much he’s really changed… He’s getting so big.. and growing up so much..

But he still hasn’t figure out how to put his tongue inside of his mouth!

3 month alligator pictures…

It is getting harder and harder to find a happy time of the day to take these pictures.. and now that he moves so much 95% of the picture I take are so blurry. So here is the best we got! ….

And of course while we had him happy we took a few just on the black background. Don’t the sitting ones look like he’s falling?? :)
I could never actually get him to look at me and smile.. but he was at least pretty happy!

Silly boy….