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Jen tagged me to go to my pictures.. choose the 4th file.. then the 4th picture and write about it..
I have A LOT of picture files all over the place. But I decided to just go the The “My Pictures” file and open the 4th file which is called Camping ’06. This was the first.. (and well only) camping trip I have been on with the whole family. The 4th picture is this one….

This picture makes me laugh.. it was pretty early in the morning.. We had both just gotten up.. and headed down to the bathroom. The bathroom didn’t have paper towels so he was drying his hands by swinging them around.. the next two pictures go with it….

Want some more??? Okay… you probably don’t.. But I will tell you more about our camping trip…
We got to spend a day at Silver Lake paddling.. it was a lot of fun.. and ( I think) the first time I had been paddling with the family…
Aaron looks so young in all of these pictures…. To me… he already looks like a Dad. In these pictures he just looks like the little Aaron I met 3 years ago!
I don’t know why I like this next picture… It’s just kinda ghostly…

I tried to take pictures of us paddling.. me in the front.. him in the back.. none of them turned out very good.. but I still think they are funny…

I love Matt.. I got some really cute pictures of him this trip.. He looks so young to me here too…

And look at this little kid… Amazing how fast the morph into crazy teenagers!! :)

Us paddling in the blow up….

Another cute picture of little Matt…

So.. people that are left handed have this thing… (Okay I don’t know if it’s a left handed thing.. but both me and Aaron do it.. so I’m going to assume it is..)
Anytime we focus really hard on something.. for some reason.. our tongue just pops out… I love that I captured that here…. I was always teased about it.. and it’s nice to know my husband does it too… :)
Ever wanted to see up Aaron’s nose??? I got tired of paddling so I just laid back in the canoe.. and this is what I saw…..

Emmy took this picture for us.. it was on my desk for the longest time… I still really like it…

And.. CRAZY Matt! This is one of my favorite pictures ever of him! (Well… it’s a close tie with this one and the one of him in the dog’s kennel with both of the dogs!)
After a long day we all sat around the fire to roast marshmallows… I was sitting in Aaron’s lap and Annabella came to join us.. She actually took these pictures!! Even though we aren’t looking our best.. it still brings back funny memories… Like this looks on Aaron’s face!

And us being silly…. I think this was Bella’s idea…

That was a fun camping trip… it was fun to relive those memories.. Thanks Jen!!!
If only the instructions would have been to choose the 4th file and the 1st picture you would have been able to hear the story about this picture….
(p.s. take a close looks at the shoes…….)

I now tag … Deborah… Katie.. and ummm… How about Emily.


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    All I want to know is why a picture of Aaron in high heels was in the file called Camping ’06??

  2. good question.. I dont really know.
    It must have been the day we left or the day before we left and it just ended up in there!
    Last night I told him I posted an imbarrasing picture of him on my blog and he was trying to think of what it could be.
    He asked “Is it a picture of me with your bra on my head?” I asked him if he had ever worn my bra on his head and he said.. “Yea, don’t you remember?” I dont.. and I’m pretty sure there isnt a picture of it! :)

  3. How fun to go back through old pictures like this! Now I’ll have to go check out my files…

  4. I have a weird relationship with camping – I always have fun when we go, but I never want to go unless my hubby drags me. Anyway, so fun to be able to keep in touch with you on your blog and on facebook! :)

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