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Archives for June 2009

My Grocery challenge…

There has been a buzz among the Thrifty/Couponing blogs about a grocery challenge where you challenge your family to spend only $100 on food for 1 month. This includes eating out and grocery shopping.

I think I’m participating, and was’t aware..

This is our fridge.
Current contents are: (not including condiments and long term fridge stuff i.e. powdered milk)
  • 3 tortillas
  • left over shredded pork taco meat
  • 1/2 a can of black olives
  • 2 cans of crescent rolls
  • The baby’s milk and a container of sweet potato baby food.
  • a bag of lettuce from the garden

That’s it… really…

Our fridge has probably looked like this for about a week now. Yet we’ve eaten a homemade dinner every night, and Aaron has eaten breakfast and lunch from home.

When I realized how bad of shape our fridge really was I sat down to make a grocery list and could only think of 3 things to put on it. 2 of which are not refrigerated. Eggs, Olive oil and cinnamon.

Not eating Dairy sure cuts down on your fridge contents…

Peas for dinner…

I spent all afternoon cooking up some yummy baby food and saved some out for Miles to sample.

The pea’s we just too cute, so that is all I took pictures of.

But we have sweet potatoes, peas, carrots and avocadoes ready to go.

Out of those the sweet potatoes were his favorite.
He opened his mouth so wide for the next bite and cried when I put them away.

I’m still not ready to feed him solid but our doctor suggested we start really soon…

So I guess I’ll bite the bullet.

Maybe next week! :)

Mommy & Me – June 2009

Inspired by Deborah, who was inspired by Miz Booshay.. I have taken the challenge to get in front of the camera more ofter. I spend way too much time taking pictures of My Husband and My baby, because they are who I want to be looking at every second of everyday..
But he’ll need pictures of me one day too…
It’s time to get over insecurities and realize your children need pictures of you and won’t care that you’re having a bad hair day, a huge zit or those few extra baby pounds that just wont come off…
So that’s exactly what I plan to do.. More pictures.. Of us.. Not just him and daddy.. but him and mommy too..
At least one a month.. but hopefully more.
(last night in bed I was actually thinking about making him a Daddy & Me and a Mommy & Me book for his first birthday. Of all the pictures of us together from the first year with a little story. Doesn’t that sound like something a kid would like?? So I better get to picture taking..)

Little boy.. big mouth!

He’s never been much of a Binky boy.. but he has discovered the fun toy that a binky makes..
and apparently he’s discovered the capacity of his mouth! :)

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