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Orange you glad to see me?

He was just being cute in his new orange shirt.. so you get to see him! :)
Check out those eyes.. they have been getting more and more blue lately.. I love that he is going to have Aaron’s eyes. He looks so much like Aaron’s baby pictures. I’ll post them soon…

A few people have asked about his belly button.. so just in case you’ve ever wondered.. this is what a herniated belly button looks like.. You can push all his guts back in through the hole.. but they just pop back out… and when he cries.. this doubles in size! Poor baby….

The Announcement…

As you know Aaron’s Boss’s Fiance… (Lets just call her Melissa, because really, Aaron’s boss and his fiance are more friends than an boss and fiance!) took newborn pictures for us and did a great job. She also designed this announcement for us. Which we LOVE!
Thank you again Melissa, you are the best! :)

Apparently the postal service ate a few of these.. so I am really sorry if you didn’t get yours..

My parents didn’t get theirs either..so don’t feel too bad.

And if you are a family member that didn’t get your announcement then you didn’t get his blessing information either! Please let me know if you need it..

How very thug of you…

Any one who knows anything about me and Aaron… knows we share one very strong love…
for Hoodies!
We have more hooded sweatshirts than anybody I know. It’s our favorite souvenir to buy and we have one from almost everywhere we’ve been..
In fact, I think one of the very first things Aaron ever bought me was a hoodie from the aquarium his dad was working at when we first started dating..
For our wedding my sister found us Bride and Groom hoodies.. I made Aaron wear them almost our whole honeymoon! In fact.. we bought about 4 hoodies each while on our honeymoon!

So we were very excited at the baby shower when my sister bought the baby his very first hoodie.. This is the first time he’s worn it.. It should last quite awhile. It was pretty big on him..

(sorry.. this is as good of a picture as we got.. I just couldn’t get the words to spread out enough… On a side note.. is anyone as sick as I am of picture of him in this dumb bouncy chair??? He’s going to think he never got to come out of it.. and well.. he’s going to be right!)

Aaron’s little brother came over yesterday and said he looked very thug in his first hoodie! We think he just looks plain cute! :)

This one’s for Ryan… He wore his froggy sweater to church yesterday.. even thought it’s a little big.. and well.. this is the best picture we got of it too! And you’re lucky we got this.. he was a VERY grumpy guss yesterday…

For some reason he just wouldn’t sleep.. and of course I had things I had to get done.. I bet he slept less than 2 hours combined all day yesterday.. that’s not so typical for a newborn! and he ate soooo much! Aaron would be feeding him 2oz at a time and just keep coming back for more.. I don’t know if my body can keep up with this kid! :)
After I finished what I was doing I finally broke out the magical sleepy holder…
and it worked!! :)

Until I tried to lay him down so I could get other things done.. then it was all over! :)
Thank goodness for Auntie coming in 2 days….

We should have bought the extended warranty…

I don’t remember anybody offering us the extended warranty while we were in the hospital.. but we really should have looked into it.
Our poor little guy sure is giving us a run for our money…

I kinda always knew I’d be in for this. You can’t have an awesome pregnancy.. and awesome delivery and an awesome baby… something has to give somewhere… Nobody gets that lucky.

We’re working our hardest to try to make life a little more enjoyable for him, but it just seems like one thing after another.
His whole life.. (all 4 weeks of it!) he has always seemed like he has stomach pain.. he’s always squirming and grunting and arching his back and just in general pain. He burst out into just red faced inconsolable crying for no reason and his poor body will be so rigid.
I have been convinced he has reflux. Especially when he start throwing up. Not just spitting up.. but major throwing up..
He’s already been diagnosed with pneumonia after being tortured with chest xrays..
He’s had to deal with the worst case of baby acne ever..
At yesterday’s appointment the doctor basically asked us where we wanted her to start!!!
not only does he have a horrible case of baby acne.. he also has eczema on his face that is making his face feel like leather..
he also has the beginnings of cradle cap! (yippeee!!!!)
We final got the diagnosis of reflux and were given the best medicine to treat it.. (but it will take at least a week or two to see any difference..)
We were also given a prescription for what the doctor called “cranky drops”
Because they are pretty sure he has colic too!!!! There is really no cure for colic.. but apparently these drops have been shown to work.
Although I think I’m going to look into probiotics and go that direction. Not only will they help with colic but I am hoping they will make a difference in his tummy issues..
and moving on…
He also has a herniated belly button!!!!!!!!
I guess I knew his belly button looked odd, but I thought it was normal for this age. Apparently there isn’t anything so normal about your guts hanging out a hole in your stomach! The doctor kept pushing it in and told me to feel the hole… NO WAY!
Aaron was playing with it last night too and said it makes the weirdest sound when his guts come back through the hole after you push them back in.
It seriously makes me soooo sick!! It will either go away.. or he will have surgery on it after he’s 3. Until then we just have to deal with his stickin’ out guts….

The doctor apologized and agreed that we’re in for a rough on with this little guy.. At least someone sympathizes…

Well.. I guess that’s all for today..
I am really looking forward to seeing if the acid reflux medicine works. I’m not really sure how much more of this we can take..
He was the dream baby yesterday..so happy.. so sleepy.. and then night time hit and someone stole our perfect baby and replaced him with cranky pants! He screamed and cried all through his 10 o’clock feeding.. 2 sucks and scream.. 2 sucks and scream… that went on for over an hour!!! Then he only slept until 1.. which he woke himself up by gagging and choking which is normally followed by a HUGE throw up so I jumped up and grabbed him to hold him upright.. nothing came up thankfully.. but then he was up for the night…
He ate for about an hour.. and then I tried forever to get him to go back to sleep.. which ended in him eating again at 3.. I finally passed him off to Aaron around 4am when he was still awake and grumpy.. at about 6am when I left the house he was just eating again.. This not going back to sleep after the 1 o’clock feeding is killing us! Especially me since I have to get up at 5 to go to work! :)
Everyone keeps telling us this will get easier (which by the way realllly doesn’t help!).. I’m starting to think maybe it won’t get easier.. but maybe we’ll get more used to it.
How about some pictures to cheer us up…

He looked soooo cute yesterday.. It was the first time he’s worn jeans! And my sister just bought him this super cute Hurley shirt! I’m glad she sent some new long sleeve shirts.. I feel like we only had a few that we rotated through every week… (too bad he didn’t have a mohawk.. that’s the only thing that could have made this outfit cooler!!)

This is just a random collage of funny faces he was making during his diaper change the other day…. he has recently discovered that he can stick is tongue allll the way out. (the last picture) and has been doing it a lot!
The other night during a cranky episode, Aaron strapped on the pack and worked on getting him to sleep… Apparently this was the ONLY way he was comfortable and didn’t want to be moved… so he slept like this for quite awhile.. Aaron just had to take extra care that he didn’t fall out!
And I finally got a picture of “alien face” Apparently Aaron has this old movie about these aliens that can only make an O with their mouths and they whistle to communicate with each other.
Miles has made this face his whole life.. and it always has reminded Aaron of that movie..
Usually when he makes this face Aaron will make it back and whistle to him like the aliens. Miles will just focus so much on him when he does it. It TOTALLY creeps me out.. and I’ve told Aaron that if he EVER starts to whistle like that he’s taking him to an exorcist.. to which Aaron replied.. “Aliens aren’t from the devil..”

1 month alligator picture

He survived his first month of life!!!
but it hasn’t been easy on him…
Maybe one day we’ll get a non screaming picture! :)