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I’m famous!!!

A few months ago.. Okay maybe like 6 months ago. My sister introduced me to Swistle . She has a blog that she blogs about her life.. and things she enjoys but more importantly she has a BABY NAME blog where she helps people find the perfect baby names with the help of the world wide web!! :)

I wrote into her.. months and months and months ago.. And looks what happened…

Swistle Baby Names

I got my very own post and 182 people have voted so far on our baby’s name! Cool huh???

So far things are really swaying the way we wanted them too.

Miles has received 136 votes.

Next in line is:
Joey/Joesph with 8 votes
River with 6
Milo with 6
Oliver with 5
Luke with 3
Cooper with 3
Elijah (Eli) with 2
Joel with 2
Elliot with 2
Mason with 2
Dylan with 2
Carter with 2
and with one vote each
Kyle, Aaden, and Preston.

We are pretty confident his name will be Miles. We were torn on whether or not we wanted to spell it with a Y (Myles) It would be more like my name.. and more like my nickname of Ryles.
But I just felt like it was too girly.

Apparently.. everyone else did too! Most of the comments say something like “Please no Y.”

So that helped make my decision a little easier too…

My FAVORITE name still.. is Milo. I just really really like it. But I don’t want to name him that. I just can’t picture him going throughout his whole like being Milo. I have decided I can call him Milo.. Since Miles doesn’t really have a nickname besides Miley….
BUTTTTT… we have always said we won’t decide on “the” name (like get things personalized..and hang his name on the wall) until after he is born and we can make sure he really looks like his name..

Who knows.. we could come home from the hospital with a Bob or George!! Just kidding……

(oh.. I also did some SERIOUS organizing of the baby’s room this weekend… pictures will come.. sometime……)


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    I voted for Miles

  2. oh….sigh….. while that is not my favorite (the only miles in know not only stole money from me, recently hit his girlfriend – at work, in front of whitnesses, mind you. so you know he's a worse person at home) the point is, if this baby feels like a miles, then he's a miles. (and i dont mean the icky kind mentioned above)and if that's really what you end up naming him, i'll stop seeing it as a bad name and realize that it was just one time attched to a bad person.
    i mean until my brother was born, the only adam i knew ate boogers and dirt out out of his shoe, and now who cares about booger-eater-whats-his-name? right?
    im really just so excited he's almost here. he will be my little bee-bah, even though he's so far away. cant wait till you come down to see us this spring? <3

  3. that should be a “!” not a “?” at the end of that last sentence

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