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Archives for September 2009

Wordless Wednesday – What Am I Supposed To Do With This Thing Again???

Wanna be just like dad….

The top two…

We have been trying (rather unsuccessfully) to capture the elusive top two teeth for quite some time now.

Every time we catch a glimpse of them we can’t help but laugh..

They are so funny.. and soooooooo far apart.

My dad took this picture while he was visiting. Miles is actually laying in the trunk while we got all ready to head out.. I was glad to see he finally captured the hidden pearly whites..

Did I mention how sharp they are??? Especially when paired with the bottom two??? And how much they hurt when they clamp down???? Oh no?? I didn’t mention it?? Well they hurt… a lot…. and none of the “proven” methods for stopping biting have worked…

Wordless Wednesday – I can’t crawl but I can stand!

9 month alligator pictures

We just went through a phase we like to call “No Neck”
For about a week he went around shrugging his shoulders at everything. I could not get one good picture of him no doing “no neck”
Sometimes I worry about things like this (and the previous spitting episode) but then I remember that when I look back at these pictures I am going to want to remember all these silly little phases he went through. So now, I love it and embrace it.
It is getting increasingly difficult to do these alligator pictures lately with his new found mobility..

“You need me to get closer to him???”

“Measure me now Mom”