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And made him king of all wild things…

Almost as good as cookie dough..

Miles may never know the joys of liking cake batter, or brownie batter off the beaters,
but he doesn’t care.

Sweet potatoes are good enough for him….

I hope he realizes how fun it is to be in the kitchen with Mom cooking..

I can’t wait till he’s actually old enough to actually get to work with me!

9 months old…

(First of all, sorry for the gigantor pictures. We are working on some new formatting and obviously don’t have it right just yet. Sorry..)
While my parents were in town we took Miles to get his pictures taken. They turned out pretty cute even though we got him sunburned the day before. Woops..
He was soooo good I hardly recognized him, to make matter worse this shoot was even past his bed time. I was very impressed with him…
Here he was the day after he turned 9 months old..

I miss…

These two.. so much…

I am on day two of isolation.
I see Aaron just enough for him to bring me something to eat, or more water.
I see Miles just enough to wave hi or bye to him from the bedroom door.
I sleep with just the dog to keep me company, but I am thankful for him.
My results should be back tomorrow (or the next day) to know if I actually have H1N1 (who are we kidding.. Swine Flu is easier to say!)
The doctor is positive I do. The test results won’t change anything.. No point in getting them now. Each day I’m getting better. It was never that bad to begin with..
The flu won’t kill me..
Missing these two might….

Wordless Wednesday