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34 weeks 5 days.. Can we just call this 35 weeks?

Or maybe we could call it 40 weeks!! That would be nice…

Well.. sorta.. I have mixed emotions about it.. I mean, It’s just kind of a normal thing.. you’re just “supposed” to complain about being pregnant.. you’re “supposed” to want it to be over NOW!

And while I do my fair share of complaining about how nocturnal he is… and my fair share of complaining about how he really loves to scoot his bumm right up under my ribs and push out.. but I’m SOOOOOOOO not ready for this to be over. I love being pregnant… I would take a couple .. or a few more months of this.

I had a big emotional break down the other night because I feel so jipped by this pregnancy.. I wonder if I’ll even remember it.. I blinked.. and here I am 8 months pregnant. I’m just not ready for it to be over.. plus this kid is WAY easier to take care of inside my tummy than he’ll be outside!! :)

But at the same time.. I am SOO ready to meet him.. SOO ready to dress him up in all of his millions and millions of outfits.. And SOO ready to hear all the songs Aaron will sing to him.. (he’s already been practicing coming up with lyrics for both puppy and baby!)

So.. here they are… 34 weeks 5 days…

(p.s. I’m getting bored with all of my shirts.. and hate looking at a full closet of “regular” clothes.. so I’ve been experimenting and have worn “regular” shirts for the past 2 days!! How many people can say they can do that 8 months pregnant????)
For comparison.. this was 27 weeks 5 days.. so exactly 7 weeks ago… almost 2 months ago..

All of his clothes and washed and ready to go. Seriously…. 8 loads of laundry!! He is soooo spoiled.. The homecoming outfit(s) have been picked out and laid out.. (I have 2 right now.. one in case he’s small and one in case he’s bigger.. although I have been SERIOUSLY toying with the idea of a third.. but it just seems a little to neurotic to me!) We haven’t packed a hospital bag yet.. but the birth plan is pretty much written and we’ve had our first meeting with our Doula and finished our birthing class… We got the car seat in the mail this week.. and it’s soooo cool! And our new camera will be here today..so we don’t miss a single second!

Well that’s probably all that is new and exciting around our world……..


  1. Looks like you’re about ready to pop! Congratulations! Thanks for stalking me, it’s good to hear from you! Looks like you’ve been doing very well for yourself. I loved some of your cakes and such you had on your website, I’m very impressed! I know how you feel about not knowing if you’ll love a child as much as your pet, that’s why I’ll just stick to cats (and one day dogs)! But I’m sure you’ll be a great mother!

  2. You still look so tiny! What is up with that! I feel like my tummy is sticking out so much farther than yours and I’m only 33 weeks. You look darling. And I can totally relate because Josh loves to push his little bum up in my ribs too! Those two boys must be conspiring against us!

  3. I’m 5 weeks behind you, but I swear I’m twice as big!! I hit 30 weeks today, so I’ll have to take a picture. I can’t believe how fast time has flown by, either, but I can’t wait for you!!

  4. Mixed Up Me says

    Is he actually going to be here when I get to Utah?? He might actually be born on Grandma’s birthday!

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