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Welcome to Wedding Season!


It’s wedding season.

That means only one thing for me: I can’t remember where I left my head.
(p.s. I make cakes, in case you didn’t know!)

Between cakes and my big fancy corporate job (that is neither big nor fancy) I usually don’t even sit down in my house until after 11pm.

When I prayed, I begged and pleaded for my cake business to take off. We need it to. We are committed to this. This being, having one parent at home. So my income is it! I’ve gotta make the most of it. I am SO SO happy that I am too busy to even see straight. I am SO thankful for it and don’t forget for one second where it came from.

Of course, we still have a lot of eggs in Aaron’s new business basket.

I have so many posts swirling in my head. So many things I need to talk about, and so many things I cant talk about, and about a gazillion of the worlds cutest pictures. No, seriously.

But for now, this house revolves around Consumer Electronics, and Cakes!

And because I can’t resist……

A lesson in socializing

I worry a lot that Miles will be seriously slacking in social skills.

Him and his daddy spend all day together, and they don’t get out much.

Other kids scare me. They eat food that could send Miles directly to the hospital. It terrifies me.

I shudder at the thought of leaving him places with other kids, and don’t even get me started with church nursery. They have snacks. Like Goldfish crackers. And kids eat them. And walk around. And stuff. Terrifying.

I’m trying to let down my guard a little. I only make sure Aaron tells someone 3 times when he leaves Miles somewhere not to feed him ANYTHING!!!

Sometimes people don’t think about it. He can eat broccoli, so my mother in law feeds him broccoli with BUTTER ON IT! That kind of stuff gives me heart attacks.

Social skills.. Not food. Focusing..

I worry that he wont know how to interact with other kids. His cousins mostly hate him because “Heeeee ruinnnnnnssss Evvvvverrrrythhhhing..” (said in the saddest whiny voice you’ve ever heard) He kind likes to knock over towers and take train tracks apart. The older cousins, don’t like that.

I was excited for him to meet OBaby. Finally someone a little more his speed. He did great, they shared toys and stared at each other and both did a little pointing at each other. It was a success in my book!

Miles was the big kid that OBaby looked up to. He wanted to be just like him. Standing and playing and frustrated that he couldn’t get up and walk next to Miles. It was adorable. (They maybe even shared a little snotty nose, all in good fun of course.)

I knew it was love at first sight when the first time Miles met OBaby he graciously handed over his “pretties” (purple mardi gras beads that go EVERYWHERE with us, thanks to Grandma.)

(p.s. Gender neutral parenting FTW!) (p.p.s. We were ALL holding our breath and hoping Miles was actually going to put the beads around OBaby’s neck, because HOW CUTE WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN?? but an offering on the remote of trust was just as cute.. sorta.)

Our Shadows

Sometimes when I am driving alone in the car with the sun roof open and the music up loud, I look in my rear view mirror and see an empty car seat and think, “What is that doing there?”

Sometimes when someone asks me if I have any kids, I choke on my words trying to get them out, to say “Just one.”

We’ll get into bed at night, I’ll kiss my husband goodnight and he leans over me to look at the video monitor and tell Beez goodnight, and suddenly I remember too.

I wonder when this whole motherhood thing will really sink in. It’s fair to say I forget at least once a day that I actually have a baby. Like one that was grown in my tummy, one that I birthed and nursed. Like one that is almost 18 months old. How do you forget something like that?

But then, there are moments like this when all of our shadows are hugging, and making big fat shadow blobs on the ground in front of us, that I wonder even more..

How could I ever forget how perfect this is?


This picture was taken a little bit ago, during our first seasonal trip to the park. I suddenly remembered how much I loved it when I read Steph’s post today.

My love of social media…

He walked into the kitchen as I stood alone leaning against the kitchen sink, phone in hand.
Sliding up next to me he asked: “What are you doing?”
“Just quickly checking Twitter.” I replied, half expecting to explain to my father in law what twitter was. Instead he just responded “Oh, do you like doing that?”

My father in law is one of the most giving, free spirited, adventurous people I know. He recently became a middle school teacher, I’m pretty sure we have this to thank for his indoctrinate into the world of social media.

I began to tell him about how I didn’t honestly remember what I did before Twitter. How some of the friends I have made have become some of the best friends I’ve ever had.

I was prepared to hear him tell me about how we are “too connected” or how this method of communication was “ineffective for today’s youth,” how it steers us away from real conversations face-to-face.

Instead he opened up and told me how much he loved texting. As the father of 6, the youngest of who just turned 16. Sometimes sending a text message is the only communication he has with his children for days. He was recently on a three day trip and spent some of the time texting and joking back and forth with his 19 year old son.

“I would never have been able to have those moments of laughing and joking without being connected with him. We just wouldn’t have talked for 3 days,” He told me. “It’s instant communication”

I just smiled and nodded. I knew EXACTLY what he meant.

Some of these people I have conversed with day after day (multiple times a day) are like family. Minutes after meeting for the first time this weekend, we were all at complete ease. We talked about things you would only talk about with once you’ve gotten past that awkward phase with a new friend. We weren’t new friends.
We were with each other and our children’s births, we held hands through the sad times of our lives, we laughed about the funny things our kids have done, we clapped when our children learned how to walk, we cried when we were suffering, and we rallied during depression and addiction.

We immediately talked about bathroom habits, birthing styles, sex lives, and spanx.

During the conference I overheard a conversation about how somebody said twitter was instant communication. When it slow on Saturday and their baby has a diaper rash, they need an answer NOW! Even though they know they could easily go to google for the answer. They want it from their family, and their friends.

We were a family. We are a family.

CBC '10

Melissa, Allison, ME, Julie (who was trying to steal my purse ALLL WEEKEND!)

I told him about the relationships I’ve developed. How we wouldn’t even know Allison and Dan without Twitter. I wouldn’t know lots of my friends without it.. I’m thankful for it.

And the relationships I have because of it.

CBC '10

Kim, Melissa, Allison, ME,

The crash from the high..

You know how you are so so so excited about something that you can’t even think about anything else for weeks before?

Then in the middle of it, it is just like you imagined. So wonderful. Full of so much love. Full of some of the best friends you might ever have.

Then it’s over. Everyone goes home. You go home. You are left processing everything that happened. Left daydreaming and smiling about all the good times. All the inappropriate jokes, all the Freudian slips.
You are just left.

Today I crashed hard, but it’s okay.

I have had the most AMAZING 3 days and nothing can take that away..

I can’t wait to tell you all about it..

For now, enjoy this picture that I so nicely “borrowed” from Heather.

Because I have one more day of not enough sleep ahead of me.