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What a difference a camera makes…

As part of Aaron’s birthday posts… This is the present my parents sent him. He opened it in the car on the way to dinner. The tip was covered with newspaper and just the handle was sticking out. We both were trying to guess what it was. Aaron thought it was a fire place poker (for a fireplace we didn’t have…) My first guess was that it was a candle snuffer. (Why my parents would buy Aaron a candle snuffer never crossed my mind….)

He pulled the newspaper off the tip and we saw this… a big cinnamon gummy bear. In a split second my mind went through a million thoughts.. Which ranged from.. “Oh.. it’s a gummy bear roaster.” (Someone would normally think that was a weird present.. but not for my parents! They always find the more obscure gifts.. they have a talent!) Then I thought.. “That handle is awfully short for roasting gummy bears.. wouldn’t you burn yourself?” Which immediately rolled over too.. “I wonder what a gummy bear does when you roast it, and why would someone even want to do that?”
It was a couple seconds after that (while Aaron was still staring at it..) That I realized it was a meat turner thingy.. (do you think this has an official name? Let me google it.. please hold………………………….
According to Google.. its called a Meat Hook. And here is the best picture I could find of it in use… Our’s even has our name engraved on it!
And the reason for the gummy bear was just to protect the tip! But we’ll let you know how a roasted cinnamon bear tastes…
On to other things…. Guess what we finally got around to last night?????
Can you tell by the plant matter hanging from his chin?????

Or how about the red splats all over our back porch…..

Or the chop lickin’ goodness!!!!

That’s right.. we picked more tomatoes!! I don’t have the energy to do this very often. We planted our grape tomato plant in the worst possible location! It’s smooshed on 3 sides by the air conditioner and wall and fence. It is almost impossible to pick all the tomatoes off of the back and sides. Not to mention we tied it up so tight that I can’t even get into the middle.

So when I finally get the energy to pick.. I pick almost everything that is slightly red! There were quite a few that were way more than over ripe.. Riddick loved them! He had a really hard time not eating out of the bowl while I was picking.. but every time one bounced out he was right there to swoop it up!

Then we moved on to the roma’s. He was a little confused by those! They are a little to big for his little mouth!

So uhhhh.. an ideas what to do with these now???????

Sometimes I feel like we grew a garden just to say we did. I honestly throw away so much of it. I feel bad, but I don’t know what else to do with them.. I don’t know how to can. And I could freeze them to use in sauces and soups but that would involve peeling them and I’m guessing it’s not that easy to peel grape tomatoes…

One more topic… The baby/dog room. We rearranged the dog’s room a little so we could tuck the baby somewhere in the corner with as minimal damage to the dog as possible! :)

(please don’t ever tell our kid about this.. although I think he’ll realize his place in the family pretty quickly…) (kidding… sorta..) :)

The dog’s bed is on one wall.. and the crib is on the other..

I was just telling my mom how full his crib is right now.. We just keep filling it with baby stuff. It’s a central location to store everything… It’s about 95% fabric right now..

This is what the dog’s room looked like a couple months ago! So we’ve made some SERIOUS progress…
Have I ever mentioned this???? On the wall above where the dog’s bed is now is this really cute vinyl wording.. but unfortunately we aren’t doing a cowboy theme.. and all of the other vinyl removal we’ve attempted hasn’t worked too well. We can get them off just fine, but considering the house is 3 years old, the paint as faded a little, but not under the vinyl! So you can still see it…. I think this is where we will hang the quilt I want to get. (since they don’t make it in crib size..) or I guess we could hang a long picture frame.. or something.. Guess we’ll get creative!
Did I say one more topic?? Sorry.. few more…
We were given this laptop a couple weeks ago because the guy didn’t feel like fixing it. Aaron discovered that it was just the plug where it charges that wasn’t working well. We were able to use it for a couple weeks. It dies quickly.. but it worked just find. He found the parts online and got a killer deal. He took it apart (for the first time) a couple nights ago, put it all back together..and…. it didn’t work..
I believe this is at least the 4th or 5th time its been taken apart.. and un-soldered and re-soldered and put pack together.
I think he may be on the verge of giving up.. but I knew it was getting rough last night when he had to break out the brewskies… (I was sewing behind him so that’s the only reason I got this picture!) oh.. and by the way.. that’s just cream soda.. but it would have to be going pretty bad for him to drink one of his precious cream soda’s. Those are worth more than gold in his family!

last but not least.. the Polaroid from Benihana’s on his birthday… The Polaroid from 2 years ago hasn’t left the side of his computer for 2 years.. yet.. last night when I needed it, it was mysteriously missing.. Oh well!!

I have also been spending a lot of time on the bassinet. I’m not really worried about getting the crib ready since he won’t be sleeping there for awhile anyway. We just need to paint it and finish the bumper pads and sheets.. It’ll be pretty cute. But slightly girly!! :)
I figured, if it is going to be in our room it should match our room. He’s not even going to know anyway! No point in making it all boyish and match his room. So it matches our comforter. It’s cute!! More to come on that later……
That’s all for today…
I think……


Just got a call from my doctor..

My blood work came back great.. My sugar was at 114. Which she said was well within the normal range. (I don’t know how far the “normal” range ranges.. but I had a friend have to take the 3 hour and she was at 140. I know my normal blood sugar tends to be a little on the high side of normal.. at about 105-110. So really 114 after that drink isn’t too shabby!

The doctor was surprised! She basically told me at my appointment that she thought it was going to come back positive and I’d have to take the 3 hour test. Guess she was wrong!!!!!

Oh..I’m also not anemic.. so that’s good! :)

I’m also really glad I don’t have to take the 3 hour test because that involves 4 blood draws in 3 hours.. I don’t know if you can really tell.. but my arm can’t take that right now… It looks much worse in person. In fact it matches my turquoise shirt I’m wearing today! It’s all about coordinating!! :)

On a side note.. Next week I need to go get my hair done.. It’s long and shabby and gross and my roots are officially down to about my ears! It just needs to be really cut off.. really short..

BUTTTTTT.. I need to color it.. I don’t want to/can’t afford to color it again before the baby is born so I’m thinking I need something that will either fade out a little or is really close to my natural color.. How do we feel about going back to brown?????

If it were up to me.. I’d highlight the heck out of it.. and go back to blond… I really liked the blond…

But it started to look gross when it grew out.. I wish I was one of those people that had the money to get my hair done every 6 weeks!!

So.. i think its back to short… (Like the picture with me and Aaron and Riddick..).. and brown…

After the baby is born and I need a “pick me up” maybe I’ll go back to blond…

p.s. my hair really loves me for do this too it every few months!! :)

Aaron’s Birthday.. part dou…

Does that mean 2 in some language?? Hope so.. I’m sorry for the suckyness of these pictures. You apparently forget how and when to take pictures when you haven’t had a camera for a few weeks…

So after our fun doctor’s appointment and yummy breakfast we left work early!! We love leaving work early! Then we headed to Benihana’s for dinner… and MAN we reallllly love that place.

The only issue we …welll I had.. was the tables. Definitely not designed for pregnancy eating. It took me a lot longer to eat than normal because I couldn’t keep bending over to take a bite.

But anyway…… Here’s the birthday boy with his birthday Ice Cream. (Another girl at the table was having her birthday dinner too. You could just tell that her family was LOADED! She started opening presents.. the presents she got that night were probably worth more than our car!! :) kinda kidding.. Then the dad in his fancy clothes and fancy accessories asks.. “So where are your presents??” I explained he already got them.. I just didn’t tell him this was his present!!)

I was really excited for the ice cream.. the table next to us got this really yummy looking strawberry ice cream.. and they brought us this.. I tasted it.. and YUCK.. it was soooo gross. I assume it was green tea. But man it was gross..and gritty ..and gross… Aaron actually ate it and liked it.. Yuck.. I can still taste and feel it in my mouth.

And well.. this is the best self portrait we got from the restaurant.. just pretend it isn’t blurry! I need to get the Polaroid of us that they took scanned.. it was pretty cute! Maybe I’ll put this year and last year for a little flash back!

Like I said.. not having a camera makes you forget when to take pictures. The first thing I wanted to take a picture of was the tigers. These were the fatest, laziest tigers I’ve ever seen in my life. They did no fun tricks, it took almost everything they had to hoist their fat butts up on their stools. They basically did some trick that Riddick could have masters.. Sit… Lay.. shake.. typical dog tricks! And that one in the back was soo funny. Every time he was supposed to be sitting all pretty on his stool he would lounge out on 2 stools and take a little nap! They reminded me of my parents cat who just can’t be bothered to do things!

And then there were this elephant butts!! Aren’t they soo cute? My favorite part of the circus is when the elephants walk around and hold each other’s tales.. then there are always the babies in the back they can’t catch up to grab the tail in front of them.. this time.. that happened! And this other little elephant kept whipping his tale around so the other one could never get it! It was pretty funny.
Oh..and pregnancy brain totallykicked in.. about 3 times during the circus I couldn’t for the life of me remember what these were called.. I kept having to ask Aaron what those big gray things we called.. He looked at me like I was nuts every time! :)

And the set of self portraits.. it was pretty dark.. but the flash makes us look scary..so instead we get blurry!

I liked this one better.. but Aaron didn’t like it because I wasn’t smiling.. I was trying to avoid smiling too hard and creating 19 chins (I have one of those pictures too!)
So this is the best we get… but It looks like Aaron is going to attack the camera…
Oh..and one more picture!!

Babies first time to the circus!!! And you bet, if I ever get around to scrap booking.. there will be a page for his first trip!! Most of the time I had a circus of my own in my stomach. He doesn’t love loud noise with a lot bass. (please also note pre-pregnancy jeans stretched to the max at almost 7 and a half months!!! I just couldn’t bring my self to wear the pair of bigger jeans I bought for this winter. They are still way to big and baggy and frumpy…)

My favorite birthday memory would be driving down to the circus.. Aaron was talking about how much fun he had at the last circus and how his favorite parts where the parts when they did tricks with the dogs and cats! Dog and cats!! This boy was more impressed with the dogs and cats than the lady handing by her hair… the guy getting shot out of the cannon.. the motorcycles in the metal ball thing.. lazy tigers.. or those one big gray things!!! Next year we’re just going to go to petsmart!!! :)

Oh.. I do have one more post.. I’ll have to take a picture of the present my parents sent him..

Happy Birthday babe.. I can’t believe you’re so old! :)

Just kidding.. I can’t believe we’re so old!! :)

Aaron’s Birthday… PART 1

The morning started off nice.. We got to sleep in a little!! And to top things off, I even slept through the entire night!! That only happens about once a month, so it was very much needed!!

I drank my glucose drink a little late. I was pretty scared.. but decided to fill up a glass all the way with crushed ice, pour it in and drink it was a straw really quickly. Surprisingly.. It wasn’t bad at all! It tastes EXACTLY like fruit punch. There wasn’t anything too weird about it. (Except the after taste) By the time we got to the doctors office (an hour later) I was pretty shaky… and felt very wired! My blood was drawn.. and I survived… (and Aaron didn’t pass out!! Yippee for him!) I begged the lady taking my weight to just write.. House or Boat or Wale and let me skip that part, but she wouldn’t. (I didn’t look!) The pee test.. that didn’t go so well. There was apparently a lot of glucose. Which I assumed would be normal. Apparently it’s not. The doctor thinks I’ll have to take the 3 hour test.. :( Soooooooooo not looking forward to that.

We’ll find out on Monday.

She did suggest that maybe I lay off the cheeseburgers a little!!! :) Usually at my monthly appointments I gain about 2-4 pounds since the last appointment. I gained 10 this time. But I knew that! I weigh myself every week! The week after my last appointment I gained 2 pounds.. the week after that was my horrible 8 lbs week!! Then the past two weeks I haven’t even gained an ounce. So far I have gained a total of 19 pounds. BUT ..if you look at it the other way.. I only gained 9 pounds in the first 24 weeks and 10 pounds in the last 4 weeks!! I think that is where her concern is! I really don’t think that’s too bad. I was aiming for no more than 30.. Don’t think I’ll actually get to that goal… but we’ll see.

I took the dog for a walk last night.. and it was really nice. Maybe I’ll keep doing that (We both slept like babies!!)

Anyway.. I was STARVING after our appointment. We were just going to grab something fast foody to take to work but I told Aaron we should go somewhere and sit down. So we went to Village Inn. It was really good… and a nice way to start his Birthday Day!

Oh…and since we have freshly charged batteries I decided to update with a tummy picture. (I also happen to be wearing the same black shirt I normally do when I take pictures.) I thought.. might as well update with a 28 week picture since I’ll be 28 weeks tomorrow..

GUESS WHAT?? I’ll be 29 weeks tomorrow!!! Holy cow.. where do the weeks go???

So this is officially 7.25 months along….
(please remind me to crop my head out of these pictures from now on!!)

Just for reference.. this was 26 weeks… so 3 weeks ago.. There is actually some change this time!! :)

Oh ..and she told me we get one more ultrasound at 36 weeks!!! She wants to check the placenta one more time and check the size of the baby.. So right around Thanksgiving we get one more look before we meet him! (I’m still really hoping $100 will fall out of the sky because I’d really love to go do the 3D ultrasound sometime…)

Umm… I think that is all that has happened so far.. oh.. and I got the A-O-K to fly to Dallas for the business trip! Good thing since we already bought Aaron’s ticket!

So this pictures really doesn’t have anything to do with anything.. But I found it the other day..and just think it’s cute! This Riddick (the much much more shaggy version) probably about … 3 (?) years ago.. He came to work one Saturday with me.. (Don’t tell my boss!) That was my desk at the time (we’re in a different building now..) And I love how he’s looking at me..and how there is a picture of him taped to the monitor and how he’s the backdrop on the monitor!
Again.. has absolutely nothing to do with anything.. just cute! :)

No pictures means no posts…

My mom said she normally judges how busy I am at work by how much I’m posting. So she doesn’t bother me at work if I haven’t been posting..

Really.. I haven’t been posting because my camera is dead.. well.. really the batteries are dead..and I am WAY toooo lazy to change them. So I don’t post when I don’t have any pictures.. those just make for kinda boring posts!

But…. I will change them tonight.. Tomorrow I have my glucose test for Gestational Diabetes. I was really nervous and worried about it, but Katie made me feel a little be better about it.
Now if she could just make the drink taste better too! :)

(on a side note… Tomorrow is the worst day in the world to have a dr.’s appointment! I have had nothing but junk today! Started off with the normal eggo waffles with peanut butter for breakfast, then I had a big plate of chips and homemade salsa..YUM! Then we had an open house going on at one of our stores and they had these really yummy sandwich things that were like rolls with different meats in them. They were really good.. Then I had a sandwich and a bag of chips for lunch.. somewhere in between those things I ate about 6 cookies that I brought in to share today.. then after lunch I had more chips and salsa then someone went and bought cupcakes..and of course I had one of those!! ANDD we have a BBQ to go to tonight.. Any bets on how much I will have gained since the last appointment 4 weeks ago?????)

Tomorrow also happens to be Aaron’s birthday. We have some fun things planned.. so camera + batteries = happiness!!!!

So I leave you with Me & baby in his first (and probably only) race car picture.

it was windy and the sun was right in my eyes.. but uhhh.. it works! The girl I work with is a HUGE nasca.r fan so she was in heaven.. she even got them to start the car up.. and it was a little loud!!! So much for my babies ear drums.. he was probably freaking out!

Moral of the story is.. hopefully I will replace the batteries and have something else to talk about……..

Think good thoughts tomorrow morning that everything will go well and be well and Aaron won’t pass out when I have my blood drawn!! :)