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Do you think I would go to jail for kidnapping a dog??????

Even if he’s technically related to me??????

I mean.. you go to jail for hurting a dog.. but I won’t hurt him.. I promise..

I’m just so in love with this guy…
I don’t ever want to let him go.

These two just fit together like a puzzle piece… They’re so perfect..

I did realize last night though… If this baby is a boy.. and we have 2 boy dogs and my husband.. I am pretty sure that will be WAY more testosterone than I can handle under one roof. Could you even imagine 4 boys..and me???

Spike actually did go home last night.. and Riddick was EXHAUSTED! We’re going to miss him sooo much… it was a lot of fun to have another puppy in the house for a week… We hope he comes to play more often….

The Great Poop Over..

I SOOOOOO wish I had a better post to write.. The sleepover is not going so well… It’s awfully stinky in fact.

Both of the dogs are sick…..

Both of them…
But not at the same time… one after the other.. all night long.. all day long..
Have I ever mentioned my husbands gag reflex? Seriously.. he can hardly blow his nose without throwing up. Frankly, I’m a little surprised that he can go to the bathroom himself without throwing up.

Which leave… Moi.. to clean up EVERYTHING!! Do you know how much fun it is to be 5 months pregnant and have to clean up 20 piles of grossness every day?? Its.. uhh.. not fun .. in case you were wondering..

Just so I don’t seem completely grumpy, I am VERY glad that these dogs at least have a little bit of brain. There has only been once teeny tiny accident on the carpet. All of the other accidents have been on blankets.. or rugs.. or tile.. or wood.. This has been the first doggie fluids to ever grace our new home.. and how glorious it is!!!

Last night I finally broke down and looked up remedies. I couldn’t take one more day.. Did you know you can give dogs pepto bismol???? You can! They hate it.. but it works! They both slept soundly last night with no accidents.. but it started up again this morning, but I got them out side this time.. and gave them more medicine. Hopefully it lasts through the day..

This just isn’t fun……………….

How can I possibly be mad at these sweet little faces? Man I love them so much.. Poop and all!!!!
Forgetting about the poop for a minute..

I love having Spike around. He gives the best hugs.. He’s not really a kisser.. but the best hugger. And Riddick gives excellent kisses and crappy hugs, so it has been balancing out quite nicely. I absolutely adore being a two dog family. I love having both of them in the car.. and how Spike hogs all the air conditioning. I love having two dogs sleeping on the floor next to the bed. I love having two dogs laying on top of me on the couch. I love having two dogs begging for a piece of cheese. I love that Riddick has someone to play with so he doesn’t always expect us to play with him. I do however think I would be completely insane to get another dog right before having a baby.. but I do really love it! :)
How can I not.. Look at these two..
Spike got to experience “Bernie’s” house and had a blast. Bernie didn’t mind having him there, and he didn’t mind her.. I don’t really have any pic of them playing.. but these are my two favorites of the day..

This is Riddicks “Snake in the grass” Picture..
And Spike’s “GQ” pose..

I don’t know if you can really tell.. but these boys sure look a lot a like. It used to be that Riddick was the tall skinny gangly one.. and Spike has always been a tank. Now that Riddick is putting on a little weight, there isn’t a lot of difference. Spike is a little more gray.. a little more thick.. and he has a little tuft of hair on the tip of his nose that sticks straight up. (Hence the name Spike!) (Most schnauzers nose hair parts perfectly on the top of there nose and lays down flat, ever since Spike was born, his hair didn’t part.. just stuck straight up.. must be a cowlick or something..) My point was.. these boys look A LOT a like. The first night I gave Aaron a hard time because he could never tell who he was talking too. I made the mistake of taking off both of their collars and now even I have to look twice before assuming which dog is which. Especially late at night or early in the morning. Their mannerism are so similar.. Riddick always waits for me to come out of the bathroom in my closet..apparently Spike does the same thing. I guess I’m learning life as a parent of twins for a week..

SICK TWINS………………………………….

5 months.. REALLY??

Today has been one of those days where I really can’t believe I’m almost 5 months pregnant..

Next week I’ll be 5 months.. That really just blows my mind.

I remember when Aaron and I were discussing having a baby.. and how we decided we could sooner than later.. after all “You’re basically pregnant for a whole year.” I told him.. And HOLY COW that “whole year” is almost over!!!!!! Boy was that an over estimation.. I thought it would just c..r..a..w…l.. by. I mean it’s 10 months. And that is “ALMOST” a year..

Which I think it might go a little slower if it were a different time of the year.. but I blink sometime around Halloween and all of a sudden we’re watching the ball drop on New years..

Anyway.. Where was I.. Oh yea.. 5 months.. At 5 months I assumed I would be as big as a house.. Gained at least 20 pounds and just miserable..

None of which actually happened..

I think I’ve gained 2 pounds now.. and today.. I have no tummy to speak of. (Even at 4:00 when I’m normally HUGE compared to the morning..)

(sorry the pic is blurry.. I didn’t realize that I had my camera on the “flower” setting.. I must be taking after my sister!)

Where on earth is this baby hiding??????

I have still been feeling pretty good. I’m just SOOOOO tired.. I’ve never felt exhaustion like this ever… I think I’ll actually talk to the doctor about it, because it doesn’t feel normal.. Hopefully she doesn’t look at me like I’m nuts.. But it really doesn’t feel normal.

Other than that.. its business as usual…

Riddick has his first sleepover tonight.. Be prepared for multiple pictures and stories throughout the week as we embark on the week of being a 2 dog family.. (I bet this will TOTALLY ruin any chance I have of EVER getting another dog!!)

Riddick Roo”s 4th Birthday..

We LOVE Riddick’s birthday. It’s honestly one of my favorite days of the year. Ever year since we’ve all been together, we pack up the little bbq and head to the park to bbq shishkabobs and play a little fetch. Riddick always has soooo much fun.
Although he’s not the biggest fan of standing around and letting me take his picture when he wants to eat and play..
We fired up the bbq and got the meat cooking.. Riddick spent most of his time with his nose in the air smelling the smells of meat cooking.. WE on the other hand.. indulged in some self portraits..
Then puppy FINALLY got to eat.. it was a little past his dinner time. So he was STARVED..
After dinner we let him open his present the came from my family and their 2 dogs..
He has been sniffing the box for two days so I was pretty sure he sniffed the smell right out of everything
He couldn’t wait to eat his treats..
And look at his CUTE new toy. He has a bunch of Rat’s from IKEA that he just absolutely loves.. This Guinea Pig also came from IKEA it’s so cute!!!
Aaron thinks it looks more like a Guinea cow.. but I forgave him since he grew up around aquatic animals.. and not furry ones..
Then in the middle of playing fetch.. we heard the tale tell sign that the sprinklers were about to come on.. we JUMPED up and started to run. Thankfully the sprinklers that did come on were far enough away that they didn’t get us. Riddick loves playing with the water coming out of the hose. These sprinklers were low to the ground and basically shot in a straight line like a hose. Him and Aaron played around them for a long time..
He got SOAKED..
But still had a blast..

After that.. Aaron tried to teach him how to fly.. Riddick was pretty tired by this point so it was hard for Aaron to get him to “hang on”
Every year we set the timer on the camera and take a self portrait of all of us on his birthday.. Riddick is surprisingly really good at looking at the camera. There is a little blinking light that starts to blink fast right before it snaps the picture. This always catches his attention and his ears perk up. We normally get 1 or 2 good pics for ever 5 out of 6 we take!
Here is this years.. (The best of all 3 of us.. Or technically 4!)

I LOVE this picture of me and Aaron.. if only puppy hadn’t looked away and been blurry..

This is the funniest one.. as you can tell.. its getting darker. The camera was just about to snap when Riddick decided he was tired and laid down on our laps.. Hence the goofy grin on my face.. I decided.. “Why waste the picture, might as well smile!”
He was OUT right when we got into the car.. He always sleeps so good after a night at the park..

I thought I would include some extended family pictures.

This first picture is from his 1st birthday party. This 4 out of 6 of the siblings. Missing is Bean’s who lives in Reno and the one brother (Pudgy) Who was sold and did not go to a family member. From L to R – Korrine w/ Masha (the only girl puppy), Kara with Spike (Riddick’s favorite brother), Me with Riddick, and the little nieces with Duff.
This picture is from his second birthday.. This is the ENTIRE family.. (Without Pudgy). L to R is Papa with the Sasha (the mom), Korrine with Masha, Kara with Spike, Me with Riddick, the nieces with Duff and the niece from Reno in front with Beans.
I hope we’ll all be able to get together soon for another family picture. They don’t change much over the years..but we all do!

Least but not last.. I leave you with the Dorkiest picture EVER!!! I was bored and was going to take a self portrait when I realized I was facing the sun and it would be hard to keep my eye’s open. As I held the camera up I thought “Hey.. I can use the camera to block the sun.” Want to know what your picture looks like when you do that???????????????

Funny huh???

Well.. it was another great birthday. I can’t believe my baby is 4 years old… and I can’t believe that next year we will have an 8 month old at the park with us! Just crazy…
Well.. Love you little guy.. Thanks for choosing us to be your mommylupegus and your daddylupegus….

That really was ALLL food..

So just to prove that I’m not really that big.. Here is a morning picture from yesterday..

(if you could just ignore the comment about morning hair and makeup looking better.. that would be really nice of you! oh.and yes.. I REALLY am as tired as I look in all of these pictures.)

This is after only 32 oz of water.. a bowl of malto meal.. and probably 2 cups of brown sugar on that bowl of malto meal.. see.. not really too much of a tummy….

This is after lunch.. Baby must have liked Ramen and Dorito’s. He was pretty thumpy after lunch. And for once it didn’t hurt. But he hasn’t thumped since.. See the HUGE difference??

Oh an this is my new phone.. It’s okay.. It’s nothing super special. But I loathe flip phones.. I wouldn’t mind a slider but I hear they are crappy and break a lot.. so here I am with my next “candy bar” phone. Yep.. they’re actually called that when they don’t flip or slide..

On a WAYYYY more important note.. Today is our baby’s birthday. I tried really hard for about a month to stop calling Riddick “baby” and call him puppy or something else. So that we could make a distinction between him and the baby. So he would learn what a baby is.. but I just can’t. Aaron reminds me every time I call him Baby that I need to stop.. but he’s still my baby for the next 5 months.. and even after that.. he was my first baby.. He will just have to learn the baby’s name. ANYWAYYYY… he turns 4 today.. I can not believe that it was 4 years ago today that those puppies were born.. 4 years ago today that we weren’t sure if he was going to make it.. 4 years ago today that he became nana’s “little bit”.. and 4 years ago today that we learned to stick a tube down his throat to feed him… Little Bit isn’t the littlest anymore… and he now holds his own around his brothers.. and loves his sister the most! I think I better start gathering the pictures for his birthday post!! … We’ll be going to the park to bbq and play toys tonight.. like we always do for his birthday.. and this morning his daddy made him a piece of toast with butter for his birthday breakfast.. he was really sad when we left this morning.. but we’ll be home before he knows it…
Happy Birthday Puppleupagus….