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Because it’s cheaper than therapy

Have you ever gone out at night after a snow storm? Or really anytime after a snow storm? It’s so quiet. I love that quiet.

This is our first year living in a full sized house with full sized sidewalks and a full sized driveway that need to be shoveled. So far, I’m loving it.

When you go out to shovel you get all bundled up and can’t hear or see much of anything.

It’s just you, and your thoughts.

I love it.

Tonight I just needed a little more alone time so I headed out to shovel for the second time today. Not only am I get this amazing time of peace, but it’s a fantastic work out.

We finished our driveway and sidewalks (for the second time!!) and I just wasn’t done, so we headed next door. And shoveled some more.

I wish I could say I was having deep thought alone with my self under that heavy winter coat and warm hood. But I wasn’t. Tonight I sand the Elmo song, over and over and over again. But it was peaceful, serene and nice to be out there with just my husband. Shoveling along.

I suppose I shovel snow because it’s cheaper than therapy. I still get to listen to myself talk for an hour and don’t have to pay anyone to listen.

So I shovel.

(and enjoy it…)


They aren’t kidding when they say it’s a good workout (p.s. “they” is my trainer, he says it burns about 600 calories and hour.) While I shoveled this evening I burned 535 in the hour I was shoveling. And I felt it. I felt good. And worked out, and hot and tired. All those good feeling you get from going to the gym. But almost more… I never look quite this bad when I get home from the gym…

(oh yes, I did just post that picture! No shame, ya’ll)

And also the endorphins. Cheaper than therapy…

So I shovel.

Mommy & Me – Happy Thankgiving

Me and My baby right before we sat down to Thanksgiving dinner.

I hope he never gets annoyed with mommy and beeza self portraits..

How to: Get your 2 yr old to carve a pumpkin

Are we still allowed to talk about Halloween? I promise I have a post coming on Thanksgiving.

(Just in time for New Years)

A photo essay on pumpkin carving with a VERY 2 year old, 2 year old.

” Are we really doing this, mom”

“Pretend I’m having a fun time?? Is this good enough”

“Oh, look. A pumpkin. Yay………”

“There’s what in there???”

“I’ll give you this one shot were I am “pretending” to scoop this stuff out. So, hurry up”

“I will however strike my best pose at show off the AWESOME work I did. See that star?
That’s ALL me!”

Forgot the most important part!!!

Happy Halloween! :)

Did I tell you we got a new video camera??

I mentioned one day that all I wanted for Christmas was a Flip camera so we didn’t miss any more moments of Miles, and his Milesness.

My sister surprised us by sending on as an early Christmas present. It’s personalized with the BEST picture ever of Miles. We love it.

So without further delay.. here is the 1st of MANY video’s you will be seeing here shortly..

Flash Cards from http://vimeo.com/user3752950 on Vimeo.

p.s. the quality on our Flip os AMAZING!! It’s HD and you can see and hear everything. We had to lower the quality, so it didnt take eleventy billion years to load. I couldn’t love the Flip more if I tried! :)

Sweet Rain..

You know that kind of sweet rain I’m talking about. The kind you could just sit outside and smell forever?

We love those kind of rains around here.

So when Miles begged (which consists of a lot of “pzzzz, mama. pzzzz, mama. pzzzzzzzzzz, mama”) I couldn’t say no.

So he played and watched and soaked up the warm rain. While we soaked out our baby playing in the warm rain.


Is it just me? Sometimes I look at Miles, and wonder if having another baby would be seriously tempting fate.

Sure, he was a HORRRRRRIBLE newborn, but he came around. He developed an AMAZING sleep pattern, falls asleep quickly on his own, has NEVER found a food he doesn’t like, would choose broccoli over ice cream, and LOVES water in his face. (So much that he squirts himself in the face with the squirt bottle. (which is all fun and games until one day he picks up the windex bottle) Ahem… not that that has EVER happened.. ahemm.. )

What if you have another one and they are completely opposite, in the good things? (I’ll GLADLY take the opposite in the not so favorable areas.) I think about that a lot.

We’re good now. We’re in a routine, we’re happy. The 3 of us have each other figured out. Why rock that boat right??

(p.s. writing this post and saying these things out loud probably means I’m pregnant RIGHT THIS SECOND.. right??) (but I’m not, so you don’t have to worry)