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Sweet Rain..

You know that kind of sweet rain I’m talking about. The kind you could just sit outside and smell forever?

We love those kind of rains around here.

So when Miles begged (which consists of a lot of “pzzzz, mama. pzzzz, mama. pzzzzzzzzzz, mama”) I couldn’t say no.

So he played and watched and soaked up the warm rain. While we soaked out our baby playing in the warm rain.


Is it just me? Sometimes I look at Miles, and wonder if having another baby would be seriously tempting fate.

Sure, he was a HORRRRRRIBLE newborn, but he came around. He developed an AMAZING sleep pattern, falls asleep quickly on his own, has NEVER found a food he doesn’t like, would choose broccoli over ice cream, and LOVES water in his face. (So much that he squirts himself in the face with the squirt bottle. (which is all fun and games until one day he picks up the windex bottle) Ahem… not that that has EVER happened.. ahemm.. )

What if you have another one and they are completely opposite, in the good things? (I’ll GLADLY take the opposite in the not so favorable areas.) I think about that a lot.

We’re good now. We’re in a routine, we’re happy. The 3 of us have each other figured out. Why rock that boat right??

(p.s. writing this post and saying these things out loud probably means I’m pregnant RIGHT THIS SECOND.. right??) (but I’m not, so you don’t have to worry)


  1. SO cute! I love watching kids play in the rain. Someday I'm going to un-grow up and do it too.

  2. He's getting to be such big little man! Love the pictures. I miss playing in the rain. Why don't we do more of it as grown ups?

  3. Skip'sMKGirl says

    I am trying to catch up in my Reader and I HAD to comment on this post: the WEEK my husband and I looked at each other and said, "Maybe we really just want to have one child" I conceived our daughter! We didn't know it for a while but that is another story. Whether you have more or not, I love reading the joy and love you obviously have for the child before you, blessings.

  4. Sarah Halstead says

    So cute! I think you should have another one. :D

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