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How to: Get your 2 yr old to carve a pumpkin

Are we still allowed to talk about Halloween? I promise I have a post coming on Thanksgiving.

(Just in time for New Years)

A photo essay on pumpkin carving with a VERY 2 year old, 2 year old.

” Are we really doing this, mom”

“Pretend I’m having a fun time?? Is this good enough”

“Oh, look. A pumpkin. Yay………”

“There’s what in there???”

“I’ll give you this one shot were I am “pretending” to scoop this stuff out. So, hurry up”

“I will however strike my best pose at show off the AWESOME work I did. See that star?
That’s ALL me!”

Forgot the most important part!!!

Happy Halloween! :)


  1. LOVE it! He is SO cute!

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