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Merry Christmas

From our family to yours.

I hope you felt as blessed as we did today.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (or as Miles says “Merry Missmas”)

Merry Christmas 2010

Friday Night Pump..

One of my good friends (That I don’t *really* know) does this thing called Friday Morning Coffee, and well, Since I’m not really awake on Friday morning and don’t drink coffee, I thought maybe I’d do a Friday Night Pump post. What else do I have to do on Friday night while I’m pumping, but talk to you? (and possible try to create the LONGEST sentence ever.. what is that, first sentence? Geez..)

Today I am so grateful.

It’s just been one of those days when my heart has been full of smiles and my heart full of gratitude. EVERYTHING worked out today, and worked out well.

The kitchen still has dirty dishes, the Christmas decorations and strewn all over the floor and IF YOU COULD SEE our dirty clothes hamper. WOW! Picture if you will; it’s in the corner of the room. We just keep piling clothes in it. The pile now reaches over 2/3 up the wall. SOOO not kidding. I’ll take a picture if you really want..

But that’s not why I’m here. Those things don’t matter to me because today has been full of so much good!

Somedays I am so tired and bored of this no working thing, but other days I realize it’s Friday, and I get to spend the whole day with my two favorite boys. And then everything is perfect again.

A sneak peak of our family pictures taken at FotoFly yesterday! I love them so much. Even though I don’t love myself as much as I should right now.. (but I’m working on it..)

I had decided not to do Christmas cards this year, but last night I loaded all the pictures to my computer, opened up photoshop. And it just happened. In less than an hour the PERFECT card was made and sent to the printer. I got them today and they are everything I never knew I always wanted! So we have Christmas cards. I can’t wait for you all to see them.

I’m ready to collect my award

I’m just wondering who I speak to about my “Mother of The Year” award?

Does anyone know if they mail those, or do you have to go pick them up. Is there a form to fill out? Or do I just send documentation that I earned it?

Because THIS picture of my son getting a drink, oughta do it.

Don’tcha think?

::: sigh :::

p.s. YES, I took a picture before helping him or getting him down. But HELLLO, he pushed that chair over there all by himself, climbed up there allll by himself, stood up on the highest place he could alll by himself, and filled his cup up alll by himself. I figured he was going to be PERFECTLY fine while I went to grab my camera!

Our first shovelable snow

I love the snow.

I love winter.

::ducking while you throw pitch forks::

I love that Beeza was finally able to get out there and SHOVEL! He’s been DYING to use his shovel. He carries it around the house with him constantly, finally he put it to good use!

(p.s. I totally cropped out my husband’s hat. He wears this hat that he’s had since he was 4?? maybe 5?? with a BIG ol’ pom pom on the top. It’s really funny looking, trust me. But I kinda love him for it.. pom pom and all)

I know I already talked about my love for shoveling snow, but so much more than that is my love for getting my whole family outside and spending time together.

AND.. seeing this marshmallow boy waddle around in his snow suit.

(doesn’t he look 5 feet tall in this picture? Where did our baby go?)

I wish I could give him snow so he could be this happy all the time..

I want to be one of those Before and Afters..

Tonight, I’m asking Aaron to take the “before” picture to go with my after picture.

(no, this is not going to become a weight loss blog, I promise)

I hate diets, I don’t believe in them. But I’m also not one of those people that will preach to you about “life style changes.”

Sure, I think most of us could improve the way we eat, but if you start putting rules on it, the majority of us will fail.

Under my trainers suggestion (YES, I have a trainer, and I love him for all the ways he makes me cry..) I am going to venture out and try the newest fad. (I hate the way that sounds as much as you do.) He promised me he is seeing fantastic results with this from people who are really dedicated to making it last and work. He says he won’t even recommend it to people who aren’t faithful gym attendees. So I guess I paid my tithe. (I kid.. sorta..)

It’s called the 17 Day Diet. I know how bad it sounds, but it’s not that bad. It’s real food, not just grapefruit for a month. It’s a great way to 1)detox and cleanse then 2) just start your metabolism.

There is a new study that shows rapid weight loss can be more beneficial to someone who is committed. Because they see that instant result and fight harder. That’s me. I need my instant gratification then to fight for it. I need that.

But, I know my limits and I know December isn’t the time for me to start. With family, and Christmas and Miles’s birthday. It just isn’t the time.

But January, January is my time. I am free, and open and have nothing better to do than drop 20 pounds that month! (especially after the 2 pound gain over Thanksgiving. GAH!)

I am very proud of myself though. In the past month I have only missed 2 days (other than Sundays) at the gym. I don’t feel stronger or healthier or have more energy YET.. but I am sticking with it. Because I know it will make a better me.