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9 month alligator pictures

We just went through a phase we like to call “No Neck”
For about a week he went around shrugging his shoulders at everything. I could not get one good picture of him no doing “no neck”
Sometimes I worry about things like this (and the previous spitting episode) but then I remember that when I look back at these pictures I am going to want to remember all these silly little phases he went through. So now, I love it and embrace it.
It is getting increasingly difficult to do these alligator pictures lately with his new found mobility..

“You need me to get closer to him???”

“Measure me now Mom”

5 month alligator pictures

I’m not too in love with any of this months pictures.. but here are the best ones! We really need to start taking these pictures when there is more light…
And it would be nice if he didn’t feel the need to spit at the camera the whole time! :)

Just for fun I made a little growth chart for us

(but you’ll need to click on it if you actually want to see it!)

It’s crazy to see how much he’s really grown. He still just seems like my little baby…

4 Month Alligator pics…

It is getting harder and harder to take not blurry pictures of this kid.. sorry for the blurriness!

In case you weren’t aware, your gums and tongue are the best toy EVER!

Funny face boy…..

Sitting big in his chair…

He is always trying to pull himself up more..

Lounging in her chair…

Getting distracted by daddy….

Happy man…Spitty face man… his new favorite thing is to spit at us! :)

3 month alligator pictures…

It is getting harder and harder to find a happy time of the day to take these pictures.. and now that he moves so much 95% of the picture I take are so blurry. So here is the best we got! ….

And of course while we had him happy we took a few just on the black background. Don’t the sitting ones look like he’s falling?? :)
I could never actually get him to look at me and smile.. but he was at least pretty happy!

Silly boy….

2 month alligator picture..

Miles at 2 months