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The first laugh..

A guy at work with once told me about a tradition from his wife’s heritage. It’s called the First Laugh. The jist of it is that the first person to make a baby laugh throws it a huge party!
I thought that idea was really fun and cute.. And good thing we don’t do that or I’d be throwing a party!
Now.. I know this isn’t really the first time he has laughed.. but its the first time we got him to really laugh for a really long time over and over again..
It was just the three of us sitting on the bed playing and I was too busy enjoying the moment to bother with the camera. So when I finally did go get it he was basically done laughing at me.. (and I was out of breath!)
So here is the tail end of the laugh off…
(Hey Mom.. it’s a video.. push play!)
The first real laugh doesn’t come until about 18 seconds into it.. sorry!

p.s. He has never laughed at that noise again.. I guess he was just having a funny day…


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    I think you should have thrown a party!! Mom said the two of them had a party everyday together, so that was good enough.

  2. DramaMomma says

    Hey, I looked you up. You contacted me when you were like 16 weeks pregnant. I see you had your natural birth. Congratulations. He is cute and what a fun tradition.

    Blessings to your family!

  3. abbi has been laughing, but I can never get it on camera. He is a doll!

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