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Toy overload…

While my mom was here she was pretty busy finding new ways to entertain the baby since she was home with him for 12 hours a day alone..

One day she came up with this contraption….

If laying on the play mat was fun.. certainly sitting in your chair on your play mat was even more fun! He could reach everything and play with it easier.. ( I love the look on his face in both of these pictures.. he looks like he’s really studying it..)

And surprisingly.. He LOVED it! Evident by the following picture…

He had so much fun…

Especially when he got himself into his favorite position in the chair (almost falling out)

He loved it.. but it gave me slight anxiety attacks.. I mean.. HOLY TOYS! There were sooo many. it was so overwhelming.. everything his owned was hanging in front of his face…
He thought it was pretty cool once he found the other baby in the mirror..

He had a few milestones (or Miles-stones as we call them) while my mom was here.. One of them being putting EVERYTHING in his mouth. He couldn’t even hold a toy before my mom got here.. and just a few days in, he was not only holding them but getting them to his mouth.. this bird is his favorite..

But he likes these little teether rings too..

Heck.he likes anything he can get in his mouth… his chewies.. his jammies.. his hands.. the dogs nose(!).. his toes.. and every toy that will fit!


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    Cute pictures!! I’ve been hearing about that mirror picture for a few days now . . .I’m glad I got to see it!! He doesn’t look overwhelmed, he looks pretty happy. His new jammies are cute too!!

  2. That’s adorable! I was going to ask how long he had been grabbing at things. Great milestones!

  3. Mixed Up Me says

    I didn’t notice this before, but he has his tongue out in the first picture . . .like you used to do when you were concentrating.

  4. Too cute! Our mat just came yesterday, and Abbi is loving the star. She doesn’t really know what to do with the rest of the toys yet, but it looks like she will figure it out in the next month since Miles has!

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