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Boy Genius part 2….

You may remember that baby started holding his own bottle at 9 weeks.. Today he was alll about it!

He only got 2 bottles today, but his afternoon bottle he held all by himself while Aaron held him,It was actually a better video, but it was dark and I accidentally took it sideways (and still cant figure out how to change them..)

So you’ll have to settle for this one.. He was EXHAUSTED.. and ready for bed..

We make him hold this bottle because we knew he was too sleepy.. But it’s still really cute..


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    Back to reality huh Pooks? Grandma’s not there to snuggle you and hold your bottle!!

  2. I can’t even get Abbi to keep her pacifier in her mouth herself, much less a bottle!

  3. Don’t worry.. he can’t keep a binky in his mouth to save his life!! :)
    But he has fun playing with them now.. he can grab and hold on to them.. so at least they keep him occupied..

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