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How very thug of you…

Any one who knows anything about me and Aaron… knows we share one very strong love…
for Hoodies!
We have more hooded sweatshirts than anybody I know. It’s our favorite souvenir to buy and we have one from almost everywhere we’ve been..
In fact, I think one of the very first things Aaron ever bought me was a hoodie from the aquarium his dad was working at when we first started dating..
For our wedding my sister found us Bride and Groom hoodies.. I made Aaron wear them almost our whole honeymoon! In fact.. we bought about 4 hoodies each while on our honeymoon!

So we were very excited at the baby shower when my sister bought the baby his very first hoodie.. This is the first time he’s worn it.. It should last quite awhile. It was pretty big on him..

(sorry.. this is as good of a picture as we got.. I just couldn’t get the words to spread out enough… On a side note.. is anyone as sick as I am of picture of him in this dumb bouncy chair??? He’s going to think he never got to come out of it.. and well.. he’s going to be right!)

Aaron’s little brother came over yesterday and said he looked very thug in his first hoodie! We think he just looks plain cute! :)

This one’s for Ryan… He wore his froggy sweater to church yesterday.. even thought it’s a little big.. and well.. this is the best picture we got of it too! And you’re lucky we got this.. he was a VERY grumpy guss yesterday…

For some reason he just wouldn’t sleep.. and of course I had things I had to get done.. I bet he slept less than 2 hours combined all day yesterday.. that’s not so typical for a newborn! and he ate soooo much! Aaron would be feeding him 2oz at a time and just keep coming back for more.. I don’t know if my body can keep up with this kid! :)
After I finished what I was doing I finally broke out the magical sleepy holder…
and it worked!! :)

Until I tried to lay him down so I could get other things done.. then it was all over! :)
Thank goodness for Auntie coming in 2 days….


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    He looks like he’s really enjoying his new hoodie . . . and his eyes look very blue!!

  2. Mixed Up Me says

    His skin is looking much better.

  3. The Baugh Family says

    It’s nice to see a picture of Mommy in the bunch this time!!

  4. ibeebarbie says

    Hoodies rock! And he’s sporting it very well.

    Amira still wants to know where her chair with the ladybug on it is (her carseat)…..LOL Apparently she remember being in it a bit as well.

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