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Hands free daddy…

Out of complete desperation one day… after I just couldn’t take one more second of screaming… I started searching for other options around the house… my back hurt.. my arms hurt.. my legs hurt from bouncing and I just needed a break..
When all of a sudden.. I saw the carrier that we got for a shower present and decided to give it a whirl.. It was really hard to figure out on my own.. but I eventually got it all strapped on and put him in it. Surprisingly… He fell asleep in less than an hour… and I was able to get things done around the house.
It’s now my go-to calming device.. he will usually fall asleep in it..
The other night as I tried to get some things done he was his normally fussy self.. I asked Aaron if he wanted to try the carrier and we got him all suited up…
We also discovered its a GREAT way to keep his Binky in! (he’s not a binky boy so we have to find someway to make sure it stay in or he wont keep it in..)

And just like clockwork… in a few minutes he was out!!!

Daddy even found a way to play and hold the baby hands free! :)

and um.. this is just a random picture that makes him look HUGE.. I don’t even know what I was doing or why he was just laying there on the bed.. but he put himself to sleep all stretched out..
His outfit add’s to the appearance of his hugeness too! Since its a newborn size and looks like 3/4 sleeves and capri’s! :)

and … 1 month pictures are coming soon.. I just havent uploaded them yet..
And we’re blessing him next weekend.. and I need to find him an outfit since the chunky monkey is too big for Aaron’s outfit… I guess that’s what happens when you’re double the size of you dad at the same age! :)

1 month letter

Dear Miles,
Today you are 1 month old.

WOW! What a month it’s been. In some ways it seems like this month has taken 2 years, and in other ways I feel like it was just yesterday that you were jabbing me in the stomach with your knees.
This month has not been easy. You’ve managed to push every button you can find, but I know it will all be worth it and we wont even remember the hard times soon. Being born in December sure has made for a busy first month of life.
The day before you were born I had my work Christmas party. Everyone joked that you just wanted to have one last good meal before you came out. That night we also had our family Christmas party. I was pretty uncomfortable but I had no idea that in less than 24 hours you would be in my arms. I was sure you were going to stay warm and cozy in there for a very long time. Maybe forever!
I’ll never forget the morning of the day you were born. The excitement, and the nervousness of not knowing what to expect was overwhelming. I think Dad and I handled that day like champs. It all went by so fast. You were here before we knew it.
The first person you met in the hospital was Katie. She couldn’t wait to meet you and was there before anyone else. In fact, when she got to the hospital you were still off getting your first bath and she had to wait quite awhile for you to come back to the room. It was then that we discovered the full magnitude of your hair.
We knew you had a lot, but after it was washed and all fluffy we really saw just how much there was. Everyone at the hospital commented on how thick and dark it was. It was practically black. Grandpa Strebel said you looked like a little Indian baby with black hair. I loved it and was in awe over it.

When we left the hospital a couple days after you were born but we were back sooner than we thought we’d be. That first night was pretty much a nightmare. You screamed and screamed and nothing would make you better. Your breathing seemed so labored and raspy. Back to the hospital we went, first thing in the morning. The pediatrician didn’t think anything was wrong, but did want to have your liver levels tested again.
We took you home and tried again. The nights stayed pretty much the same. You just weren’t happy.
3 days after you were born we went over to some of Daddy’s friends house. It was a nice break, but boy was I tired. I didn’t realize it until we actually got there. We ate dinner and all the boys played games. It was really nice to be able to talk with all of our friends and for all of them to meet you.
The next night was Christmas Eve. We went over to Grandma & Grandpa Eaton’s house for dinner. Grandma and Grandpa Strebel were there also. That night all 3 off us received blessings from Grandpa Eaton and Great Grandpa Strebel. We really needed them and they sure brought us peace and comfort.
Christmas day ended up being the best day of your short life so far. We had planned to get up and go to Grandma and Grandpa Eaton’s house. Uncle Jon was going to be calling from his mission in Switzerland and we wanted to be there to talk to him. When we woke up there was A LOT of snow. The snow came almost half way up the front door.

Dad went outside to start shoveling so we could be on our way. He was shoveling for a really long time. He tried to pull the car out and got it stuck in the street. We weren’t going anywhere that day. So the three of us stayed home and just cuddled together all day. It was just what we needed. It was the first day we hadn’t left the house since you were born. It was so nice to relax.

The next day your Auntie Ryan came to stay with us. What a welcome sight she was. We were sooo tired and so ready for the help.
While she was here she took care of you at night and slept (when she could) during the day.

She also helped a lot with the house work. Daddy went back to work for the time she was here. We went and had some pictures taken of you before you got to big. You got your first bath,

and celebrated New Years with Ryan. She left January 2nd, but we knew she wouldn’t be gone for long.

You had your 2 week check up and a few other doctor’s appointments. You also made your first trip to church on the 11th.

We were really nervous about how you would handle it. You slept right until the sacrament blessing then started grunting away. The people around us laughed at you. I held you the rest of the time and you were just fine.
We were also really excited that Grandma and Grandpa from California got to come out to meet you for a weekend.

We had a lot of fun and it was nice to have help again. You were pretty good while they were here and we went a few fun places, including Cabelas.

The day before you turned 1 month old, I started back at work. Right now me and dad split the day with you. I go into work in the morning while he stays home with you, and he goes to work in the afternoon and I stay home with you. It works out really well and we both get to spend some good time with you. I think the dog really like always having some one home with him too.

This month you have really worked on getting better at adjusting to life. I think it was just a hard adjustment for you, but you’re coming along. I can finally see a little glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I know it’s going to get easier.
You have really become great buddies with Daddy. He has been your savior. You has spent so much time with you and taken such good care of you. I think he surprised everyone with how good he’s been with you. You are definitely his little man and he loves you so much. He’ll tell me sometimes that he loves you so much that he just wants to hug you so tight but he’s afraid to. I hope one day you’ll want to hug him that tight too!

We love you so much. I hope you always know that. Even though it has only been 4 weeks, we can’t ever imagine our lives without you. You were just what we needed to make our family whole. We are so grateful for the choices you made and for choosing us. And we are so grateful for the blessings that we have to know that we will always be together. We hope you continue to grow strong and healthy and always remember who you are and what you stand for.
We love you..
Happy 1 month baby..
Mommy and Daddy

Daddy’s first day home alone…

Today was Aaron’s first day home alone with the baby…
Last night was his first EVER unassisted diaper change! He’s making big progress!!!!
just kidding… he is 100 times better at this parenting stuff than I am..
He continues to amaze me..
But back to his day… The baby did get dressed.. and even got destin on his butt!! :)
However.. it was 12 degree’s outside today…. and this is what he came to work in…

Those pants…. yep.. their about 3 sizes too big…

The first thing I said to Aaron was “He’s in a tee shirt” And he said.. yea.. but his pants match!! I’m not sure when Khaki pants match a khaki shirt.. but at least he was dressed!! :)
And I even managed to catch the tail end of a smile….

Good job daddy!!! We can only get better at this stuff… :)

The familia visit…

My parents were in town this weekend..
It was sooo nice to see them.. and I was especially glad they were able to come out and see the baby. I thought the first time they’d meet him was when we go out sometime this spring.
I’m glad they got to know him a little bit.. and glad they got to experience his “personality” so now when I complain they won’t think I’m making it all up! :)
My dad got some pretty cute picture of him and we did a few fun things..
Miles pulled this look one other time when my dad put a peanut butter cookie really close to his face.. it was sooo cute! But we couldn’t capture it on camera.. and finally my dad did!
He spent a lot of time curled up on his blankey…. This was the very first day.. my mom put him to sleep then propped him up on the arm of the couch.. he was soo comfy!

And here he is on a completely different day.. once again and wrapped in his blankey..

We ventured out to Cabelas and he we really wanted to take pictures with him.. but he decided he wanted to sleep the whole time.. we eventually got him out anyway and took sleepy pictures..

We kept making fun of his floppy head.. so he made sure to tell us that he’s still doing okay.. with a big thumbs up!! :)

Isn’t that funny????
And then on the last night we took some family pictures at Rubio’s!

This was as good as it got!! Apparently there was something REALLY interesting to look at on the table!
it sure will be nice when he learns about eye contact..
Other than that.. His pneumonia seems like it’s getting better. He’s also getting so big! I can’t wait to see how much he weighs at his next appointment.
His skin just keeps getting worse… I had high hopes that it would clear before his blessing.. and no I’ve abandoned all hope…
Today is my first day back to work!!!!! It’s not so bad.. everyone asks me if I’m sad.. but I’m not really. Aaron and I are splitting the day.. I work half the day and Aaron works the other half.. So while I’m at work… He’s at home with his daddy! If he was at day care, I’d probably be a lot more sad..
oh.. and to top things off.. I’m sick now! I’ve had a fever over 100 since Thursday. I finally broke down and went to instacare on Sunday. And came home with antibiotics for strep throat….
now both me and the baby are on antibiotics and the doctor says we’ll probably get thrush because of it…. if it isn’t one thing.. it’s something else….

Love me and my baby acne….

My poor baby…
I feel so bad about how bad his acne is getting…..
I almost worried if it was chicken pox because it’s now down his arms and half way down his chest and back.
I’ve never had chicken pox or the vaccine so he doesn’t have the antibodies for them..
I don’t think it’s chicken pox… but it’s getting bad….
poor baby…..
he is still so loved… speckled faced.. or not! :)