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The Announcement…

As you know Aaron’s Boss’s Fiance… (Lets just call her Melissa, because really, Aaron’s boss and his fiance are more friends than an boss and fiance!) took newborn pictures for us and did a great job. She also designed this announcement for us. Which we LOVE!
Thank you again Melissa, you are the best! :)

Apparently the postal service ate a few of these.. so I am really sorry if you didn’t get yours..

My parents didn’t get theirs either..so don’t feel too bad.

And if you are a family member that didn’t get your announcement then you didn’t get his blessing information either! Please let me know if you need it..


  1. Adorable!! Darn the post office..what a bunch of idiots! just kidding! I work for the post office, I hope it wasn’t my fault!!

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