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Our latest find…

A guy at work offered to give me a crib that both of his boys had outgrown and he was sick of looking at and tripping over. I gladly accepted it. We weren’t sure exactly what it would be like be decided if we didn’t want it we could find someone else to use it.
Surprisingly he gave us the mattress too, which is in great shape. Actually the whole crib is in great shape. If anything is it worth the price of the mattress!! Aaron set it up in the dog’s/baby’s room to see what it was like..

(sorry it’s grainy I just grabbed the cell phone!)

Looks like the current baby fits perfectly!! :)

It is a pretty nice crib, it has 3 mattress positions and the side rail goes up and down. (Something they stopped doing recently.) And it makes a headboard and foot board for a full sized bed. (And we just happen to have one of those!)

We weren’t sure if we were going to keep it at first.. but it.. (and it’s free price tag!) have really grown on us!

And now we love it! :)

oh.. and p.s.

The baby is doing great.. he’s been very very very active lately (knocking on wood) And it seems like he finally has a pretty decent schedule. He’s not waking me up super early or staying up too late anymore.. We’ll see how long that lasts! :)

1 whole year!!!!

Our officially anniversary was yesterday…. but it’s kind of today too! See we got married in the Salt Lake Temple on Friday September 14th, then had a ring ceremony and our reception on Saturday September 15th. We basically had a two day wedding.. (Which I totalllllly LOVED!) so we can have a 2 day anniversary too .. right?????
Where was I?? Right… The anniversary weekend. We took Friday off work and went to Ruth’s Dinner for breakfast.. I had never been there, but had heard great things about it. And Aaron’s grandparents used to take all the kids there for breakfast, and he hadn’t been for a really long time.
It was sooo good!! And the atmosphere is really cool. It’s tucked up in the canyon and its just this tiny little restaurant. When we pulled up there were so many cars in the parking lot, I was sure it was going to be really busy. We walked in and there was only 2 people sitting in the restaurant. Apparently the charm is the deck! We sat outside with everyone else. It was really cool.. Glad we went..
And what does someone do after eating at Ruth’s Diner??? Go to the ZOO of course!!!
We spent most of the day there.. it was really fun.. but a little hard for my ever growing body! Those hills were a little bit of a killer. It was such a beautiful day.. We had a lot of fun..
Then we headed downtown to our hotel and made it just in time for the Managers Reception! We got ourselves a big bowl of potato chips and some drinks… (mmmm…orange juice!!) We watched some dumb movie and relax.. deciding where we wanted to go for dinner..
Our options at that point were.. Red Iguana.. Cafe Pierpont.. Blue Iguana.. or Benihana’s.
Out of blue.. I had a sudden craving for the Spaghetti Factory. Then I realized how perfect that would be, since that is where we had our Wedding dinner with the family after the temple.
Saturday we woke up and went to have breakfast at the hotel… mmmm.. we’d been waiting all year for that! We seriously talk about it at least once a month! :)
We hung around until it was time to check out then went to the temple and spent the rest of the day there.. and went to eat at the Lion House Pantry..
We had a really nice relaxing weekend.. And thankfully it felt a lot longer than a weekend! It was a nice break..
Oh.. and all the pictures from the event you ask?????
Dead batteries……….
No camera the whole weekend… but uhhh.. maybe these will do…
This is Ruth’s Diner where we ate breakfast….

Then we went to the zoo….

Then we went to our yummy breakfast hotel..

Then we went to dinner here….

Then Saturday we went here…

Then afterwards we ate these… yummmmm…. They look sooo good!!

Oh.. and still having baby drama… He’s okay. I know that for a fact. If Aaron lies his head on my tummy he’ll kick him.. but that’s about the only time I feel him at all..and when I feel him it seems like it’s in my back.. or really low in my pelvis. I don’t feel him at all in my tummy.. However.. BabyCenter says this is what he looks like..
So if his back is to my stomach that explains why I’m not feeling him as much.. and I’m feeling a lot in my back… But I almost wonder if he’s breech too.. because I should be feeling the feet at the top..and don’t.

Either way.. I did call the doctor’s office this morning. I know he’s okay.. but I just need to know what’s going on because it seems like overnight everything changed.. I just need to put my mind at ease..

So I’ll let you know later what he’s up too.. or what he’s not..

And I really want to post some more wedding pictures.. but that takes a more brain power than I have right now.. So maybe if I get bored later…


This pregnancy is all about stages.. as a whole.. I love being pregnant… but I hate most of the stages..

The first 6-8 weeks were pretty darn cool! Just getting used to the idea was amazing.. but the cramping.. holy cow.. I thought I would die.. (p.s. I didn’t!) And most of the time I sat around thinking “When is this sickness thing going to kick in?” And wondering every second if I was going to need to run to the bathroom to throw up.. never did….

9-11 weeks SUCKED!.. not really baby wise, but one of my best friends lost her baby.. we were supposed to be pregnant together… now we’re not.. it still REALLY sucks…
Then at 11 weeks when I still wasn’t over that.. (sometimes I think I may have taken it harder than her..) I started bleeding and was sure it was all over for me too.. (obviously it wasn’t)

The next about 7 weeks were just as much not fun.. pretty much constant bleeding and no reassurance from the baby.. because I wasn’t feeling him move yet..

Then in the next 2-3 weeks I loved finding out he was really a he! And I started to feel him more. That was the good part. Things were good, I was able to be constantly reassured that he was okay…

But this part… I don’t like it the most.. It’s probably the most terrifying since that 9-11 week stretch… The doctors told me that 24-28 weeks is the most active that the baby will be.. and boy was she right!!! Pretty much right as I turned 24 weeks, he never stopped moving, all day, all night.. he was wild.. constantly.. but as I approach 27 weeks.. I almost seems like it’s just stopped..
Some days there is nothing I can do to calm him down and just make him “relax”

Other days….. like just 1 week ago.. again on Thursday.. much like today… NOTHING!
No squirmy little man doing his kick boxing… and trying to get comfortable in his ever shrinking surroundings… nothing..

I reallly reallly reallly hate this part… the doctor tells me things are jut getting squishy in there for him.. and he just has “off” days. Days when he sleeps more. Which I guess I understand, he is going through some major growth spurts right now..

But it doesn’t make it any easier for me..Sometimes I wish I had a busier job so I didn’t have to just sit at a desk all day long and think about nothing else than when I feel him move..

Really.. I should have just invested in renting a doppler a long time ago….

8 is Great!! But so is 23!!

2 years ago..
In some ways it feels like a million years ago.. and in some ways it seems like yesterday…

I finally realized I was meant to teach our primary class when I realized how similar we really are. No, I’m not a 10 year old boy that does nothing but talk to 2 hours! But we are both in the same place regarding the church and learning the gospel. We were all baptised 2 years ago! We are all learning these things for the first time..
So 2 year ago today.. Aaron baptised me! It was pretty darn cool.. and I couldn’t have wished for anything better.. (well.. i take that back.. I purposly bought water proof mascara.. and even tried it out.. yet that morning.. i put on regular mascara… that was dumb..)
Anyway.. where was I? Right.. 2 years ago.. It was pretty cool. We knew at that point that we wanted to get married.. and for months before that about twice a week we had a bunch of people come over to our apartment and the missionaries would come over and we would talk. There were about 6 other people there. I would say half of those were active and strong. And a few of the others had been inactive for awhile but desperatly wanted to find answers to find thier way back.. and me! I loved it, we had a great time and learned more than I had every learned because we had so many different perspectives and questions asked. It was great..
We set the date, and I had no doubt in my mind that Aaron was the one I wanted to do it.
“How amazing,” I remember thinking. “How many people can say that thier future husband baptised them?” And it was amazing.. Aaron was more nervous than I was. In fact he was pretty nervous. But we conquered that together! I’ll never forget that and I love to tell people “our” story.
Last week in Primary they asked all the kids what they remembered about their baptism. And I had a chance to share my story.. But reallly.. if you really want to know what I remember.. Not really much. But the thing that sticks out in my mind was eating Joe Morley’s BBQ for dinner that night! :) (oh.. and I remember that Aaron left his wallet in his pocket!)
And it was only 2 years ago…

(In the pictures were 2 of our best friends in the singles ward.. Amy and Lincoln. They were so great to both of us and helped us soo much!)

Then 150 days after that…
We made our first trip to the temple. (Don’t ask what took so long.. because I have no idea!) It was his little sisters first time also. I was so nervous, but loved having her there.. It was relaxing to know that we were both scared and nervous.. and both experiancing it at the same time. It’s something special we’ll always have…

at day 180

It became official! And on my Golden Birthday, I got my gold…

and then at day 370..

We became US! It was the LONGEST but definitly most rewarding 370 days of my life!

We waivered back and forth a couple time whether it would really be worth the wait.. but we somehow always knew it would be. And I couldn’t be happier that we did wait those grueling 370 days! It was the best thing we could have done and I know that all of the blessings we have come from that 370 days!

and then.. at day 580..
We found out about HIM!!!!!

I can’t wait for day 820!!!!!!!!
Thanks for going on this crazy ride with me babe!!
I could never imagine the past 730 days with anyone else…

The Great Brownie Bake-off and the Fair…

Saturday was the Brownie Bake-off Competition at the fair.. I was actually contestant #1 which I thought was pretty cool. Here I am setting up my Carmel Cocoa Crispy Brownies. I learned about presentation.. and tried to make them look pretty this time..

(Aaron’s famous mirror shot!!)
And here are Me & Baby posing with the finished display..
Do you know that part on Monsters Inc. where Mike and Sully are on that commercial and they stick a logo over Mike’s face but he’s still so excited and shouts “I’m on T.V.!!!” Aaron uses that quote a lot for things like that.. so when we were looking at the pictures I said.. “Awww.. baby”s first picture at the fair..” And he said.. “I’m in the picture!!!” (Even though you really can’t tell there is even a 7 month old baby in my tummy at this point…)

Here are the brownies up close…

And the plate of decorated brownies…

And here are the 3 judges.. They were a lot more thorough than some of the other judges. They looked at the bottoms and sides and top.. and checked for consistency and doneness..

They always turned around when they took a bite so we couldn’t see their reactions..

Here are some of the other entries:

Some sort of mint browniesAnd a Rocky Road Brownie
And umm.. I can’t remember what these we’re called, but they were cute..
I don’t remember what these were either.. sorry..
These had like macadamia nuts in the them.. (p.s. this lady is NUTS! We saw her at every competition..and she is w..e..i..r..d…)
These were a raspberry brownie.. I can see most of the recipe in this one. I should read it.. Because these don’t really look like a brownie..and don’t really look like anything special to me..

But.. They won either 2nd or 3rd place!

This was a chess board that someone made. Looked cool. But I doubt it was the best tasting.. it was just a plain brownie base.
BUT.. it did win “Most Photogenic” (that got $50)

These were a chocolate cherry..
These were a tropical brownie..
These were pretty too.. But just a raspberry brownie.. I think..

I guess I didn’t get a picture of the other winners. The first place winner barely made it with her entry. It was a peanut butter brownie. Didn’t look like anything special. And had no presentation..

The other winner was a guy from Sweden (?) and he made some sort of European brownie. But he left them in the pan and just set the pan on the counter.

This contest scored A LOT of creativity (30%) and presentation (30%) So I was VERY surprised that all of the entries we’re sort of ordinary.. and weren’t presented very well..

Oh welll

We spent the rest of the day at the fair. And honestly.. It was not very exciting this year. I was a little disappointed.. but at least we got in for free!!!

We did see these guys… and wondered who brought Riddick to the fair!! They look sooo much like him.. Especially since he got shaved..

Even flipping through my pictures last night I had to take a double look at this one, thinking it was Riddick!! :)

Speaking of that little devil.. A couple of time Aaron has gone to let him in from being outside and can’t find him.. He’s been spending his out side time under the tomato plant eating the little grape tomatoes!!!!!!! This was the best picture Aaron could get, but usually just his little tail is sticking out! I leave a big bowl of the tomatoes on the counter and almost every time I walk in to the kitchen I eat on and give one or two to him, so I have no idea how he could possibly need more!! We seriously eat about 10 tomatoes each every day! I wonder how many more he eats while he’s outside??? :)

Umm.. and this is the only picture of US from the fair on Saturday.. Oh well!!!!

On a much more serious note.. I weigh myself every Monday morning. Just to see how much I’ve gained through the week. For the first 13-14 weeks I gained NOTHING! Thought it was too good to be true! I have never gained more than 1 pound a week. This morning my scale said I gained 8.4 lbs last week!!!!

Now I realize I ate almost a whole brick of french fries and a foot long corn dog at the fair.. but is it even possible to gain 8.4 lbs in 1 week????

I would be a little more concerned if all of a sudden my clothes weren’t fitting. But I’m still wearing pre-pregnancy pants today.. so umm.. I don’t really think I gained that much..

Maybe I did… But I don’t know where….

AND.. we also had a little nesting spurt yesterday.. I can’t wait till the full on Nesting starts.. I have sooo much I want to do.. We re-arranged the baby/dog’s room. We still don’t know if it’s perfect.. but we’re working on it..

And I cleaned out my entire dresser! I’m so sick of having a stuffed full dresser and only being able to wear 5 things out of the whole dresser!! So I emptied it and left the 5 things in it! :)

I also packed up a few things in my closet.. (mostly hoodies) and replaced them with bigger hoodies that I had stored on the top of my closet.

Felt good to get something done!!! Hopefully there is a lot more to come..