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Our latest find…

A guy at work offered to give me a crib that both of his boys had outgrown and he was sick of looking at and tripping over. I gladly accepted it. We weren’t sure exactly what it would be like be decided if we didn’t want it we could find someone else to use it.
Surprisingly he gave us the mattress too, which is in great shape. Actually the whole crib is in great shape. If anything is it worth the price of the mattress!! Aaron set it up in the dog’s/baby’s room to see what it was like..

(sorry it’s grainy I just grabbed the cell phone!)

Looks like the current baby fits perfectly!! :)

It is a pretty nice crib, it has 3 mattress positions and the side rail goes up and down. (Something they stopped doing recently.) And it makes a headboard and foot board for a full sized bed. (And we just happen to have one of those!)

We weren’t sure if we were going to keep it at first.. but it.. (and it’s free price tag!) have really grown on us!

And now we love it! :)

oh.. and p.s.

The baby is doing great.. he’s been very very very active lately (knocking on wood) And it seems like he finally has a pretty decent schedule. He’s not waking me up super early or staying up too late anymore.. We’ll see how long that lasts! :)


  1. Yay for free stuff!! My SIL is giving us her crib. I’ve only seen the pieces, not the whole thing put together, but with how much it looks like everything else is going to cost, I’ll take free anything! I love your crib, and it looks like your dog does too!

  2. I love that picture. I think the two of them will be very happy in that crib!


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