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This pregnancy is all about stages.. as a whole.. I love being pregnant… but I hate most of the stages..

The first 6-8 weeks were pretty darn cool! Just getting used to the idea was amazing.. but the cramping.. holy cow.. I thought I would die.. (p.s. I didn’t!) And most of the time I sat around thinking “When is this sickness thing going to kick in?” And wondering every second if I was going to need to run to the bathroom to throw up.. never did….

9-11 weeks SUCKED!.. not really baby wise, but one of my best friends lost her baby.. we were supposed to be pregnant together… now we’re not.. it still REALLY sucks…
Then at 11 weeks when I still wasn’t over that.. (sometimes I think I may have taken it harder than her..) I started bleeding and was sure it was all over for me too.. (obviously it wasn’t)

The next about 7 weeks were just as much not fun.. pretty much constant bleeding and no reassurance from the baby.. because I wasn’t feeling him move yet..

Then in the next 2-3 weeks I loved finding out he was really a he! And I started to feel him more. That was the good part. Things were good, I was able to be constantly reassured that he was okay…

But this part… I don’t like it the most.. It’s probably the most terrifying since that 9-11 week stretch… The doctors told me that 24-28 weeks is the most active that the baby will be.. and boy was she right!!! Pretty much right as I turned 24 weeks, he never stopped moving, all day, all night.. he was wild.. constantly.. but as I approach 27 weeks.. I almost seems like it’s just stopped..
Some days there is nothing I can do to calm him down and just make him “relax”

Other days….. like just 1 week ago.. again on Thursday.. much like today… NOTHING!
No squirmy little man doing his kick boxing… and trying to get comfortable in his ever shrinking surroundings… nothing..

I reallly reallly reallly hate this part… the doctor tells me things are jut getting squishy in there for him.. and he just has “off” days. Days when he sleeps more. Which I guess I understand, he is going through some major growth spurts right now..

But it doesn’t make it any easier for me..Sometimes I wish I had a busier job so I didn’t have to just sit at a desk all day long and think about nothing else than when I feel him move..

Really.. I should have just invested in renting a doppler a long time ago….


  1. OK, so I have been super paranoid since the first day I started feeling her move. And even though I haven’t felt the crazy-lots-of-movement yet, I still have had days where I just sit there and try to feel her move because I don’t think I’ve felt her yet. I don’t think you have anything to worry about, though. I’ve actually read that they move the most at night when we’re sleeping, so we miss out on most of it. And you should be coming up on the point when you should be able to hear the heartbeat with a stethoscope, so no doppler is needed. I think dopplers freak people out more than they help anyway, because if your not trained, it’s not always easy to find the heartbeat, or to know if it is the baby that you are hearing. Now that I’ve written a novel…

  2. I loved getting the doppler helped put my mind at ease….one of my friends just rented one because I made her!

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