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1 whole year!!!!

Our officially anniversary was yesterday…. but it’s kind of today too! See we got married in the Salt Lake Temple on Friday September 14th, then had a ring ceremony and our reception on Saturday September 15th. We basically had a two day wedding.. (Which I totalllllly LOVED!) so we can have a 2 day anniversary too .. right?????
Where was I?? Right… The anniversary weekend. We took Friday off work and went to Ruth’s Dinner for breakfast.. I had never been there, but had heard great things about it. And Aaron’s grandparents used to take all the kids there for breakfast, and he hadn’t been for a really long time.
It was sooo good!! And the atmosphere is really cool. It’s tucked up in the canyon and its just this tiny little restaurant. When we pulled up there were so many cars in the parking lot, I was sure it was going to be really busy. We walked in and there was only 2 people sitting in the restaurant. Apparently the charm is the deck! We sat outside with everyone else. It was really cool.. Glad we went..
And what does someone do after eating at Ruth’s Diner??? Go to the ZOO of course!!!
We spent most of the day there.. it was really fun.. but a little hard for my ever growing body! Those hills were a little bit of a killer. It was such a beautiful day.. We had a lot of fun..
Then we headed downtown to our hotel and made it just in time for the Managers Reception! We got ourselves a big bowl of potato chips and some drinks… (mmmm…orange juice!!) We watched some dumb movie and relax.. deciding where we wanted to go for dinner..
Our options at that point were.. Red Iguana.. Cafe Pierpont.. Blue Iguana.. or Benihana’s.
Out of blue.. I had a sudden craving for the Spaghetti Factory. Then I realized how perfect that would be, since that is where we had our Wedding dinner with the family after the temple.
Saturday we woke up and went to have breakfast at the hotel… mmmm.. we’d been waiting all year for that! We seriously talk about it at least once a month! :)
We hung around until it was time to check out then went to the temple and spent the rest of the day there.. and went to eat at the Lion House Pantry..
We had a really nice relaxing weekend.. And thankfully it felt a lot longer than a weekend! It was a nice break..
Oh.. and all the pictures from the event you ask?????
Dead batteries……….
No camera the whole weekend… but uhhh.. maybe these will do…
This is Ruth’s Diner where we ate breakfast….

Then we went to the zoo….

Then we went to our yummy breakfast hotel..

Then we went to dinner here….

Then Saturday we went here…

Then afterwards we ate these… yummmmm…. They look sooo good!!

Oh.. and still having baby drama… He’s okay. I know that for a fact. If Aaron lies his head on my tummy he’ll kick him.. but that’s about the only time I feel him at all..and when I feel him it seems like it’s in my back.. or really low in my pelvis. I don’t feel him at all in my tummy.. However.. BabyCenter says this is what he looks like..
So if his back is to my stomach that explains why I’m not feeling him as much.. and I’m feeling a lot in my back… But I almost wonder if he’s breech too.. because I should be feeling the feet at the top..and don’t.

Either way.. I did call the doctor’s office this morning. I know he’s okay.. but I just need to know what’s going on because it seems like overnight everything changed.. I just need to put my mind at ease..

So I’ll let you know later what he’s up too.. or what he’s not..

And I really want to post some more wedding pictures.. but that takes a more brain power than I have right now.. So maybe if I get bored later…


  1. Congratulations!! Time really flies, doesn’t it!?! We hit 3 years in less than 2 months, and I can’t believe it’s already been that long. Sounds like you had a great weekend, too.

  2. Andrew, Jamie, and Baby Ava says

    Congratulations on your anniversary! Our 2 year anniversary is actually today! We got married on the 16th. I didn’t know you guys had a blog either, so I’m glad to be able to “stalk” you now! :) I am dreading going back to work too! My maternity leave has been covered by short-term disability and vacationt time. Disability covers 50% of my income. Does Standard offer short term disability? I thought most employers did. How is your pregnancy going? Do you know when they’re going to put you on bed rest?

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