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8 is Great!! But so is 23!!

2 years ago..
In some ways it feels like a million years ago.. and in some ways it seems like yesterday…

I finally realized I was meant to teach our primary class when I realized how similar we really are. No, I’m not a 10 year old boy that does nothing but talk to 2 hours! But we are both in the same place regarding the church and learning the gospel. We were all baptised 2 years ago! We are all learning these things for the first time..
So 2 year ago today.. Aaron baptised me! It was pretty darn cool.. and I couldn’t have wished for anything better.. (well.. i take that back.. I purposly bought water proof mascara.. and even tried it out.. yet that morning.. i put on regular mascara… that was dumb..)
Anyway.. where was I? Right.. 2 years ago.. It was pretty cool. We knew at that point that we wanted to get married.. and for months before that about twice a week we had a bunch of people come over to our apartment and the missionaries would come over and we would talk. There were about 6 other people there. I would say half of those were active and strong. And a few of the others had been inactive for awhile but desperatly wanted to find answers to find thier way back.. and me! I loved it, we had a great time and learned more than I had every learned because we had so many different perspectives and questions asked. It was great..
We set the date, and I had no doubt in my mind that Aaron was the one I wanted to do it.
“How amazing,” I remember thinking. “How many people can say that thier future husband baptised them?” And it was amazing.. Aaron was more nervous than I was. In fact he was pretty nervous. But we conquered that together! I’ll never forget that and I love to tell people “our” story.
Last week in Primary they asked all the kids what they remembered about their baptism. And I had a chance to share my story.. But reallly.. if you really want to know what I remember.. Not really much. But the thing that sticks out in my mind was eating Joe Morley’s BBQ for dinner that night! :) (oh.. and I remember that Aaron left his wallet in his pocket!)
And it was only 2 years ago…

(In the pictures were 2 of our best friends in the singles ward.. Amy and Lincoln. They were so great to both of us and helped us soo much!)

Then 150 days after that…
We made our first trip to the temple. (Don’t ask what took so long.. because I have no idea!) It was his little sisters first time also. I was so nervous, but loved having her there.. It was relaxing to know that we were both scared and nervous.. and both experiancing it at the same time. It’s something special we’ll always have…

at day 180

It became official! And on my Golden Birthday, I got my gold…

and then at day 370..

We became US! It was the LONGEST but definitly most rewarding 370 days of my life!

We waivered back and forth a couple time whether it would really be worth the wait.. but we somehow always knew it would be. And I couldn’t be happier that we did wait those grueling 370 days! It was the best thing we could have done and I know that all of the blessings we have come from that 370 days!

and then.. at day 580..
We found out about HIM!!!!!

I can’t wait for day 820!!!!!!!!
Thanks for going on this crazy ride with me babe!!
I could never imagine the past 730 days with anyone else…


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    How long did it take you to figure out all of those numbers?

  2. What a wonderful story and I love that last picture of the two of you.

  3. Stupid pregnancy hormones – you just made me cry! What a great post, and a wonderful story. I can’t wait until we get sealed. I wish we could have waited, but it didn’t work out that way for us. But I’m totally impressed that you did – it’s quite a feat – especially since you knew you wanted to get married for so long!

  4. Rod and LaDawn says

    Great post! Very sweet.

    One of your wedding pics looks like it was taken in the same place my hubby proposed to me (at the Roof). Love that place!

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