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Chili Baby..

I was feeling HUGE today.. So I thought I would attempt a picture!

Now granted… NONE of this belly is actually baby! In the hour(s) before this picture I had consumed:

1 – can of chili
probably at least a pound of cheese on top of it.
3 spoonfuls of sour cream on top of that
and.. half a bag of Frito’s..

And I washed it all down with about…. well.. 192 ounces of water.. or about 3 liters in less than an hour!!!!!!!!!!

And I’m not over estimating.. I was SOOOO thirsty.. In fact I’m stilll SOOOO thirsty..

I’ll have to take a picture in the morning to compare to this..so you really can see its all a chili and water baby!! :)

(ohhh.. and I got a new phone!! Yippeee.. its actually not that exciting.. but its purple.. so its pretty cool!)

In more exciting news.. look what we grew!!! It’s our very first red tomato. And really the very first thing to come out of our gardening!! I’m very proud of that one little guy that decided to turn red.. Now if they will all just nicely take their turn so that we don’t have 600 cherry tomatoes at the same time.. that would be great…..

I really will take more pictures tomorrow.. Especially since morning makeup and hair is much more attractive than afternoon makeup and hair..

Keep in mind.. even though I resemble a blimp.. I haven’t even gained an ounce!!!!!! Actually my scale says I went up 2 ounces last week… but I’m back down to the ol‘ stand by again…

It’s crazy….

Anyway.. that’s all for today.. OH.. Puppy’s birthday is in 2 days!! Yippee.. his birthday is usually the highlight of my summer! :)

Looking ahead…

I always read the last chapter of a book first.. If I am going to a movie and I know someone who has seen it, I make them tell me how it ends or what happen.. That’s just me… I just have to know what’s going on! So I always look ahead on Baby Center. I like to see what next week looks like.. but surprisingly I am always enjoy reading the emails when they come and I forget what I’ve already read… So I was looking ahead this morning and looked ahead to 19 weeks. YIKEEES!!! I HATEthis picture.. it just makes me cringe. In all the other pictures.. the baby is nice and stretch out.. or just curled around a little.. is the baby realllly going to be this cramped in 2 weeks??? Are there any uterus stretching exercises I can do.. and fast??? Yikeees.. I don’t like looking at it…
Oh..and at that point. The email says the baby will be the size of a large heirloom tomato. What on earth is an heirloom tomato? And why do they assume everyone will know how big that is??? But I can see the resemblance in the poor squished baby..and the shape of this large heirloom tomato. Even more weird… the next week…..

it goes from a tomato.. to a banana???? Aren’t those two VERY different shaped items?? Then it goes to a carrot.. which I’m cool with.. banana to carrot.. not so bad… After the carrot.. it goes to a spaghetti squash.. then to a mango.. Now.. I don’t eat a whole lot of mangos.. but isn’t a carrot or banana bigger than a mango? And isn’t a spaghetti squash DEFINITELY bigger than a mango? Those people need to update their little listy poo… At one point it actually says “As big as 4 navel oranges” there was nothing comparable for that week that we had to group the fruits?

Or… perhaps I just need to get a life!!!!!!!!!!!

This week.. or weeks have been pretty boring baby wise.. this really is a not fun and very boring stretch.. I don’t feel like I’m growing. I still just look a little tiny but chubbier. Still haven’t gained any weight.. (I have NO idea how that is possible.. I eat soo much crap…and HELLO large heirloom tomato… that’s gotta weigh a few ounces right??) I can feel little .. not fun movements in my stomach sometimes at night.. but who knows.. could be gas.. right?? :) Most of the time it feels like its trying to reach for my nice and shiny spleen! It apparently looks like a fun toy to it.. (Notice the use of “it” I had this slight freak out moment last night.. that.. this could actually be a girl… I have it so set in my mind that it’s a boy..and my luck it’s going to be a girl! Not that I wouldn’t love that! Aaron wants a girl sooooo badly.. I am totally indifferent.. I really honestly don’t care one way or the other..but really.. it could be a girl..so I probably shouldn’t make it any more mad by calling it a boy.. maybe that’s why it wants to squeeze my spleen…)

There really is nothing going on in baby land.. except uh.. me sleeping a lot.. and the dog trying to hatch it………

Predictablity and dumb questions..

From the moment I knew about this squirming little monster in my stomach, I KNEW it was a boy. Never once did I ever doubt my thoughts. From the first moment I called “it” Him and He and Our Little Guy.. never even thought about it. Until people started asking, “You already know its a boy?” Well No.. not technically.. but I know its a boy..

There are a MILLION ways to “predict” what your having.

There is the Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar:]

It says its a boy..

I took this dumb Gender prediction test that asked questions about your skin, your hair, and how you’ve been feeling. It was like 65% chance of it being a boy 35% chance it was a girl.

Then.. there is the ol‘ heartbeat prediction.. Girls typically have a heart beat above 140. Boys are below. At the last appointment the doctor spent awhile listening to his heartbeat (there I go again with the “he’s”) I just asked out of the blue, “Boy or Girl?” She didn’t even hesitate and said “Definitely boy.”

I haven’t tried the Drano pee test yet.. but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to! :) It just means that we don’t have any Drano and I would feel silly buying it to check.

Oh and lets not forget the cravings.. Sweet cravings typically point towards a girl.. Sour and Salty cravings typically point towards a boy. It’s hard for me to eat sweet things.. but give me a bottle of Tabasco sauce and a straw and I’m a happy camper!! Do you think its possible for babies to be born with ulcers?? Aaron worries every time I eat spicy food.. but it just tastes sooo good!

So I was remember the one home test I haven’t tried yet. Where you tie a string around your wedding ring and dangle it above your tummy. I knew it was either supposed to swing in a straight line or in a circle. But I couldn’t remember which meant what. I tried it, and it swung in the biggest most perfect circle.. just around and around and around. I KNEW a circle must mean a boy. It was too definite not to think that. I ran into the office and asked Aaron to google it. And guess what?????? The circle means.. its a GIRL!!! The first test ever that says its a girl.. oh well .. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

It’s very hard for me to stop myself from starting to do boy things.. I want to buy things and get things and plan things.. but I really need to wait! My luck.. I’ll do everything and it will be a girl!

Did you know that the mothers first instinct on whether is a boy or a girl is always 70% right??? That’s pretty decent odds.. .right???


And for my dumb question of the month..

I was watching Tori & Dean (I forget what it’s called now that they live in L.A. again) But when she was 20 somethings weeks pregnant with Stella she was FREAKING out that the baby would grab hold of one of her organs.. or poke and it and hurt her. She even made Dean ask the doctor if the baby could poke through the uterus and do damage to something. The doctor assured her that the baby couldn’t..

My irrational fear like that is the baby playing with its umbilical cord. I mean.. they suck their thumbs.. they play with their feet. What is stopping them from grabbing their umbilical cord and squeezing it and killing themselves???????????????? I finally came to the conclusion that its probably the same reason we can’t hold our breath and kill ourselves. Eventually you pass out and your body starts breathing again.. maybe the same things happens. They squeeze their umbilical cord, pass out and it makes them let go.

I actually asked my doctor about this.. And she told me I wasn’t crazy! (granted I pay her to tell me things like that!) She said.. When she was pregnant with her son she was an absolute basket case about everything. A salesman came into their office one day showing them the new 4d ultrasound machine and asked if he could try it on her. She said when he turned it on, there was her little boy. Both hands around his umbilical cord and you could actually see him squeezing it.. then he would let go for a second and squeeze it again! Over and over.. She was so upset but couldn’t do anything about it. She said at that point she realized it was probably a good thing that we don’t know whats going on in there all the time!!!

If we could see in there today.. I’m positive we would see this little guy scraping his finger nails all over the inside of my uterus..That is exactly what it feels like. I bet he’ll have skin under his fingernails when he’s born. Except at night when I get in bed.. then it really feels like he’s reaching for my kidney.. Maybe Tori was on to something…..

Puppy goes swimming…

Riddick went swimming with his favorite buddy.. Bernie… Although he may look amused.. he wasn’t! He was mearly acting excited because I asked him if he wanted a treat….

I think this picture is sooo cute.. with the water droplets down his face….

This is Bernie.. Notice her rope at the bottom of the pool. The boys we’re trying to get her to jump in after it. (Apparently she has the same picture taking disorder as my sister.. she can’t keep her eyes open…)

Bernie quickly learned that it was nothing more than a big water bowl.. Riddick was still scared to death…

He eventually tried a refreshing drink for him self.. and didn’t move once…

Eventually he dried off…

That’s all…..

Very Random..

I have a lot of very random thoughts lately that whisk me away and suddenly when I snap out of it an hour has passed by and I’ve done no work. Or I’m peeing (for the 20th time that hour) and can’t remember if I’ve peed yet.. and wondered how long I’ve been in the bathroom..

I was reading one of my daily reads (Beth) She is busy moving and is having guests posts for her. Today she had Sharon from Mom Generations post for her. She wrote a beautiful post about Beth and their friendship. But she shared a story about a writing assignment she gave her her Senior High School English classes when she was teaching.
I will let her tell you about it…

“I will leave you with this perfect picture for a moment… and I will take you
to an assignment that I used to give my seniors when I taught high school
English. I had them draw the “river” of their lives… the source, the
banks, the tributaries, the topography, the geography. The rapids or
whitewater or waterfalls. The bends, reaches and flow. Were there
dams, levees or canals? What did the river sound like?

Of course, I was always given a very hard time with this assignment. “Come on… that is impossible (substitute stupid, sick, psycho).” But at my gentle insistence
(translation: the threat of a big fat “O”), the artistic rivers
formed. And what was always interesting were the waterfalls. My
students generally explained the waterfalls of their lives as free-falls…
changes that could not be avoided. Changes that, well, changed
everything. And using the logarithmic scale to classify the fall, most
were the most powerful… a 10.

A 10. A fall like Niagara’s.”

Interesting… right???

I started to think about what my river would look like .. It’s not a very easy thing to imagine… but interesting.. and the end of river.. That’s where it really all begins for me.. what is the rest of the river going to look like after today?? or next week?? or December?? It’s pretty scary not to know if a giant waterfall lies ahead that you can’t see yet.. or a patch of rapids.. or even some of those really sharp rocks that are just barely beneath the water..

What does your river look like???????

This random thought also makes me think of when our nephew Alex was born. We used to sit around and think about names for him (his parents had a hard time thinking of a cute boy name) Both of their girls are named after things found in nature so they were thinking of continuing the theme and naming him a nature name too.. We came up with Clay, Brick, Cole, Hunter, Canyon, and so on.. but I was completely sold on the name River. I called him Baby River the whole rest of the pregnancy and even for just a little bit after her was born. Now he is very unmistakably and Alex. He wouldn’t pass as anything else.. but the name River still sticks with me.. (I don’t think enough to actually name our kid River.. But you never know!!!)