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Chili Baby..

I was feeling HUGE today.. So I thought I would attempt a picture!

Now granted… NONE of this belly is actually baby! In the hour(s) before this picture I had consumed:

1 – can of chili
probably at least a pound of cheese on top of it.
3 spoonfuls of sour cream on top of that
and.. half a bag of Frito’s..

And I washed it all down with about…. well.. 192 ounces of water.. or about 3 liters in less than an hour!!!!!!!!!!

And I’m not over estimating.. I was SOOOO thirsty.. In fact I’m stilll SOOOO thirsty..

I’ll have to take a picture in the morning to compare to this..so you really can see its all a chili and water baby!! :)

(ohhh.. and I got a new phone!! Yippeee.. its actually not that exciting.. but its purple.. so its pretty cool!)

In more exciting news.. look what we grew!!! It’s our very first red tomato. And really the very first thing to come out of our gardening!! I’m very proud of that one little guy that decided to turn red.. Now if they will all just nicely take their turn so that we don’t have 600 cherry tomatoes at the same time.. that would be great…..

I really will take more pictures tomorrow.. Especially since morning makeup and hair is much more attractive than afternoon makeup and hair..

Keep in mind.. even though I resemble a blimp.. I haven’t even gained an ounce!!!!!! Actually my scale says I went up 2 ounces last week… but I’m back down to the ol‘ stand by again…

It’s crazy….

Anyway.. that’s all for today.. OH.. Puppy’s birthday is in 2 days!! Yippee.. his birthday is usually the highlight of my summer! :)


  1. Ryley,
    You look great! By the time I was 20 weeks preg. I looked like I was going to pop. Enjoy being preg cause it goes by sooo fast. And just think, now you don’t have to suck it in, you actually have an excuse to gain weight!

  2. Mixed Up Me says

    Your hair is getting long, and I wanted that new purple phone, now you’ll think I was copying you . . . and, you look so cute!!

    The tomatoes look great too. Are they heirloom tomatoes?

  3. I just got my hair cut a month ago.. :( it’s not long.. but I also dont know if I’m totally digging the new hair cut.. plus prenatal vitamins make my hair and fingernails feel like they’re on steroids.. I just wish it would make them healthier.. not just longer…

    And you can get an all purple phone.. mine just has a tiny bit of purple on it.. i’ll post a picture of it tonight with my “non food baby” picture..

    And no.. those arent heirloom tomatoes.. and I’m glad.. apparently heirloom tomatoes are as big an as banana.. thats really big and way too much tomato for me!

    I’m hoping that the dog doesnt eat all of our tomatoes.. they are his favorite food! well.. next to picking raspberries like a girafee with Bernie.. I’ll have to get picture of that this year..

    Geez.. this comment is longer than my post…

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