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Looking ahead…

I always read the last chapter of a book first.. If I am going to a movie and I know someone who has seen it, I make them tell me how it ends or what happen.. That’s just me… I just have to know what’s going on! So I always look ahead on Baby Center. I like to see what next week looks like.. but surprisingly I am always enjoy reading the emails when they come and I forget what I’ve already read… So I was looking ahead this morning and looked ahead to 19 weeks. YIKEEES!!! I HATEthis picture.. it just makes me cringe. In all the other pictures.. the baby is nice and stretch out.. or just curled around a little.. is the baby realllly going to be this cramped in 2 weeks??? Are there any uterus stretching exercises I can do.. and fast??? Yikeees.. I don’t like looking at it…
Oh..and at that point. The email says the baby will be the size of a large heirloom tomato. What on earth is an heirloom tomato? And why do they assume everyone will know how big that is??? But I can see the resemblance in the poor squished baby..and the shape of this large heirloom tomato. Even more weird… the next week…..

it goes from a tomato.. to a banana???? Aren’t those two VERY different shaped items?? Then it goes to a carrot.. which I’m cool with.. banana to carrot.. not so bad… After the carrot.. it goes to a spaghetti squash.. then to a mango.. Now.. I don’t eat a whole lot of mangos.. but isn’t a carrot or banana bigger than a mango? And isn’t a spaghetti squash DEFINITELY bigger than a mango? Those people need to update their little listy poo… At one point it actually says “As big as 4 navel oranges” there was nothing comparable for that week that we had to group the fruits?

Or… perhaps I just need to get a life!!!!!!!!!!!

This week.. or weeks have been pretty boring baby wise.. this really is a not fun and very boring stretch.. I don’t feel like I’m growing. I still just look a little tiny but chubbier. Still haven’t gained any weight.. (I have NO idea how that is possible.. I eat soo much crap…and HELLO large heirloom tomato… that’s gotta weigh a few ounces right??) I can feel little .. not fun movements in my stomach sometimes at night.. but who knows.. could be gas.. right?? :) Most of the time it feels like its trying to reach for my nice and shiny spleen! It apparently looks like a fun toy to it.. (Notice the use of “it” I had this slight freak out moment last night.. that.. this could actually be a girl… I have it so set in my mind that it’s a boy..and my luck it’s going to be a girl! Not that I wouldn’t love that! Aaron wants a girl sooooo badly.. I am totally indifferent.. I really honestly don’t care one way or the other..but really.. it could be a girl..so I probably shouldn’t make it any more mad by calling it a boy.. maybe that’s why it wants to squeeze my spleen…)

There really is nothing going on in baby land.. except uh.. me sleeping a lot.. and the dog trying to hatch it………

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