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Predictablity and dumb questions..

From the moment I knew about this squirming little monster in my stomach, I KNEW it was a boy. Never once did I ever doubt my thoughts. From the first moment I called “it” Him and He and Our Little Guy.. never even thought about it. Until people started asking, “You already know its a boy?” Well No.. not technically.. but I know its a boy..

There are a MILLION ways to “predict” what your having.

There is the Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar:]

It says its a boy..

I took this dumb Gender prediction test that asked questions about your skin, your hair, and how you’ve been feeling. It was like 65% chance of it being a boy 35% chance it was a girl.

Then.. there is the ol‘ heartbeat prediction.. Girls typically have a heart beat above 140. Boys are below. At the last appointment the doctor spent awhile listening to his heartbeat (there I go again with the “he’s”) I just asked out of the blue, “Boy or Girl?” She didn’t even hesitate and said “Definitely boy.”

I haven’t tried the Drano pee test yet.. but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to! :) It just means that we don’t have any Drano and I would feel silly buying it to check.

Oh and lets not forget the cravings.. Sweet cravings typically point towards a girl.. Sour and Salty cravings typically point towards a boy. It’s hard for me to eat sweet things.. but give me a bottle of Tabasco sauce and a straw and I’m a happy camper!! Do you think its possible for babies to be born with ulcers?? Aaron worries every time I eat spicy food.. but it just tastes sooo good!

So I was remember the one home test I haven’t tried yet. Where you tie a string around your wedding ring and dangle it above your tummy. I knew it was either supposed to swing in a straight line or in a circle. But I couldn’t remember which meant what. I tried it, and it swung in the biggest most perfect circle.. just around and around and around. I KNEW a circle must mean a boy. It was too definite not to think that. I ran into the office and asked Aaron to google it. And guess what?????? The circle means.. its a GIRL!!! The first test ever that says its a girl.. oh well .. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

It’s very hard for me to stop myself from starting to do boy things.. I want to buy things and get things and plan things.. but I really need to wait! My luck.. I’ll do everything and it will be a girl!

Did you know that the mothers first instinct on whether is a boy or a girl is always 70% right??? That’s pretty decent odds.. .right???


And for my dumb question of the month..

I was watching Tori & Dean (I forget what it’s called now that they live in L.A. again) But when she was 20 somethings weeks pregnant with Stella she was FREAKING out that the baby would grab hold of one of her organs.. or poke and it and hurt her. She even made Dean ask the doctor if the baby could poke through the uterus and do damage to something. The doctor assured her that the baby couldn’t..

My irrational fear like that is the baby playing with its umbilical cord. I mean.. they suck their thumbs.. they play with their feet. What is stopping them from grabbing their umbilical cord and squeezing it and killing themselves???????????????? I finally came to the conclusion that its probably the same reason we can’t hold our breath and kill ourselves. Eventually you pass out and your body starts breathing again.. maybe the same things happens. They squeeze their umbilical cord, pass out and it makes them let go.

I actually asked my doctor about this.. And she told me I wasn’t crazy! (granted I pay her to tell me things like that!) She said.. When she was pregnant with her son she was an absolute basket case about everything. A salesman came into their office one day showing them the new 4d ultrasound machine and asked if he could try it on her. She said when he turned it on, there was her little boy. Both hands around his umbilical cord and you could actually see him squeezing it.. then he would let go for a second and squeeze it again! Over and over.. She was so upset but couldn’t do anything about it. She said at that point she realized it was probably a good thing that we don’t know whats going on in there all the time!!!

If we could see in there today.. I’m positive we would see this little guy scraping his finger nails all over the inside of my uterus..That is exactly what it feels like. I bet he’ll have skin under his fingernails when he’s born. Except at night when I get in bed.. then it really feels like he’s reaching for my kidney.. Maybe Tori was on to something…..


  1. Ok. I have to ask. What is the Drano Pee test? I’ve never heard of that one. `

  2. Ahhh.. the drano pee test!!!
    Aparently you mix your pee with drano and depending what color it turns shows what kind of baby you are having! But apparently there are rather bad fumes so you have to have someone else do it and have it done outside. Another reason we aren’t doing it! I’m pretty sure my husband wouldnt touch a cup full of my pee with a ten foot pole! :) He has an EXTREMELY sensitive gag reflex!

  3. Ok, so I’m just catching up on all of my reading, and I had to laugh at this. My first instinct is totally a boy. In fact, the first few weeks, I could totally picture a boy in my head, but I couldn’t picture a girl. But then I had a dream that it was a girl, and so now I’m so confused. The Chinese chart for me predicts a girl, as well as the heartbeat. I’ll have to try the draino and the string…

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