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Puppy goes swimming…

Riddick went swimming with his favorite buddy.. Bernie… Although he may look amused.. he wasn’t! He was mearly acting excited because I asked him if he wanted a treat….

I think this picture is sooo cute.. with the water droplets down his face….

This is Bernie.. Notice her rope at the bottom of the pool. The boys we’re trying to get her to jump in after it. (Apparently she has the same picture taking disorder as my sister.. she can’t keep her eyes open…)

Bernie quickly learned that it was nothing more than a big water bowl.. Riddick was still scared to death…

He eventually tried a refreshing drink for him self.. and didn’t move once…

Eventually he dried off…

That’s all…..


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    He look so cute in the pool! It looks so refreshing, I’d be willing to swim with the dogs . . .it’s 107 today!!! By the way, Mollie hates the water too . .. she watches Mom and Jackson play with the water from the doggie door!

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