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The Great Poop Over..

I SOOOOOO wish I had a better post to write.. The sleepover is not going so well… It’s awfully stinky in fact.

Both of the dogs are sick…..

Both of them…
But not at the same time… one after the other.. all night long.. all day long..
Have I ever mentioned my husbands gag reflex? Seriously.. he can hardly blow his nose without throwing up. Frankly, I’m a little surprised that he can go to the bathroom himself without throwing up.

Which leave… Moi.. to clean up EVERYTHING!! Do you know how much fun it is to be 5 months pregnant and have to clean up 20 piles of grossness every day?? Its.. uhh.. not fun .. in case you were wondering..

Just so I don’t seem completely grumpy, I am VERY glad that these dogs at least have a little bit of brain. There has only been once teeny tiny accident on the carpet. All of the other accidents have been on blankets.. or rugs.. or tile.. or wood.. This has been the first doggie fluids to ever grace our new home.. and how glorious it is!!!

Last night I finally broke down and looked up remedies. I couldn’t take one more day.. Did you know you can give dogs pepto bismol???? You can! They hate it.. but it works! They both slept soundly last night with no accidents.. but it started up again this morning, but I got them out side this time.. and gave them more medicine. Hopefully it lasts through the day..

This just isn’t fun……………….

How can I possibly be mad at these sweet little faces? Man I love them so much.. Poop and all!!!!
Forgetting about the poop for a minute..

I love having Spike around. He gives the best hugs.. He’s not really a kisser.. but the best hugger. And Riddick gives excellent kisses and crappy hugs, so it has been balancing out quite nicely. I absolutely adore being a two dog family. I love having both of them in the car.. and how Spike hogs all the air conditioning. I love having two dogs sleeping on the floor next to the bed. I love having two dogs laying on top of me on the couch. I love having two dogs begging for a piece of cheese. I love that Riddick has someone to play with so he doesn’t always expect us to play with him. I do however think I would be completely insane to get another dog right before having a baby.. but I do really love it! :)
How can I not.. Look at these two..
Spike got to experience “Bernie’s” house and had a blast. Bernie didn’t mind having him there, and he didn’t mind her.. I don’t really have any pic of them playing.. but these are my two favorites of the day..

This is Riddicks “Snake in the grass” Picture..
And Spike’s “GQ” pose..

I don’t know if you can really tell.. but these boys sure look a lot a like. It used to be that Riddick was the tall skinny gangly one.. and Spike has always been a tank. Now that Riddick is putting on a little weight, there isn’t a lot of difference. Spike is a little more gray.. a little more thick.. and he has a little tuft of hair on the tip of his nose that sticks straight up. (Hence the name Spike!) (Most schnauzers nose hair parts perfectly on the top of there nose and lays down flat, ever since Spike was born, his hair didn’t part.. just stuck straight up.. must be a cowlick or something..) My point was.. these boys look A LOT a like. The first night I gave Aaron a hard time because he could never tell who he was talking too. I made the mistake of taking off both of their collars and now even I have to look twice before assuming which dog is which. Especially late at night or early in the morning. Their mannerism are so similar.. Riddick always waits for me to come out of the bathroom in my closet..apparently Spike does the same thing. I guess I’m learning life as a parent of twins for a week..

SICK TWINS………………………………….


  1. Blackeyedsue says

    One, it’s been a while since I have been over here…congrats on the pregnancy!

    Two, I live in Utah. That is kind of a given. It’s mostly ward members that have no sense of propriety about my privacy and don’t realize that someone could connect the dots. You are fine.

  2. Mixed Up Me says

    Does Riddick always pose on the steps with his front paws on the step below? I think it would be an ideal time to get a second dog, especially since you will be home for a few months after the baby is born. Should I share my opinion with Aaron?

    Why are the dogs sick? Did you feed them too much? Maybe they’re throwing up from the excitement of having someone to play with. Or, maybe Spike is throwing up because he misses hims Mommy and Riddick is having sympathy throw ups!

  3. No.. he doesnt always pose like that.. but isn’t it cute????

    I think I will share my thoughts with Aaron after Spike goes home and Riddick demands full attention! I think that would be a good time to remind him how nice it was with another dog in the house…

    and I think it would almost be better if the dogs were just throwing up.. unfortunitly.. its been mostly the other end.. and I have no idea what that problem is. They arent acting sick, so I’m not super worried about it. I dont think they got into anything or got poisoned or anything. Their still happy and playing..

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