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Do you think I would go to jail for kidnapping a dog??????

Even if he’s technically related to me??????

I mean.. you go to jail for hurting a dog.. but I won’t hurt him.. I promise..

I’m just so in love with this guy…
I don’t ever want to let him go.

These two just fit together like a puzzle piece… They’re so perfect..

I did realize last night though… If this baby is a boy.. and we have 2 boy dogs and my husband.. I am pretty sure that will be WAY more testosterone than I can handle under one roof. Could you even imagine 4 boys..and me???

Spike actually did go home last night.. and Riddick was EXHAUSTED! We’re going to miss him sooo much… it was a lot of fun to have another puppy in the house for a week… We hope he comes to play more often….


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    Okay, seriously . . . the baby thing said 146 yesterday, 141 this morning, now at 7:20 p.m. is says 137!!

    Did you know your name is mentioned on Not Quite What I Had Planned . . . in her post? You’re famous if you’ve made it nto a Kristi Escoe post!!

    I think you should get another dog . . . how can the house be too small? It’s not like Pookie’s going to ome out running full force . . . you have some time, and by then you’ll be so used to two dogs, the house won’t seem so small.

  2. You’re right on the baby thing.. I changed it.. My due date changed again!! :) Which I totally love.. It’s now Dec 13th. (grandma’s birthday.. Right????)

    And I just saw my name on her post.. you must have missed a couple months ago when she answered a question of mine! I know.. I’m totally famous!

    i think we should get another dog too.. but i’ll lay off of it for just a little while….Then try again..

  3. Mixed Up Me says

    Grandma’s birthday is December 19th

  4. They are too cute!! How fun that they are brothers and get to play together. I wish we knew where my dog’s brothers and sisters are!

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