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Riddick Roo”s 4th Birthday..

We LOVE Riddick’s birthday. It’s honestly one of my favorite days of the year. Ever year since we’ve all been together, we pack up the little bbq and head to the park to bbq shishkabobs and play a little fetch. Riddick always has soooo much fun.
Although he’s not the biggest fan of standing around and letting me take his picture when he wants to eat and play..
We fired up the bbq and got the meat cooking.. Riddick spent most of his time with his nose in the air smelling the smells of meat cooking.. WE on the other hand.. indulged in some self portraits..
Then puppy FINALLY got to eat.. it was a little past his dinner time. So he was STARVED..
After dinner we let him open his present the came from my family and their 2 dogs..
He has been sniffing the box for two days so I was pretty sure he sniffed the smell right out of everything
He couldn’t wait to eat his treats..
And look at his CUTE new toy. He has a bunch of Rat’s from IKEA that he just absolutely loves.. This Guinea Pig also came from IKEA it’s so cute!!!
Aaron thinks it looks more like a Guinea cow.. but I forgave him since he grew up around aquatic animals.. and not furry ones..
Then in the middle of playing fetch.. we heard the tale tell sign that the sprinklers were about to come on.. we JUMPED up and started to run. Thankfully the sprinklers that did come on were far enough away that they didn’t get us. Riddick loves playing with the water coming out of the hose. These sprinklers were low to the ground and basically shot in a straight line like a hose. Him and Aaron played around them for a long time..
He got SOAKED..
But still had a blast..

After that.. Aaron tried to teach him how to fly.. Riddick was pretty tired by this point so it was hard for Aaron to get him to “hang on”
Every year we set the timer on the camera and take a self portrait of all of us on his birthday.. Riddick is surprisingly really good at looking at the camera. There is a little blinking light that starts to blink fast right before it snaps the picture. This always catches his attention and his ears perk up. We normally get 1 or 2 good pics for ever 5 out of 6 we take!
Here is this years.. (The best of all 3 of us.. Or technically 4!)

I LOVE this picture of me and Aaron.. if only puppy hadn’t looked away and been blurry..

This is the funniest one.. as you can tell.. its getting darker. The camera was just about to snap when Riddick decided he was tired and laid down on our laps.. Hence the goofy grin on my face.. I decided.. “Why waste the picture, might as well smile!”
He was OUT right when we got into the car.. He always sleeps so good after a night at the park..

I thought I would include some extended family pictures.

This first picture is from his 1st birthday party. This 4 out of 6 of the siblings. Missing is Bean’s who lives in Reno and the one brother (Pudgy) Who was sold and did not go to a family member. From L to R – Korrine w/ Masha (the only girl puppy), Kara with Spike (Riddick’s favorite brother), Me with Riddick, and the little nieces with Duff.
This picture is from his second birthday.. This is the ENTIRE family.. (Without Pudgy). L to R is Papa with the Sasha (the mom), Korrine with Masha, Kara with Spike, Me with Riddick, the nieces with Duff and the niece from Reno in front with Beans.
I hope we’ll all be able to get together soon for another family picture. They don’t change much over the years..but we all do!

Least but not last.. I leave you with the Dorkiest picture EVER!!! I was bored and was going to take a self portrait when I realized I was facing the sun and it would be hard to keep my eye’s open. As I held the camera up I thought “Hey.. I can use the camera to block the sun.” Want to know what your picture looks like when you do that???????????????

Funny huh???

Well.. it was another great birthday. I can’t believe my baby is 4 years old… and I can’t believe that next year we will have an 8 month old at the park with us! Just crazy…
Well.. Love you little guy.. Thanks for choosing us to be your mommylupegus and your daddylupegus….


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    This really has nothing to do with this post,sorry . . . did Dad just pick the name ‘El’ out of thin air tonight, or did he know Elijah is one of your considerations? He was pretty excited about Eli Jacob, E.J., he said E.J. Eaton had a nice ring to it!!

    I was just joking about the Alivia with an A stuff . . . I was just trying to get Mom all riled up because I always give her a hard time about only having name stickers with basketballs and cars.

    Happy Birthday, Riddick! The guinea pig was from me!!

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