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The dreaded “D” word..

It’s been kinda quiet around here.

I needed time.

Time to remind my heart to keep beating.

Time for my brain to wrap it’s self around what happened.

Time for me to dwell on the “what now.”


Awhile ago my husband made the decision to leave our marriage.

I was shocked and completely blindsided from the beginning.

I’m over the details.

I used to thrive on spilling every little detail to anyone that seemed like they were even slightly interested. But not anymore.

It is what it is.

I’m a single mom.

He has his own apartment.

Miles doesn’t have a daddy that lives here anymore.

Really? Those are the only ‘details’ that matter anymore. Or at least matter to us.

We are “ok”. I’ve used the term okayish more than I can even count. Because how are you okay when your 4 year marriage abruptly comes to a screeching halt? How are you okay when you hear your baby cry because he misses his daddy? Or when he says over and over “I wish dada could come home.”

So we’re not really okay. But at the same time we are.

We get up, we get dressed, we play with toys.
We have good days.
We have bad nights here and there. But we have good days.

I still have a happy 3 year old (HE TURNED THREE!!) and another family’s squirmy little one in my tummy to take care of. We are doing okay.
I can’t say enough about the out pouring of love, prayers and hugs that have come our way. I have felt truly and peace through this and I know that’s the reason.

Thank you for enduring the silence while I didn’t know quite what to say.

But now that the bad news is out of the way, we have lots of happy things to talk about again.


  1. I hope the dark nights become less and less.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear this Ryley! I send my love and prayers your way… keep up being the good momma that you are!

  3. Looking forward to hearing good news from you. :) I’m glad you’ve found some peace.

  4. continued prayers … and I hope things continue to get better.

  5. I am really sorry to read this but you and miles will be ok and will move on to new,better things.

    I hope2012 brings amazing things for you.

  6. Hugs and prayers for you and Miles! I’m glad you came back to Twitter so we could be friends! Looking forward to the happy time!

  7. I don’t know what to say other than I am SO sorry and I am thinking of you and your son. Here’s to a rockstar 2012!


  8. All the love in the world to you and Miles.

    You are a strong lady.


  9. I love you girl! It brakes my heart that you are going through this :( I have only known you since your pain but I have to say I have been so impressed with the person you are even giving the heartache! I love you more than you know!!! xoxo

  10. I have been thinking about you often and wondered how everything was going. I can promise you that it gets better. It has been 3 years since separating and 2 years since the divorce went through for me, and I can honestly say that I LOVE my life. My boys and I are happy almost ALL the time, and believe it or not, their dad leaving has made us all stronger. The boys know that they have a strong mother who will do anything for them. They know I love them more than anything. Anyway, even though I haven’t remarried and am not concerned with getting remarried, life it better for me. I know that you will get through this and will one day be grateful for the trials of today. Love you girl!

  11. You know I love and adore you and find you amazingly strong. Here’s to a much better 2012. You deserve it!


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