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Welcome to Wedding Season!


It’s wedding season.

That means only one thing for me: I can’t remember where I left my head.
(p.s. I make cakes, in case you didn’t know!)

Between cakes and my big fancy corporate job (that is neither big nor fancy) I usually don’t even sit down in my house until after 11pm.

When I prayed, I begged and pleaded for my cake business to take off. We need it to. We are committed to this. This being, having one parent at home. So my income is it! I’ve gotta make the most of it. I am SO SO happy that I am too busy to even see straight. I am SO thankful for it and don’t forget for one second where it came from.

Of course, we still have a lot of eggs in Aaron’s new business basket.

I have so many posts swirling in my head. So many things I need to talk about, and so many things I cant talk about, and about a gazillion of the worlds cutest pictures. No, seriously.

But for now, this house revolves around Consumer Electronics, and Cakes!

And because I can’t resist……


  1. You are wonder woman!! From the little experience I have had with fondant – I can't imagine working all day and making cakes all night!

  2. You are amazing. Now move to Indiana and let me be your cake tester.

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