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My love of social media…

He walked into the kitchen as I stood alone leaning against the kitchen sink, phone in hand.
Sliding up next to me he asked: “What are you doing?”
“Just quickly checking Twitter.” I replied, half expecting to explain to my father in law what twitter was. Instead he just responded “Oh, do you like doing that?”

My father in law is one of the most giving, free spirited, adventurous people I know. He recently became a middle school teacher, I’m pretty sure we have this to thank for his indoctrinate into the world of social media.

I began to tell him about how I didn’t honestly remember what I did before Twitter. How some of the friends I have made have become some of the best friends I’ve ever had.

I was prepared to hear him tell me about how we are “too connected” or how this method of communication was “ineffective for today’s youth,” how it steers us away from real conversations face-to-face.

Instead he opened up and told me how much he loved texting. As the father of 6, the youngest of who just turned 16. Sometimes sending a text message is the only communication he has with his children for days. He was recently on a three day trip and spent some of the time texting and joking back and forth with his 19 year old son.

“I would never have been able to have those moments of laughing and joking without being connected with him. We just wouldn’t have talked for 3 days,” He told me. “It’s instant communication”

I just smiled and nodded. I knew EXACTLY what he meant.

Some of these people I have conversed with day after day (multiple times a day) are like family. Minutes after meeting for the first time this weekend, we were all at complete ease. We talked about things you would only talk about with once you’ve gotten past that awkward phase with a new friend. We weren’t new friends.
We were with each other and our children’s births, we held hands through the sad times of our lives, we laughed about the funny things our kids have done, we clapped when our children learned how to walk, we cried when we were suffering, and we rallied during depression and addiction.

We immediately talked about bathroom habits, birthing styles, sex lives, and spanx.

During the conference I overheard a conversation about how somebody said twitter was instant communication. When it slow on Saturday and their baby has a diaper rash, they need an answer NOW! Even though they know they could easily go to google for the answer. They want it from their family, and their friends.

We were a family. We are a family.

CBC '10

Melissa, Allison, ME, Julie (who was trying to steal my purse ALLL WEEKEND!)

I told him about the relationships I’ve developed. How we wouldn’t even know Allison and Dan without Twitter. I wouldn’t know lots of my friends without it.. I’m thankful for it.

And the relationships I have because of it.

CBC '10

Kim, Melissa, Allison, ME,


  1. Loralee Choate says

    Twitter is my crack. And I am JUST FINE with that!

    P.S. She was working for me. I sent her to acquire your purse AT ALL COSTS!

  2. I just gotta say, I am hot. HA!
    I love twitter, it makes me happy. Just like you.

  3. AllisonO says

    Wow, this is such a well written explanation of social media. It is just that – SOCIAL! Love it. Love you.

  4. Kristina P. says

    It was great to meet you and your cute blog matching purse. I am not on Twitter. Well, actually, I have an account that I haven't touched in 18 months.

    Many have tried to get me on there. Many have failed.

  5. carmar76 says

    I'm w/ Kristina on the Twitter thing. I LOVE social media, but FB updates move at my pace. *laugh* Altho, if I had Twitter on my phone… Hmm.

    Anyway, I just toddled over here from somewhere else (Nat The Fat Rat, I think) and spent an hour reading a bunch of posts. You write very honestly, with quite a good wit! I had to become a follower.

    : )

  6. ~Mendie~ says

    it is a really cute purse, who could blame her! LOL! Glad you had fun!

    I like to think of Twitter as a way to scream out loud without saying a word when you need it the most. its therapeutic.

  7. Such cute pictures! Yes that purse is amazing.

    My mom is all about the interwebz. She's been on message boards since the early 90's. That has translated to my Mom was one of the first parent's I know on facebook.

    I'm still relatively new to the twitter world, but am having a blast getting to know some people!

  8. emily bilbrey says

    SUCH an awesome post! absolutely love this – you've really captured the essence of online camaraderie & friendship! love your father-in-law's take – my step dad is the same way and even tries to keep track of my online friends & their kids; never treats them different than irl friends when talking with me. (:

    seriously, great post. thanks for sharing the fun pics too!


  9. I love it. This community that we have is simply amazing. There's nothing like it.
    I want to hear more about your FIL just becoming a middle school teacher. Bless his heart.

  10. I loved your post! It was great to meet you last weekend.
    And dude, my wanna-be graphic design skills are yours if you trade me for that purse. Don't listen to Loralee. She's a dirty liar. It is me who that purse belongs to!

  11. The Damsel In Dis Dress says

    I'm so sad I didn't get to meet you at CBC. Sad and wrong. I love reading your tweets and feel like I know you just from that!

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