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I’m ready to collect my award

I’m just wondering who I speak to about my “Mother of The Year” award?

Does anyone know if they mail those, or do you have to go pick them up. Is there a form to fill out? Or do I just send documentation that I earned it?

Because THIS picture of my son getting a drink, oughta do it.

Don’tcha think?

::: sigh :::

p.s. YES, I took a picture before helping him or getting him down. But HELLLO, he pushed that chair over there all by himself, climbed up there allll by himself, stood up on the highest place he could alll by himself, and filled his cup up alll by himself. I figured he was going to be PERFECTLY fine while I went to grab my camera!


  1. that is too cute!! and WTG little man on doing all that work himself for a drink of water! i think you made the right call going for the camera. : )

  2. So cute. I love watching them figure out life.

    Hope you are doing well!


  3. My children are also obsessed with getting their own drinks as well! And lets not even get started on how many times I am pulling them off the counter tops!

  4. And climb they will! Love it!

  5. Sarah Halstead says

    Ha ha! Too cute! I love it. I would have taken a photo too.

  6. Of course you took the photo, you are going to need photo proof when those gray hairs start popping up!

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