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Our first shovelable snow

I love the snow.

I love winter.

::ducking while you throw pitch forks::

I love that Beeza was finally able to get out there and SHOVEL! He’s been DYING to use his shovel. He carries it around the house with him constantly, finally he put it to good use!

(p.s. I totally cropped out my husband’s hat. He wears this hat that he’s had since he was 4?? maybe 5?? with a BIG ol’ pom pom on the top. It’s really funny looking, trust me. But I kinda love him for it.. pom pom and all)

I know I already talked about my love for shoveling snow, but so much more than that is my love for getting my whole family outside and spending time together.

AND.. seeing this marshmallow boy waddle around in his snow suit.

(doesn’t he look 5 feet tall in this picture? Where did our baby go?)

I wish I could give him snow so he could be this happy all the time..


  1. You totally should have left the pom pom on!! My husband recently bought one of those hats that goes over the ears with the strings that hang down! haha

  2. Sarah Halstead says

    Awww! So cute! I don't like snow, we don't get it much. I am sure I would get used to it if we had it a lot. Cute pictures.

  3. Look at those rosy cheeks! Makes me (kind of) wish it snowed here.

  4. So cute!! I've only had to shovel once, and I didn't let Abbi out with me. I'll have to next time! (BTW – I'm so glad you are back to blogging. I'm just catching up on my blog reading, but I did go back through all your new posts!)

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