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Nesting much????

Is it considered nesting if this is how I made my husband spend one of his nights so that I could just have somewhere to put my pot lids????

I hate our pot cupboard.. it’s one giant cupboard.. everything just get thrown in there.

So we got these nifty little lid holders.. from where else but IKEA.

He installed them for me one night after work when I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed..

They are VERY nice.. even though they don’t exactly fit our lids the best!!!

That HORRIBLE drawer above him got a makeover too, (thanks again to IKEA!)

None of the changes are anything anyone can see.. but I know they are there.. and they make me happy!! :)


  1. I’m heading up to IKEA in the morning!! I’m not sure what kind you got, but I want the ones that mount on the inside of the door. My lids are everywhere, and it scares Max to death when I go to get one and they all fall!

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