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My comfort item….

At our last birthing class we were instructed to bring a few items that will bring us comfort during labor.
Surprisingly.. I wasn’t the first person to say “Can I bring my dog?”
Of course, I didn’t remember about my “comfort items” until the night before.. But I started thinking about it.. and immediately came to a conclusion.
The first thing that crossed my mind was…… “What do I NEED when I’m sick?? What makes me feel better???” (The first thing on that list is puppy.. but puppy can’t come to the hospital. On a side note.. one of the girls in our class is having a home birth.. and HONESTLY it sounds like she is just to have her dogs there!! funny huh???)
My first comfort item is my Hugger Pillow. I don’t remember exactly when I got my hugger pillow. But my whole life my mom has had this squishy lumpy pillow that we always loved. Sometime in my life, I got one too. Mine is actually real feathers that someone down the line in our family plucked from some chicken.. or something. (I’m all about history if you can’t tell!) :)
Since getting my hugger pillow I have NEVER slept one night without it. It NEVER gets checked on the airplane, it always gets carried on. Sometimes, it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world. The feathers are all balled up in big lumps now, and when those feathers poke through.. WOW that hurts! But I keep about 4 pillow cases on it at all time and that cuts down on the pokeage!
(p.s. I did sleep one night without it… the day my parents devil dog tried to eat it…. that was NOT a pretty moment..)
(sorry.. I don’t have any pictures of hugger… really nothing special anyway…it’s actually even more special right now because it has Aaron’s homemade Choo Choo train pillow case on it!)
My other comfort item is this little guy…

He’s a beaut’ right???

He is the very first toy I bought for Riddick. I love remembering how little he was compared to this dog. He used to cuddle up so cute to it. When I’m sick I love to have this puppy. It reminds me of those little puppy times…

And considering I have this pile to choose from.. I’m glad I only pick one!! :)

Aaron’s not to thrilled with the fact that I’m bringing this slobbery, crunchy leggless thing.. but it’s not about him.. right????

Now there is just one thing missing……….

(This picture makes my heart melt.. I could stare at it alllll day….)

This is what I woke up to for 3 years… we slept nose to nose for 3 years straight..

He is my ultimate comfort item…..

On the way home last night we started talking about how badly I wish puppy could be there…..and actually started crying!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it.. and Aaron just laughed so hard at me.. But even typing this, I can feel the tears welling…
I’ll just blame it on hormones! :)

Next time I’ll just have to find a pet friendly hospital…

As I was looking through my pictures for “comfort item” pictures.. there was no doubt in my mind what Riddick’s comfort item would be if he were asked to bring one…..

(and these are just the pictures that were in my “misc” folder. I didn’t even look through any other folders….)

He really loves that rat….

**UPDATE: At class, only one person brought things to share. And her’s were incense, an IPOD and change for the vending machine..
Needless to say, I did not volunteer to show my 20 year old pillow or half eaten slobbery pet toy!


  1. I would probably bring Allie’s puppy also, only hers is green. We sleep with it every night and sometimes I cuddle with it when I take a nap.

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL “next time looking for a pet friendly hospital”. Love that line for some reason.

    I thought about doing the whole in home birthing thing, not because Jasmine kitty would be there but because I don’t care for hospitals. BUT, apparently I was the only one “ok” with the in home thing, so had to concede to the majority.

    I think it’s great they make all these suggestions to help prepare one for delivery, but if I can be real honest…..from my experience none of it mattered because that little darling is coming out no matter what. Moreover, you’ll be in a place with so much going on around you as well as a group of staff that know exactly how to help that little darling along, you’ll be too destracted to worry about anything.

    Besides, remember whatever you take with you to the hospital will come home with you along with a sleugh of many other things. So pack light.

  3. I’m pretty sure I’m going to miss my puppy a lot when I have the baby. But I don’t really have a comfort item!!

  4. Crooked Eyebrow says

    Our puppies look so much alike!

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