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No pictures means no posts…

My mom said she normally judges how busy I am at work by how much I’m posting. So she doesn’t bother me at work if I haven’t been posting..

Really.. I haven’t been posting because my camera is dead.. well.. really the batteries are dead..and I am WAY toooo lazy to change them. So I don’t post when I don’t have any pictures.. those just make for kinda boring posts!

But…. I will change them tonight.. Tomorrow I have my glucose test for Gestational Diabetes. I was really nervous and worried about it, but Katie made me feel a little be better about it.
Now if she could just make the drink taste better too! :)

(on a side note… Tomorrow is the worst day in the world to have a dr.’s appointment! I have had nothing but junk today! Started off with the normal eggo waffles with peanut butter for breakfast, then I had a big plate of chips and homemade salsa..YUM! Then we had an open house going on at one of our stores and they had these really yummy sandwich things that were like rolls with different meats in them. They were really good.. Then I had a sandwich and a bag of chips for lunch.. somewhere in between those things I ate about 6 cookies that I brought in to share today.. then after lunch I had more chips and salsa then someone went and bought cupcakes..and of course I had one of those!! ANDD we have a BBQ to go to tonight.. Any bets on how much I will have gained since the last appointment 4 weeks ago?????)

Tomorrow also happens to be Aaron’s birthday. We have some fun things planned.. so camera + batteries = happiness!!!!

So I leave you with Me & baby in his first (and probably only) race car picture.

it was windy and the sun was right in my eyes.. but uhhh.. it works! The girl I work with is a HUGE nasca.r fan so she was in heaven.. she even got them to start the car up.. and it was a little loud!!! So much for my babies ear drums.. he was probably freaking out!

Moral of the story is.. hopefully I will replace the batteries and have something else to talk about……..

Think good thoughts tomorrow morning that everything will go well and be well and Aaron won’t pass out when I have my blood drawn!! :)


  1. Hope the test goes well – I’m not looking forward to that!! And change your batteries already!!

  2. The Baugh Family says

    The drink stuff is not that bad so don’t worry! You are looking great though still your perky self. We miss Utah but are glad to be back at “home”.

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