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Aaron’s Birthday… PART 1

The morning started off nice.. We got to sleep in a little!! And to top things off, I even slept through the entire night!! That only happens about once a month, so it was very much needed!!

I drank my glucose drink a little late. I was pretty scared.. but decided to fill up a glass all the way with crushed ice, pour it in and drink it was a straw really quickly. Surprisingly.. It wasn’t bad at all! It tastes EXACTLY like fruit punch. There wasn’t anything too weird about it. (Except the after taste) By the time we got to the doctors office (an hour later) I was pretty shaky… and felt very wired! My blood was drawn.. and I survived… (and Aaron didn’t pass out!! Yippee for him!) I begged the lady taking my weight to just write.. House or Boat or Wale and let me skip that part, but she wouldn’t. (I didn’t look!) The pee test.. that didn’t go so well. There was apparently a lot of glucose. Which I assumed would be normal. Apparently it’s not. The doctor thinks I’ll have to take the 3 hour test.. :( Soooooooooo not looking forward to that.

We’ll find out on Monday.

She did suggest that maybe I lay off the cheeseburgers a little!!! :) Usually at my monthly appointments I gain about 2-4 pounds since the last appointment. I gained 10 this time. But I knew that! I weigh myself every week! The week after my last appointment I gained 2 pounds.. the week after that was my horrible 8 lbs week!! Then the past two weeks I haven’t even gained an ounce. So far I have gained a total of 19 pounds. BUT ..if you look at it the other way.. I only gained 9 pounds in the first 24 weeks and 10 pounds in the last 4 weeks!! I think that is where her concern is! I really don’t think that’s too bad. I was aiming for no more than 30.. Don’t think I’ll actually get to that goal… but we’ll see.

I took the dog for a walk last night.. and it was really nice. Maybe I’ll keep doing that (We both slept like babies!!)

Anyway.. I was STARVING after our appointment. We were just going to grab something fast foody to take to work but I told Aaron we should go somewhere and sit down. So we went to Village Inn. It was really good… and a nice way to start his Birthday Day!

Oh…and since we have freshly charged batteries I decided to update with a tummy picture. (I also happen to be wearing the same black shirt I normally do when I take pictures.) I thought.. might as well update with a 28 week picture since I’ll be 28 weeks tomorrow..

GUESS WHAT?? I’ll be 29 weeks tomorrow!!! Holy cow.. where do the weeks go???

So this is officially 7.25 months along….
(please remind me to crop my head out of these pictures from now on!!)

Just for reference.. this was 26 weeks… so 3 weeks ago.. There is actually some change this time!! :)

Oh ..and she told me we get one more ultrasound at 36 weeks!!! She wants to check the placenta one more time and check the size of the baby.. So right around Thanksgiving we get one more look before we meet him! (I’m still really hoping $100 will fall out of the sky because I’d really love to go do the 3D ultrasound sometime…)

Umm… I think that is all that has happened so far.. oh.. and I got the A-O-K to fly to Dallas for the business trip! Good thing since we already bought Aaron’s ticket!

So this pictures really doesn’t have anything to do with anything.. But I found it the other day..and just think it’s cute! This Riddick (the much much more shaggy version) probably about … 3 (?) years ago.. He came to work one Saturday with me.. (Don’t tell my boss!) That was my desk at the time (we’re in a different building now..) And I love how he’s looking at me..and how there is a picture of him taped to the monitor and how he’s the backdrop on the monitor!
Again.. has absolutely nothing to do with anything.. just cute! :)


  1. Ok, first of all, you are what – 5 or 6 weeks ahead of me, and I’ve already gained 20 lbs! I keep thinking the dr is going to say something, but every time, he just says “weight looks good.” Maybe it’s because they didn’t start keeping track until 12weeks…

    And I love the picture – you actually look pregnant now!!

    Hope Aaron enjoys his birthday and that the next glucose test goes better!! (And I’ll remember not to eat a ton of crap the day before I have mine!)

  2. funny you say that.. The girl I work with went to this same exact doctor last year.. she gained over 75 pounds!! She went in weighing a little over 100 lbs and get really close to 200 lbs!!! Every time she went in, the same exact doctor I’m seeing told her that he weight looked good!! I really dont think they would have said anything except for the rather large jump!! I was holding pretty steady before (like i said, only gaining 9 lbs in 24 weeks!) so i think that 10 lbs in 4 weeks thing wasnt so good!!! by the way… ask for the Fruit Punch.. I hear its better than the orange!

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