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Did I tell you we got a new video camera??

I mentioned one day that all I wanted for Christmas was a Flip camera so we didn’t miss any more moments of Miles, and his Milesness.

My sister surprised us by sending on as an early Christmas present. It’s personalized with the BEST picture ever of Miles. We love it.

So without further delay.. here is the 1st of MANY video’s you will be seeing here shortly..

Flash Cards from http://vimeo.com/user3752950 on Vimeo.

p.s. the quality on our Flip os AMAZING!! It’s HD and you can see and hear everything. We had to lower the quality, so it didnt take eleventy billion years to load. I couldn’t love the Flip more if I tried! :)

Sweet Rain..

You know that kind of sweet rain I’m talking about. The kind you could just sit outside and smell forever?

We love those kind of rains around here.

So when Miles begged (which consists of a lot of “pzzzz, mama. pzzzz, mama. pzzzzzzzzzz, mama”) I couldn’t say no.

So he played and watched and soaked up the warm rain. While we soaked out our baby playing in the warm rain.


Is it just me? Sometimes I look at Miles, and wonder if having another baby would be seriously tempting fate.

Sure, he was a HORRRRRRIBLE newborn, but he came around. He developed an AMAZING sleep pattern, falls asleep quickly on his own, has NEVER found a food he doesn’t like, would choose broccoli over ice cream, and LOVES water in his face. (So much that he squirts himself in the face with the squirt bottle. (which is all fun and games until one day he picks up the windex bottle) Ahem… not that that has EVER happened.. ahemm.. )

What if you have another one and they are completely opposite, in the good things? (I’ll GLADLY take the opposite in the not so favorable areas.) I think about that a lot.

We’re good now. We’re in a routine, we’re happy. The 3 of us have each other figured out. Why rock that boat right??

(p.s. writing this post and saying these things out loud probably means I’m pregnant RIGHT THIS SECOND.. right??) (but I’m not, so you don’t have to worry)

Wordless Wednesday – His FIRST taste of cake batter

(this really made me so happy, I could cry… Funny what living 2 years as an allergy mom can do to your emotions when mixed with raw cake batter)

Online Accountability

(obligatory toddler Halloween picture because.. well JUST LOOK AT IT!)

Wow.. Hi There. I’m Ryley. It’s nice to meet all of you.

(been awhile.. right??)

Sorry about that.

As life does, it get’s in the way, I get into a funk, and I don’t know where to start once I stop.

So recap.. stuff happened. I lost my job, my baby grew into a full fledged toddler, and I have some amazing friends. Oh and we’re blessed beyond measure. My last 6 months in one sentence.

With my newly found free time, I’ve made a commitment. I WILL join a gym. I WILL get healthy, physically and mentally.

When I walked this journey with Allison, She always told me how much exercise would help also. But I guess I just wasn’t ready.

I think it finally hit me when I realized I weigh EXACTLY the same amount as the day I walked into the hospital to GIVE BIRTH to my son. WOW! That shocked me and slapped me upside the face all at the same time.

While breastfeeding I had dropped 25 pounds to be at the lightest I have been in a VERY long time. Now? It’s all back. Thankfully I still have lactation on my side. (Yes, I did just say that)

But I also have my team at the gym to cheer me along.

I CAN do this..

I HAVE TO do this…

But more than anything, it’s already making me feel better, and empowered. And I love that..

So here I am. Putting it out there. I can do this, I will do this. Tiny little baby steps.. but I will.

(oh and pea to the ess.. I will also be writing A WHOLE lot more! and updating over at my cake blog too .. check that out.. www.thatsmycake.net/blog)

peace and love..

POST EDIT: (wow that made me feel a little like CJane!) I really am all about online accountability. So much so that I’m about to prove it.
This morning I weighed 196.4 pounds!! REALLLLYY!! I was shocked.. and horrified. (though to be honest, I don’t feel like I look like I weigh 200 pounds.. do I?? Don’t answer that..) My goal is to be 150 pounds. Really 140. But I will be VERY happy at 150. At 150 I will wear a size 6-8 and fit into medium shirts. That’s always been my goal. I am NOT a dieter. And frankly I don’t believe in diets. So I am sticking to my “vegan who eats meat plan” Swearing off all dairy and eggs for real! NO CHEATING! not even a little bit. And cutting back portions. A LOT! it’s my plan to eat only half of what I would normally eat. I already failed tonight ::cough:: 2 chili dogs ::cough cough:: but I’m serious about it. And I will.. That combined with 5 days a week at the gym should probably get me there. But I’m not looking for a miracle quick fix. I know I’m taking the slow road, and that’s okay with me.

POST EDIT EDIT: For real, that is how much I weighed when I gave birth to my son 2 YEARS AGO!!!! I came home 20 pounds lighter….

Cake Wrecks Book Tour – Salt Lake City, Utah

If you don’t read Cake Wrecks, YOU NEED TO BE!

It’s been one of my favorite sites for a very long time. I remember the day I first discovered it, I spent HOURS reading the. entire. site. I still can’t get enough of it.

When I saw they were coming to Salt Lake I jumped on the chance to be a featured baker and serve all of their devoted fans.

I got to meet Jen and Jon (the brains behind Cake Wrecks) They were (/are) SO incredibly sweet. And so humble. Loved them. (can you believe I didn’t get a picture with them?? What was I thinking??)

I took this picture of the crowd laughing at hilarious cakes before the room REALLY got full. Boy, it was hot in there..

Have I ever introduced you to the BEST ASSISTANT EVER?!?!

This is Emily.

My Assistant.

I don’t pay her.

But, she loves me anyway.

Most of the time.

But we pay her in free cable.

And all the cup of noodles she can eat.

She loves those things.

But, I wont feed her coconut ice cream again.

Don’t ask.

ahem… Emily..

Cute, right?

This was our table all set up, I wish I had an after picture. It wasn’t pretty.

And the center of attention..

The biggest cupcake I’ve ever seen in my life! It was great…

I loved every second of being there. I met some fantastic people and I just can’t get enough of The King’s English Bookshop. (Plus, this one time, I saw Dooce there!)

p.s. Jen wrote an awesome post on this event too. And took pictures of the wreckplicas. Go check it out!6/29