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Online Accountability

(obligatory toddler Halloween picture because.. well JUST LOOK AT IT!)

Wow.. Hi There. I’m Ryley. It’s nice to meet all of you.

(been awhile.. right??)

Sorry about that.

As life does, it get’s in the way, I get into a funk, and I don’t know where to start once I stop.

So recap.. stuff happened. I lost my job, my baby grew into a full fledged toddler, and I have some amazing friends. Oh and we’re blessed beyond measure. My last 6 months in one sentence.

With my newly found free time, I’ve made a commitment. I WILL join a gym. I WILL get healthy, physically and mentally.

When I walked this journey with Allison, She always told me how much exercise would help also. But I guess I just wasn’t ready.

I think it finally hit me when I realized I weigh EXACTLY the same amount as the day I walked into the hospital to GIVE BIRTH to my son. WOW! That shocked me and slapped me upside the face all at the same time.

While breastfeeding I had dropped 25 pounds to be at the lightest I have been in a VERY long time. Now? It’s all back. Thankfully I still have lactation on my side. (Yes, I did just say that)

But I also have my team at the gym to cheer me along.

I CAN do this..

I HAVE TO do this…

But more than anything, it’s already making me feel better, and empowered. And I love that..

So here I am. Putting it out there. I can do this, I will do this. Tiny little baby steps.. but I will.

(oh and pea to the ess.. I will also be writing A WHOLE lot more! and updating over at my cake blog too .. check that out.. www.thatsmycake.net/blog)

peace and love..

POST EDIT: (wow that made me feel a little like CJane!) I really am all about online accountability. So much so that I’m about to prove it.
This morning I weighed 196.4 pounds!! REALLLLYY!! I was shocked.. and horrified. (though to be honest, I don’t feel like I look like I weigh 200 pounds.. do I?? Don’t answer that..) My goal is to be 150 pounds. Really 140. But I will be VERY happy at 150. At 150 I will wear a size 6-8 and fit into medium shirts. That’s always been my goal. I am NOT a dieter. And frankly I don’t believe in diets. So I am sticking to my “vegan who eats meat plan” Swearing off all dairy and eggs for real! NO CHEATING! not even a little bit. And cutting back portions. A LOT! it’s my plan to eat only half of what I would normally eat. I already failed tonight ::cough:: 2 chili dogs ::cough cough:: but I’m serious about it. And I will.. That combined with 5 days a week at the gym should probably get me there. But I’m not looking for a miracle quick fix. I know I’m taking the slow road, and that’s okay with me.

POST EDIT EDIT: For real, that is how much I weighed when I gave birth to my son 2 YEARS AGO!!!! I came home 20 pounds lighter….


  1. I think (we don't own a scale so I can't confirm this) that I've reached the point where I'm starting to gain weight rather than lose it. At nearly six months post-baby, this is not the direction I need to be going. I need some serious motivation on my side.

  2. Mrs. Organic says

    Yes, you can! *waves pompoms*

    And yay for updates.

  3. Yay for a blog update – and I'm holding you to more posts! And I'm jealous about your gym adventure. I miss the gym and wish I could afford to go back right now. Especially since I've promised myself that I won't gain as much weight with this baby as I did with Abbi.

  4. Yay for you! I will be one of your biggest cheerleaders! YOU CAN DO IT!

    P.S. Love you!

  5. Ryley @ That's My Family! says

    Oh you are all soooo sweet…
    We can do this, you are so right!!!!

    Deborah- we can't afford it, but it's important to me. I picked up a job that pays $20 a month. That's what I used to pay for it! I was that desperate!!!!

  6. Sarah Halstead says

    You can do it!! So glad you posted. I do a weekly weigh in on thursdays to help keep me accountable. I have had a long journey too. I am at 175 I would love to be 140-150.

  7. You can so do this! You can rally, you can exercise, and you can portion control. But you know what? You can be happy knowing that even if you don't always rally/exercise/portion control, you have made that first step of choosing to make a change in your life. That's what counts.


  8. Hello! I am new to your blog and was glad to see your post! I too have joined a gym and am on the path to getting shape. I have spent the past two years eating whatever I want whenever I want. I woke up last month, took a good look and the mirror and about died. Good to see that I am making this change the same time as others!

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